IKEA Mattress Reviews

IKEA Mattress Reviews

IKEA Mattress Reviews


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When it comes to budget-friendly mattresses that you can trust, nothing comes close to IKEA thanks to the company’s commitment to quality materials, stellar design and an unwavering focus on comfort. Of course, you’ll already be familiar with the Swedish company’s line up of household products and other essentials, though if you’re not too in the ‘know’ when it comes to IKEA mattresses, we have some great insight for you in 2023.

We’ll be taking a look over a number of IKEA’s top mattresses, both coil and memory foam mattresses, their design, comfort level as well as customer reviews. You’ll be able to rely on the reviews below to give you all of the information you need to choose an incredible IKEA mattress that’s suited to your sleeping position, budget and comfort preferences. 

Take a look below at our guide to IKEA’s top mattresses and why they’re a fantastic option for your home. 

A Little About IKEA

To start, we’ll first take a look into the IKEA brand and why you’re in good hands trusting the company to produce mattresses that will last decades to come. The Swedish company was founded back in 1951 and has been a runaway success ever since, thanks to IKEA’s deep understanding of needs and wants. 

If you’re looking for a new mattress, or any other furniture pieces that have been designed to enhance your lifestyle, then IKEA is unmatched. 

One thing to keep in mind with IKEA is that the company isn’t a luxury focused one. You’ll find plenty of incredible quality synthetic latex mattresses here, and other firm mattresses made of traditional materials, though they’re mostly standard when it comes to the luxury factor. 

To add to IKEA’s greatness, customers will also be glad to hear that the company’s mattresses are made in North America rather than China. We’re not saying that Chinese brands are bad, however, companies that have their mattresses made in the country tend to forgo the highest quality materials and favour cheapness over quality. 

Lastly, great return policies, trial periods, often 25-year warranties and other limited warranties will mean you’re certain going to love it when shopping for foam beds with IKEA.

The IKEA Mattress Range

Digging into the mattresses available at IKEA, you’ll notice that there are so many to choose from that it can quickly become hard to pick, and with names like Hasvåg and Haugsvär, things can get confusing quickly! IKEA is home to 15 series of mattresses, with all mattresses either being latex, foam, spring or pocket coil variants. 

The good news is that with such a large range, there’s a price point for everyone looking to buy into an IKEA foam mattress or spring version. You’ll find that there are mattresses on offer from $90 all the way through to $1200, and both price ranges are surprisingly cheap. 

One area you’ll need to look into is the quality and feel of the foam and latex. Some reviewers have noted that the materials don’t feel as high quality as similar brands, and a firm feel and rigid pillow top might be an issue for some, though for the price and long multi-year warranties most customers are willing to look the other way. 

Take a look below at IKEA’s mattress material types. 

Latex at IKEA

When it comes to latex mattresses and foam variants, IKEA stands out from the crowd by offering such affordable varieties. You’ll find incredibly soft, contouring and comfortable memory foam layers and latex mattresses from just $400 here, and if you’re on a budget and looking for a non-spring mattress, IKEA is likely your best bet. 

The manufacturing process is how IKEA keeps their latex mattresses so cheap, with the Dunlop process being favored over Talalay latex, though this will typically only result in a mattress that’s a little firmer, making them perfect for back sleepers. 

You’ll need to be on the lookout for natural materials here as some IKEA latex mattresses are either synthetic, or have mattress toppers that provide the bulk of the latex.

Innersprings at IKEA

Looking to innersprings now, and IKEA is one of the most affordable stores on the market when it comes to finding a cheap innerspring mattress. With pricing starting at just $80 for single mattresses, and prices topping out at $1000, there’s certainly an IKEA spring mattress here for everyone. 

One aspect to keep in mind, however, is that IKEA reduces the spring count in their mattresses and also implements older bonnell springs, which essentially means the company is sacrificing some comfort for affordability. You’ll find that these mattresses will dip and sag in time, and there’s not too much that can be done about it, even if it’s just normal wear and tear.

Keep in mind that mattress maintenance will need to be taken more seriously on IKEA springs as you won’t want to be left with sore joints. Always be sure to rotate and use the mattress only as advertised. 

Who Are IKEA Mattresses For?

When you take into account a few of the shortfalls of IKEA mattresses, it can be hard to determine whether an IKEA mattress is for you. However, we’ve taken out the guess work by letting you know just who cheaper IKEA mattresses are for. 

