Noa Mattress Review

Noa Mattress Review

Noa Mattress Review

Noa Mattress

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Today, we are having a look at the Noa mattress and its specific features that make it stand out among the other mattresses, as well as the overall feel of comfort of sleep experienced by the many customers who have purchased it. When you’re deciding on the Noa in comparison to a Koala, Sleeping Duck, Ecosa or another alternative, there is a lot to love about the Noa. Without any further delay, let’s explore more and see all the perks and cons of this hybrid mattress. 

If you are asking yourself what makes Noa different from the others in its category of hybrid mattresses, we would say that it might be that it was awarded “The Best Firm Feel In a Box” in Australia. Although it possesses a system of inner springs that provide a firm feel and support, the mattress is not “hard” in terms of discomfort. 

The hybrid design with more than average support might be the perfect option for those who can’t choose to go for the spring or foam design. The natural latex, as well as the Tencel cover, are true proof that this can be a good deal for people who enjoy sleeping and care about the mattress they sleep on. 

Being relatively a new thing on the market, Noa is becoming more and more popular, especially among those who adore the medium-firm feel and what is more important, you can actually afford it without breaking the bank. 

Interested to learn more? Join us in today’s review. 

The Materials

Very similar to the other hybrids, Noa consists of 3 primary layers. One thing that is specific for this new mattress is the order of the used materials and layers layout. This has an influence on the firmness, feeling of comfort and softness. So, let’s explore more.   

The first or top layer consists of natural latex foam. This high density foam is made of rubber trees that provide the quality of bounce to the mattress. Compared to the other latex (the synthetic one) this is more of an eco-friendly version, and is also hypoallergenic. In addition to these features, the natural latex is also great for temperature regulation and keeping the mattress cool for a much comfortable night’s sleep. OEKO TEK is used for this layer which means that the company guarantees eco-friendliness, or that this material is free of pesticides, chlorinated phenols, and heavy metals.  

The second layer is the gel-infused memory foam layer. The memory foam gives a smaller amount of responsiveness and offers pressure relief. The purpose of the gel is to regulate the temperature and heat prevention. The memory foam is also certified by REACH — a certificate that certifies that all the materials are safe. 

The third and last layer is the transition foam layer, which contributes to the adjustability of the sleepers to the support provided by pocket springs. Each of the coils is wrapped separately in order to reduce the noise as well as the motion transfer. Compared to the spring coils the pocket springs have a smaller size and thus they offer targeted support.

As a top covering for the layers, there is a Tencel fabric cover that provides breathability and airflow. This one-of-a-kind material consists of wood cellulose. The high-quality mattress cover fabric creates a soft feeling and additional comfort. Noa’s side panels have firmer fabric, that offers durability and withstands wear and tear. However, one thing to have in mind is that the cover cannot be removed and machine-washed and is not waterproof. But, if you want to make sure that the mattress stays clean (or just want an extra layer of comfort) you can always use Noa’s oeko-tex certified mattress protector. 

The feeling of Comfort

This comfortable mattress resembles the other hybrid mattresses that blend the pocket springs as a base, memory foam that contours the body and latex foam that gives the bouncy effect. When you lay down at first you will experience the effect of slight sinking followed by a comfortable rebound provided by the latex and the spring coils.  Noa is a typical medium-firm mattress somewhere at a scale of 6 to 7 levels. 

Noa mattress as every other mattress may not be the perfect choice for all different types of sleepers, but to be fair it satisfies most of the sleeping styles. This is especially true for the ones who are in a need of support. 

For example, if you are a back sleeper you will enjoy the support provided by the springs that are supportive of the foam and provides relief for the back pain. Those who like that sinking feeling might say that this product is too firm. 

Again the choice of the mattress often depends and should be partly based on your sleeping position.

Side sleepers also benefit from this mattress as they take advantage of the blend between the softness and the support. The separately wrapped pocket springs provide just enough for the sleeper to feel no pressure on shoulders and hips while sleeping. The memory foam mattress combined with the latex foam layer gives just the right amount of adaptive comfort for the side sleepers. Most of the stomach sleepers might not like this mattress because it might be too firm for them. 

The spring coils give edge support that compared to other competitors is bigger. Why do we need good edge support?  It is more convenient for getting out of bed or sitting down at the edge. The mattress because of the latex integrated into it has a sufficient amount of a bounce, which makes the mattress spring back quicker. 

Compared to other all-foam mattresses the motion transfer can be felt more and there are bigger chances for partner disturbance due to the firm edge support. However, motion isolation is improved due to the use of the foam below the latex layer. The coils, on the other hand, reduce the vibrations and the noise.


The price tag of the Noa is slightly higher than the average hybrid mattress. This is a result of the use of natural latex and Tencel fabric. The latter has features that add to the value of the whole product as for example the breathability, anti-dust mite, and antibacterial properties. In general, the queen size comes as the most affordable size version and might be a great choice for the money. 

When it comes to the purchasing and the delivery process, customers have reviewed Noa with average marks for its trial period of 100-night trial and policy of shipping. Noa Home offers free delivery not only to Australia but also to Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. The delivery is done within 3-5 business days so if you decide to take a look at this mattress in a showroom you can try it out in the comfort of your home for a hundred days. However, at the end of this period, if you decide that you are not satisfied with the quality or the comfort that it offers, or simply it is not the best mattress for you, you can  return it and you will get a full refund. 

In addition, one thing about this mattress in a box that is different than the competitors is the longer period that the company offers for warranty and that is a 15-year warranty. As we know the typical period is 10 years and this taken into account can contribute to the overall value of the mattress. As claimed by the customers the customer service in context of the return policy is more than satisfactory. 

Finally, Noa offers their main mattress model, as well as both lite and luxe options. This flexibility means you get a sleeping experience that perfectly suits your needs. 

Perks and Cons


– Definitely one of the perks would be the longer warranty compared to the other manufacturers (3-5 years longer).

– Great customers’ support as claimed by those who have used it. 

– Certified materials that are high-quality and eco-friendly. 

– Great edge support 


– Rather heavy 

– The cover is not removable nor waterproof 

– Bigger transfer of movement felt

Final Verdict 

In this Noa Mattress Review, we tried to present the most important properties of the Noa mattress in terms of specifics and the feel of comfort during bedtime, so we can help you in making the decision if this is the right mattress for you among the many out there on the market. 

Based on the available data and all the reviews left by the users of this mattress we can summarise that it is an ideal option for the sleepers who like a firmer feel of the traditional spring mattress increased with the comfort provided by the comfort layer made of foam and natural latex layer. Back and side sleepers will most certainly be satisfied with this mattress because of the support layer boosted by individual pocket springs and the feeling of a bounce and softness by cushion latex.  

The medium-firm feeling can be best experienced if you decide to take advantage of the standard trial period and see if this works for you and your sleep quality. Relatively new on the market, Noa is making its way and you should definitely consider it as a brand if you are in a search of a good quality hybrid design that uses acclaimed materials, offers 15 years of warranty, combined with superb customers’ support. Plus, whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, London, Toronto, Hong Kong or anywhere else within Noa’s shipping destinations, you’ll get fast and free shipping.

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