Ecosa Mattress Review

Ecosa Mattress Review

Ecosa Mattress Review

Ecosa Mattress

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Ecosa Mattress Review
One of the most successful, customisable bed in a box mattresses is the Ecosa. With its innovative, adjustable foam layers sleepers are able to alter their Ecosa’s firmness with ease, without ever needing to buy a new mattress. Within the Ecosa Mattress rests the Eco-tex layer which is a custom layer of memory foam that acts similarly to latex, but is also bouncy, breathable and supportive all in one. From the moment you lie down on the Ecosa, you’ll instantly notice the mattress and the Eco-tex layer’s ability to take the weight off your pressure points, whilst also allowing air up through the mattress. Pair all of the above with free delivery, waterproofing, a 100-night trial period and a fantastic 15-year warranty and you have one of the best Australian mattresses on the market for all back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers. If you’re considering an Ecosa Mattress to replace your old mattress this year, then we have an incredible, in-depth review for you below. We’ll go over everything from comfort, durability, weight, motion transfer, the G-7 memory foam and so much more below – take a look.

Our Review Process

Below you’ll be able to take a deep look into the Ecosa Mattress thanks to our incredible review process. At Sleepify, we aren’t paid nor are we partnering with brands in Australia to provide product reviews and we gather all of our insight from first-hand testing along with customer reviews. What we’ll be looking at: Mattress Comfort Layers Materials Inside Density, Weight and Breathability Pricing and Value for Money Types of Sleepers for Ecosa You’ll be able to see exactly why the Ecosa Mattress may be for you, or why not.

Overall Feel and Comfort

To start our review, it’s important to note that Ecosa’s mattresses are medium-firm as standard, though as we mentioned above, you’re able to rearrange the inner layers of memory foam to adjust the firmness level based on your own comfort preferences. This ability to switch between layers is an incredible best selling feature of the mattress which might be one of the reasons you consider it. Regardless of your preferences, you can mix and match the top two layers until you become used to one or the other, making it easier than ever to find the best firmness and get a good night’s sleep. As an example, we’ve noted that sleepers who prefer to sleep on their back or their stomach should adjust the mattress to be a more firm level. By doing this, you’ll be able to ensure you’re getting the correct spinal support as the firmer ‘setting’ the Ecosa Mattress offers will allow you to better prevent too much sinkage, whilst still having the curvature of the back maintained, reducing back pain. On the other hand, for those who weigh a little more than average, or prefer to sleep on their sides, you will be far better suited to the softer setting to the mattress. It will be far more comfortable with more sinkage and because of this, you will wake up far less likely to be dealing with aches, pains or any other issues. When it comes to side sleepers who sleep right by the edge of the Ecosa, or when someone sits on the edge, you’ll be glad to know that the inner Eco-tex and its gel particles find its way to the very edge. As a result, the edge support on the Ecosa is fair, though there is a lot of sinkage here. If you go to stand back up or to roll out of bed, there is quite a ways to go before you’re fully out of the mattress’s sunken area. One key point to remember, however, is that the Eco-tex is springy enough to help you bounce up from the edge or to sleep on the very edge with little to no trouble at all, though you’ll find it more comfortable to stick toward the centre. To cap off our comfort review, we’re happy to say that anyone who sleeps with a tosser-turner will be completely isolated from their movements. The Ecosa’s memory support foam and open cell foam are incredible at absorbing all partner disturbance – even if someone’s jumping on the mattress! You’ll be free to toss and turn during the night or get in and out of bed without the fear of waking someone who’s sound asleep beside you; the Ecosa’s motion isolation really is that good. The mattress also passed the fabled wine glass and cup test, proving the mattress is so effective at movement isolation that drinks on the Ecosa will have trouble spilling if you move about. One thing that may surprise many people is that there’s little to no innovation within the Ecosa Mattress’s materials, it’s a simple three-layer mattress filled with gel memory foam, Eco-tex foam and support foam. Where the innovation comes in is in the ability to rearrange the foam layers, though there’s not much else. Inside the mattress, you’ll find a hole-filled memory foam that enables continuous airflow, perfect for summer nights. There is also a form of support foam for spinal support and pressure relief from joints and a top layer of gel memory foam that helps to provide that sought-after sinking or floating feeling people love so much. The famous high-quality G-7 layer of foam (the top memory foam layer) is filled with small gel-like particles that give the Ecosa its only standout feature. These particles don’t do anything for physical comfort, though they help to absorb and disperse body heat through the bottom of the mattress, keeping you cool as you sleep in summer. Depending on where you live, this might make or break the Ecosa for you. Outside the Ecosa are custom-designed comfy, inner cover and outer covers that are both waterproof and resistant to bacteria. There’s little to no chance of any type of liquid entering the mattress thanks to the micro-filaments, and you’ll have no trouble at all keeping out dead skin cells, dust mites and all other allergy-promoting bugs. You might also be able to forgo the waterproof mattress protector and leave the waterproofing up to the Ecosa. The German-made cover is easily removable and also machine washable, so keeping your Ecosa Mattress sparkling clean for years to come won’t be an issue.