Students: If you’re a student looking for an affordable short term mattress for college years, or need a good mattress in a hurry, the IKEA spring and foam variants are going to be your saving grace. They’re affordable, comfortable and suitable for all sleeping positions. Where the issues begin to rear their head is in the long term use of the mattress. An IKEA mattress won’t be your forever mattress so be sure to keep this in mind. 

Children: A second ideal user for IKEA mattresses are younger kids. You won’t find these mattresses being too much of a hassle for young children as their bodyweight isn’t yet heavy enough to weigh down and cause sagging in the mattress. Younger children also won’t experience as much reduced sinkage as adults, meaning they’re able to keep their cheaper IKEA variant for longer.

People Moving a Lot: For those who find themselves moving a tonne for work, school or just because of short leases, an IKEA mattress is your best bet. You won’t need to worry about it being damaged in transport, pick up is simple and you’re likely replacing your bedding and mattresses frequently, the cheaper sub-$100 range won’t break the bank for you. 

The Top IKEA Mattresses 

Now that we’ve got the ins and outs of mattresses from IKEA out of the way, we’ll take a look below at the company’s best mattresses. 

Whether you’re a side, front or back sleeper or someone who often experiences pain, there’s bound to be a mattress on the list you’re going to love. 

IKEA Matrand Mattress Review – Foam and Latex

The Matrand mattress is IKEA’s affordable all-foam and latex mattress design, though the latex variant is only available in a queen size. You’ll find a great blend of comfort and supporting foams and latex within the Matrand, which means you’re going to get that fantastic sinking feeling as you sleep, though you’ll find yourself being supported on the firmer memory foam beneath. 

There is a 7.5 inch thick latex variant on offer for those who are more inclined to bounciness, firmness and back support, however, this model is the aforementioned queen-only option. The memory foam variant is thankfully available in Twin, Queen, Full and King size. 

A great perk to this mattress is that its design helps to improve longevity. You’ll notice that the blend of foam and latex allows the mattress to support itself and remain bouncy and body contouring for years to come, making the Matrand ideal for long term use. Motion transfer is also minimal thanks to the topper foam.

Reviewers have pointed out the mattress is incredibly comfortable, ideal for their children and they also made a note of how supportive the foam and latex was. You may notice sagging in time however, as some reviewers did point out.

The Good: an affordable price, optimal comfort and support make the mattress well-rounded and comparable to far more expensive options. Latex also offers great support and bounce, even though it is a cheaper latex blend. 

The Bad: sagging and dipping had reportedly become a problem in time. The queen size latex only version cuts out latex from a number of buyers. 

IKEA Myrbacka Mattress Review – Foam and Latex

To a marginally thicker variant now, the Myrbacka mattress is going to be your ideal IKEA mattress if you’re looking for a medium-firm level of comfort. This all-memory foam and latex mattress features no innersprings, though its quality foam and natural latex provide enough rigidity for support and sinkage all in one. 

The mattress comes in at 9.5 inches thick, making it plenty thick enough for those who’d like to see body contouring and support. IKEA’s use of latex is rather important in the Myrbacka as the company has opted to integrate the latex into the core rather than the top of the supporting layer. What this means is that you’ll find fantastic bounce, edge support and heat dispersion when compared to similar mattresses. 

We’re glad to say that IKEA’s Myrbacka has garnered favourable reviews from almost all customers and is one of the highest reviewed variants on the company’s show floor. The lower price tag, availability for Full, Queen and King makes it a great option for just about all sleepers, however, much like the Matrand, the latex is Queen only. 

The Good: optimal foam and latex layout enables ideal comfort for all sleeping types. A great price tag also puts the Myrbacka firmly within affordable territory. 

The Bad: latex variant comes in Queen only and a minor indentation and sagging issues may become present based on weight of sleepers. 

IKEA Morgedal Mattress Review – Foam

Another foam mattress on offer from IKEA is the Morgedal, which is a little thinner than the two we reviewed above, coming in at 7.12 inches. The good news is that the high resilience foam found within this variant is firmer, more durable and a little more forgiving, making it comfortable to sleep on and less likely to show signs of sagging. A higher resilience foam also means that a firm option is on the cards for the Morgedal, perfect for back sleepers. 

The mattress is also more than capable of catering to pressure point relief even though it is a little firmer. The upper lining and comfort layer within ensures that there’s plenty of sought after sinkage, making pressure relief and contouring a non-issue. 

One downside to the Morgedal is that the mattress is a Queen only, regardless of firmness and material choices. You won’t find the Morgedal in any other sizes, at least right now, which is a shame considering it’s one of the only hyper-affordable firm to medium firm mattresses on our list. 

