Koala vs Emma Mattress

Koala vs Emma Mattress

Koala vs Emma Mattress

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Koala and Emma mattresses alike have plenty to offer when it comes to the sleeping experience.

Both are among the top mattress brands in the current Australian market, with most Australian sleepers struggling to choose which option is right for them.

While the similarities start with both mattresses being all-foam variants, they have different takes on structuring the foam layers. Koala designs their own proprietary type and Emma sticks to traditional memory and response foam blends.

The differences do not stop there, with plenty more features to analyse and discuss. Through these analyses, we intend on helping you pick the right mattress for you.

Koala Mattress

The Koala brand is the most awarded mattress company in Australia right now, offering custom-designed all-foam products with zero motion transfer and pressure relief features.

Koala has approached mattress innovation with the intent to optimise the common mattress design over several years.

Their hard work has resulted in 3 well-rated mattresses to choose from, with guaranteed 4-hour delivery in metro areas for those emergency mattress needs.

With their years of research, Koala’s mattresses are made to suit even the most restless or fussiest of sleepers. So that when night comes, anyone can enjoy a good night’s rest with these features:

  • Proprietary Kloudcell foam
  • Engineered for ‘perfect’ firmness
  • Outstanding temperature control
  • 4-hour delivery in a metro area
  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Short set-up time with box delivery
  • Eco-friendly and ethically made
  • 3 support zones
  • Customisable comfort layer
  • Airflow guaranteed
  • Flippable
  • 10-year warranty

The Koala Mattress has two layers of breathable eco-friendly foam, with special zoning technology to provide optimal three-zone support while also facilitating perfect air circulation.

With just a two-foam structure, customers’ full body weight can feel balanced and supported while sleeping, even as the surface conforms to their shape.

Without any internal springs, the Koala Mattress does not have a significant amount of bounce or sinkage.

However, its supportive layers are ultra-resilient and incorporate zero motion technology to ensure there are no partner disturbances at night, the ideal foundation for a good night’s sleep.

When combined with edge support, the Koala Mattress also ensures that the covers stay on no matter the nightly disturbances.

Emma Mattress

With over 30 awards to their name and delivering to 20 different countries, Emma mattresses are finding success in the current market.

The foam mattresses have a medium firmness and suit those who sleep in multiple positions; including side sleepers.

In the Australian market, the Emma brand has 4 special mattresses on offer, including:

  • Emma Comfort mattress
  • Hybrid Emma Comfort Premium mattress
  • Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress
  • Emma Zero Gravity mattress

The entire selection includes superior cooling through its temperature-regulating foam, as well as zoned support systems across the mattress. Other features of note are:

  • High-quality foams
  • 7-zone structure for support
  • Latex integrated layers for bounce

The Emma mattress successfully regulates humidity, airflow and comfort through its combination of a supportive HRX foam layer, a point elastic foam layer, and an elastic comfort cover.

Every layer uses breathable eco-friendly foam to remain conscious of the environment, even as they prevent any allergy flare-ups overnight.

Much like Koala mattresses, Emma uses special zoning technology in their supportive HRX layer to guarantee proper body alignment during sleep.

However, it is the point elastic layer that ensures zero partner disturbance as it compresses without affecting the entire mattress.

The medium-firm mattress is also perfect for people who require back support or look to sleep on their side. Its pressure-relieving technology releases the pressure points and creates a better sleeping experience overall.

Mattress Information

SizeSingle, King Single, Double, Queen, KingSingle, King Single, Double, Queen, King
SupportTENCEL™ Lyocell Sleep SurfaceOEKO-TEX® Standard 100 – Class 1
Durability7-12 years on average7-12 years on average
Eco-Friendly ApproachGECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) Certified for the whole mattressNot GECA Certified, but uses eco-friendly materials
PricingSingle: $749
King Single: $899
Double: $949
Queen: $999
King: $1,299
Single: $1,149
King Single: $1,259
Double: $1,489
Queen: $1,599
King: $1,709
MaterialCertiPUR-US® Certified Foam LayersCertiPUR-US® Certified Foam Layers
Trial Period120 nights100 nights
ShippingFree shippingFree shipping
ReturnsFree returnsFree returns
Warranty10 years10 years

Final Verdict

There is a lot to consider in the debate between Koala VS Emma mattress and which is the better choice for a good night of sleep.

These two mattresses have a lot to offer for your bed and your sleep, however, the Koala’s attention to detail and innovative material design make it stand out a little more than the Emma.

For all sleepers, we would suggest the Koala mattress as our choice, due to a combination of its affordability and pressure relief technology. If you are more partial to a firmer foam feel, however, then the Emma may be the way to go.

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