How to Pick the Best White Noise Machine for Sleep

How to Pick the Best White Noise Machine for Sleep

How to Pick the Best White Noise Machine for Sleep

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Are you tired of spending half of your night sitting in bed, stressed out about why you can’t seem to fall asleep?

Can’t help but count the hours that you have left before your alarm goes off?

Are you just concerned about the lack of overall quality when it comes to the sleep you are able to get?

If so, then you need to keep on reading.

In this post, we’ll tell you all about why a white noise machine is one of the best investments that you can make when it comes to your sleeping habits.

Then, we’ll tell you all about the different kinds of sound machine options that are available to you.

Read on to learn how you can sleep better tonight.

The Benefits of a White Noise Machine

Before we get into what to look for in the best white noise machine for you, let’s first talk about just a few of the many benefits of a white noise machine.

With close to 70% of Americans saying that they have trouble falling asleep at night, we’re willing to bet that you’ve struggled to catch those ever-elusive Z’s.

How can a white noise machine help?

Keep on reading to find out.

It Cancels Out Other Sounds

Are you constantly kept awake by the ear-splitting snoring of your partner?

If so, you’re certainly not alone.

In fact, about 1/4 of women and 40% of men have serious snoring problems. If you sleep next to a habitual snorer, investing in a white noise machine is a wise move.

The same thing goes if you live on a busy street with lots of traffic, early morning garbage pickup, or even noise from schools and playgrounds.

White noise provides a constant sound that “drowns out” all the other background noise of the night (or whenever else you need to grab a nap.) These loud sounds are sometimes referred to as “arousals.”

These so-called arousals don’t just make it tough to fall asleep, they can also jolt you out of an otherwise great night’s sleep. They directly disrupt your REM cycle, which means that even if you are able to go back to sleep, you likely won’t get the same quality of sleep you would have otherwise.

The best white noise machines prevent you from hearing these arousals whether you’re asleep or awake.

This is especially important if you’ve dealt with some sort of trauma, where the sound of a car horn of brakes screeching to a halt might trigger an immediate state of wakefulness.

You’ll Get a Memory Boost

Another major benefit of buying a white noise machine?

Believe it or not, recent studies have shown that white noise can actually improve both your memory and focus during the day after you use it.

This is because the sound of the white noise triggers what’s called slow-wave sleep in the body. (You may have heard it referred to as deep sleep.)

The longer you’re able to stay in this slow-wave pattern of sleep, the better both your body and mind will be able to recover from the stresses of the day — and retain the information you learned.

During this sleeping phase, your body also synthesizes the things you ate into complex proteins, which further helps to improve your overall memory. Your damaged tissues are also repaired and rebuilt during deep sleep.

Finally, your brain cells use this time to reenergize, by absorbing the natural sugars that are sent to them by other parts of the body.

As you can see, lots of things happen during this deep sleep phase. The more time you can spend in it, the better off you’ll be.

What to Look for in the Best White Noise Machines

It’s important to realize that the best sound machine for you will largely depend on what your individual sleep cycle is like. It will also be influenced by the specific problems that you’re trying to curb when you attempt to fall asleep.

Whatever you’re struggling with, there is a white noise machine that can help.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best types of white noise machines on the market.

White Noise Machines for Babies

Tired of sitting up half of the night with a screaming baby who just can’t seem to either fall or stay asleep?

A white noise machine will likely be your new favorite purchase. Especially for newborns, white noise machines can actually remind babies of the time that they spent in the womb.

They can also comfort babies, who hear the noise and may associate it with the presence of people.

Just make sure that you play the white noise at a lower volume level than you normally would in order to get the best results.

Portable White Noise Machines

Are you constantly on the go, traveling from one hotel to another for work of for play?

If so, then you likely already know that, while all that jet-setting can be fun, it can also really do a number on your sleep cycle.

When you’re falling asleep in a different room a few times a week, your body will have a much harder time getting used to the new environment. You want to do what you can in order to build better consistency.

So, what’s the solution?

Bring a portable white noise machine with you on your next vacation.

You can set it up on your hotel’s bedside table, and crank it on about ten to fifteen minutes before you’d like to be able to fall asleep.

You might be surprised by how much more rested you feel the next day — even if you’re only able to squeeze in a few hours of sleep!

White Noise Machines to Beat Insomnia

Of course, the majority of people who are interested in learning more about the benefits of sound machines are those who are struggling with insomnia.

Maybe you’re being kept awake at night by stress and anxiety. Perhaps your diet is actually impacting your sleep cycle. Maybe you can’t even pinpoint the reason for your inability to fall asleep.

Still, you need solutions — and you need them fast.

When you’re looking for the right kind of sound machines for insomnia, remember that you don’t have to choose machines that pump out white noise alone.

There are also options that are able to play pink noise, the sound of rain or waterfalls, or even the sound of a railroad car. Try out machines with lots of different sounds, and figure out which option will work the best for you.

Remember that if, in spite of your best efforts, your insomnia still persists, you may need to see a medical professional.

Sound Machines for People with ADHD

If you or your child is struggling with ADHD, you might be surprised to learn that purchasing a white noise machine can be a huge help.

Whether you think the machine could help your child to fall asleep at night and void racing thoughts, or if you want to use it to improve focus during waking hours, you have lots of options.

You likely already know that auditory distractions can make it almost impossible for people with ADHD to concentrate. A white noise machine cancels those noises out.

But what if you’re not able to get a white noise machine in your child’s classroom because it may be distracting for other students? There are lots of phone apps or even YouTube videos of white noise.

Have a teacher play them for your student while they read or take a test, using headphones so others won’t be bothered by the noise.

What Else can a White Noise Machine do For You?

From helping you to get better control over your ADHD to actually improving your memory, there’s no limit to the benefits of investing in a white noise machine.

Remember that there are lots of different models out there, and the one that’s right for you may not work for someone else.

As with many things sleep-related, it’s all about trial and error.

To maximize the impact of the best white noise machines, however, you also need to consider the overall sleeping environment you’re creating for yourself.

That’s where we come in.

Spend some time on our website and blog to get access to white noise machine reviews, tips to get a better night’s sleep, and even information on the right pillows to help you hit the hay!

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