The Good: it’s incredibly affordable and the high-resilience foam offers a better sleeping experience than other models on the list. 

The Bad: it’s limited to a queen size only. 

IKEA Haugesund Mattress Review – Spring

Moving on to IKEA’s famously affordable spring variants now, the near 10-inch thick Haugesund is one of the best on offer. The spring count sits at 594 for a Queen size, though you’ll also find a great polyurethane foam atop these springs to ensure ideal comfort is met for all sleepers. 

We’re happy to say that unlike many other ultra-affordable spring mattresses, IKEA hasn’t simply covered the springs with a thin cover layer. You won’t be left feeling springs sticking into your back on the Haugesund, and with a medium firmness level, you’ll find ideal sinkage and posture support. 

Be sure to keep in mind that the Haugesund also features a mildly effective motion isolation feature, which is rarely found in cheaper spring mattresses. You’ll be free to move about the bed in the evening without a disturbing a partner, which is fantastic for this price. 

The Good: a great price point and satisfactory spring count and foam comfort layers ensures you’ll be comfortable all night long. 

The Bad: comes in Queen size only, and the springs may not support heavier adults.

IKEA Jomna Mattress Review – Pocket Spring

To the ‘student’ variant of mattresses now, the Jomna is the cheapest on our list and also the most lacklustre when it comes to features. The pocket spring mattress is just 5.8 inches thick, making it about as tall as an iPhone X, which means there’s not a whole lot of give to it. Most sleepers will find that the mattress supports their bodyweight to a point, then the bed frame does the rest. 

If we dive into the reviews, the majority of sleepers were happy on the Jomna, though this may be down to price alone, rather than comfort or pressure relief on joints. It’s best you choose the mattress only if you’re fairly thin or light weight, as heavier sleepers will certainly be missing out on the support they need. 

All in all, the only thing really going for the Jomna is its extremely low price tag. Comfort isn’t great and neither is durability, though it is a perfect solution for a student mattress or a guest bedroom which needs a few beds for kids. 

The Good: extremely affordable.

The Bad: lacks comfort, support and durability. 

IKEA Minnesund Mattress Review

The Minnesund can be described as the foam version of the Jomna, in that it’s extremely thin and affordable, though it’s made entirely of foam rather than springs. It comes it at just 3.8 inches thick, making it impossible for the Minnesund to provide optimal support or comfort, however, it is a cheap option for those looking for single-night-use camping mattresses or for a variant in a camper van. 

A perk off the Minnesund is that it does come in Twin, Full and Queen sizes, which means scaling the mattress to larger beds isn’t an issue. IKEA does however do their best to make the mattress comfortable by blending foam types and adding a slim layer of dense polyurethane foam, though there isn’t too much that can be done to make a sub-4 inch thick mattress comfortable. 

Much like the Jomna, the Minnesund is ideal for single night sleeps and one-off use but not much else. Keep these mattresses for emergencies or for use while camping, though don’t rely on them for your day to day mattress. 

The Good: very cheap and may be okay for very young children to sleep on. 

The Bad: can’t be used every night, not comfortable and not too durable. 

IKEA Mattress for Sleeping Positions

If you’re someone who relies on your sleeping position to dictate their mattress purchase, then we have some great insight for you below. IKEA does have a few mattresses on offer that have been designed directly or indirectly to suit specific sleeping positions. 

Side Sleepers

As you’ll already know, side sleeping requires you to have an ultra-soft, conforming upper layer to a mattress enabling hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress. At IKEA, your best option for side sleeping is either the Holmsbu or the Myrbacka variant which allows for plenty of sinkage and posture support. 

Back Sleepers

For back sleepers, you’re going to need to opt for a mattress that’s quite firm, whilst also soft enough to prevent joint pain in the shoulders and neck. From IKEA, the Morgongava may be your best bet here as it boasts a blend of foam and latex, making the mattress a firm yet supportive solution for back pain. Stomach sleepers should also opt for a similar mattress to back sleepers, as firmness is important to keep spine alinement and curvature in check.


As you can see from the points above, although Sweden-based IKEA may be a homewares and furniture manufacturer, the company also does an incredible job at developing mattresses. Be sure to head down to your local IKEA store and take a look around at the mattresses on offer before you buy into a more expensive big name brand. You might just find that the hybrid mattresses and latex variants from IKEA are just as good, if not better!

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