Ecosa’s Material Density and Weight

Once the Ecosa Mattress is delivered to your home, you’ll certainly need at least two people to help you move the box along with the full-expanded mattress. It weighs a few kilograms more than most other queen size bed in a box mattresses at 34 kilograms, so a one person job isn’t really on the table with this one. To density and thickness, however, the Ecosa bed is an optimal 25.4 centimetres thick, making it marginally thicker than a few other memory foam mattresses on the market. With this thickness in mind, you’ll notice that the comfortable mattress is incredibly effective at absorbing motion, allowing joint pressure relief and providing that sinking feeling regardless of which sleeping position you choose. It takes only a few minutes to fully expand from its compressed state in the box, so you’ll need to be sure that you have the mattress unboxed in the bedroom you’re looking to have it in. You won’t want to be left lugging the mattress through the house once its ‘inflation’ seal has been broken.

Pricing and Price Range

Where the Ecosa Mattress begins to show its premium side is with regards to pricing. If you’re in the market for an affordable memory foam mattress, then the Ecosa may just push you up to the very edge of your budget. Coming in at a few hundred dollars more the Koala‘s comparable mattress, the Ecosa has a starting price of $799 for a single and a whopping $1,500 for a super king. Of course, the mattress does have quality high-density materials, a long life expectancy and also plenty of sanitary and anti-bacterial features, which will add to the cost, such as the inner silica sock. Though, for some, the extra few hundred dollars may not be justifiable, even for a quality mattress. The current pricing of the Ecosa Mattress is as follows: Single – $799 Long Single – $849 King Single – $899 Double – $999 Queen – $1,099 King – $1,199 Super King – $1,499 There is some good news regarding the pricing, however. If you take a look on Ecosa’s website quite frequently, you’ll be able to snag a sweet deal. The company often shaves a few hundred dollars or more of various sized mattresses during promotional and sale periods, making your best night’s sleep a little more affordable.

Sleepers for the Ecosa

As expected, a gel-infused memory foam mattress is a perfect option for all sleepers whether you’re a front, back or side sleeper. With the adjustable firmness, you’ll be able to have no trouble at all keeping yourself comfortable on the Ecosa. From delving into the reviews and also our testing, we’ve noticed that the mattress has a firm feel, is thick and has a topper level that’s soft enough to provide optimal lower back support while removing all weight from joints at the same time. We suggest that side sleepers arrange their Ecosa’s memory foam layout to make use of the softest option to ensure hips and shoulders are able to sink into the mattress, allowing the head, neck and spine to be supported more effectively. With a mattress too firm, side sleepers could be adding too much pressure to the hips and shoulders, so the Ecosa’s adjustability makes it arguably the best mattress for side sleepers. For back and stomach sleepers, adjusting to the more firm alternative is recommended to ensure there’s optimal support for the spine’s curvature. As a back and stomach sleeper, you are at risk of softening the spinal curve of your back if your mattress is too soft, so be sure to adjust to a firmer softness level when you have your Ecosa delivered. Sleepers of all sizes will find the Ecosa effortlessly supports their hips, shoulders and also provides enough bounce to keep them from falling too deep into the mattress. We suggest choosing to keep the firm mattress setting if you’re a back or stomach sleeper.

The Perks of Ecosa

On top of all the incredible features, comfort and ease of use that come with the Ecosa, there are also still a few perks that might make the mattress a perfect fit for you. Aside from being able to seamlessly adjust the firmness by moving the layers of the mattress, you’ll also have access to a fantastic trial, as well as warranty spanning more than a decade along with a same-day delivery service for metropolitan areas such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We’ve noted the best perks of Ecosa, other than comfort, as being: 100-night No Commitment Trial 15-year Warranty Free Delivery Same-day Delivery for Metro Keep in mind that you should also give yourself at least two weeks trial time with the mattress to allow your body and the mattress to adjust to your sleeping positions and to soften. Some sleepers have reported backaches and other joint issues, which have subsided after to continuing use of the mattress. If you’ve waited a while and have noticed that the mattress isn’t for you, you can simply have it collected at no extra cost.

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