Best Mattress Topper

Best Mattress Topper

Best Mattress Topper


Sometimes there’s no real need to splurge on an entirely new mattress, so why not check out the next best thing — an incredible mattress topper. A reliable, comfortable topper is the most effective way to regain some essential back support and to enhance your existing mattress and reduce back pain without the cost of buying an entirely new one in 2023.

If you’re dealing with an old, rather flat or slightly uncomfortable mattress, then we have an incredible comparison below of all of Australia’s favourite mattress toppers which will add some extra cushioning to a bed of any age.

Whether you’re in the market for a new memory foam mattress topper, a hypoallergenic topper, latex mattress topper or a simple mattress pad to improve weight dispersion for pressure points, we have a whole suite of topper reviews for you below.

Far too many Aussies don’t know the perks of investing in a mattress topper, and are unaware of the myriad of ways a topper can improve their sleep! You could transform your sleep routine with gel-infused memory foam and not have to spend a cent on a new mattress to do it.

Take a look below at Sleepify’s comprehensive look into all of the best mattress toppers for you and the family and make it effortless to get a good night’s sleep.

Our Comparisons

To ensure we’re offering the best toppers possible, Sleepify makes it a priority to delve into thousands of real-life reviews and customer stories of all the toppers on our list.

There’s no marketing deals or brand partnerships helping us to choose the best toppers for our readers, so you can rest assured that the key aspects of each topper are genuine and really will make a difference to your night’s sleep.

From reading customer reviews, we then check out each manufacturer website to ensure we’re highlighting and able to understand all of the standout features of each topper on our list such as microfiber innovations and fiberfill inner padding.

What We’ll Look Into Below

We’ve split all of our suggestions into categories to make it easier for you to find a topper that you’re looking for.

The materials and features we’ll take a look at below include:

  • The Best Memory Foam Variant
  • The Best Latex Variant
  • The Best Down Variant
  • Our Luxury Variant

Now that you know what we’ll be looking at, read on to find out how a topper can add an additional comfort level to your bed and transform your mattress. Peace Lily Topper (Recommended)

The Peace Lily Mattress Topper leads in the latex topper category. Hand-made with natural and organic materials, it delivers high quality and affordability.

Peace Lily owns its fabrication factory, guaranteeing excellence with 100% natural Dunlop latex, tree-tapped for sustainability. The topper is a beautiful combination of eco-INSTITUT and Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified latex and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified 100% organic cotton fabric, 100% organic cotton wadding and 100% organic cotton tape edge.

Luxury Plush and Firm Comfort options were specifically designed to alleviate individual sleeping pains from old, ineffective mattresses. The Luxury Plush topper provides extra pressure relief for a softer, more cloud-like comfort, dramatically improving older mattresses that are too firm. The Firm Comfort gives additional support and stability to old, sagging mattresses which are too soft and do not have the structural support for the body.

Naturally, the Peace Lily topper perfectly complements the Peace Lily Latex Mattress as a complete sleep solution, elevating your sleep experience.

Memory Foam Toppers – Ovela Bamboo (Recommended)

For Aussies interested in buying local, there’s no memory foam topper that comes closer to Ovela’s Bamboo variant.

The gel memory foam mattress topper adds an incredibly dense and thick memory foam layer atop mattresses of all sizes from single to king, helping to provide a much-needed comfortable surface for old mattresses. You’ll immediately notice from lying down on the Ovela pillow top that your body is instantly cradled and provided with that desired ‘floating’ feeling that customers love so much.

With this topper, you’ll be able to sleep or relax with all weight taken off of your joints and muscles, giving you the chance to wake up completely pain-free and well-rested each morning. In addition to this, the topper’s thickness allows it to cradle sleepers and keep them from hitting the firm surface of their existing old mattresses, providing spinal support and removing pressure from joints.


The Ovela Bamboo topper has a great removal mattress protector that’s machine washable and also allows consistent airflow, keeping you and a partner’s body temperature from getting too warm while you sleep during the summer months.

As the cover is hypoallergenic, you’ll also be able to safeguard the topper from any mites, bacteria or mould from making its way into the topper, ensuring that it lasts for much longer than non-hypoallergenic types.


Delving into customer reviews, we spotted that almost everyone seemed to agree that the topper’s extra support made their older mattresses feel new again and also reduced their aches and pains while sleeping and waking.

At just $100, this topper is incredible value and our standout top pick. 

Memory Foam Toppers – Hilton Relax Therapy

You’ll know Hilton from, of course, their hotel chain. Though, the company has leapt into the bedding market and with quite a bang.

One of their top mattress pieces is the dense, comfort-improving Hilton Relax Therapy topper that adds an incredibly thick 7cm of topper to your existing mattress. The topper is a medium-firm memory foam, making it ideal for back and stomach sleepers and because of its two-inch thickness, it works surprisingly well at blocking almost all lumps, dents and even uncomfortable firmness of old mattresses beneath.

Again, because of the 7cm thickness, the topper offers its own spinal alignment support solution and gives your back, joints and muscles plenty of ‘sink space’ to reduce aches and pains. Sleepers will find that the topper adds a whole new dimension to their mattress, improving sleep, pain relief and comfort indefinitely.


One of the key features offered by Hilton’s Relax Therapy topper is that it’s also hypoallergenic, making it an ideal topper for anyone who suffers from allergies or is often left coughing or sneezing when they hop into bed. The cover encompassing the topper is also removal and machine washable making it easy for you to keep the topper clean.

Being 7cm thick had us worried about the topper’s ability to keep sleepers cool, though from reviews and testing we know this isn’t an issue. Airflow is completely unrestricted and sleeping on the topper is cool and prevents overheating in summer and it radiates body heat in winter.


From taking a look into reviews online the general consensus from the Hilton topper is that is has exceptional breathability and is also the extra layer of comfort customers needed to put them to sleep without pain. Others likened the top layer to having a brand new bed.

With a price point of over $300, however, the high-quality Hilton Therapy topper may be out of many customer’s price ranges. 

Latex Toppers – Latex Bedding Co

When it comes to all-latex solutions, there aren’t too many companies offering a better natural latex topper than the Latex Bedding Co team.

As one of the best latex companies out there, for bedding, the Latex Bedding Co toppers are within just about every Aussie’s price range, offer fantastic pressure relief and land as our top pick for latex toppers.

The simplest way to describe what Latex Bedding Co toppers do to your bed is: transform it into a cloud-like sinking bed. You’ll find that from the moment you get into bed that you’re enveloped by the topper and all of your pressure points, including the hips and shoulders, are well-supported whilst the arms and legs are left to rest weightlessly.


The topper has a bamboo cover that’s available for purchase which will add an anti-fungal and antibacterial feature to the topper, keeping those allergy sufferers most comfortable. The cover is open cell too, which will also keep the topper breathable, so there’s no need to worry about overheating or sweatiness.

At 5cm thick, the topper isn’t as deep as Hilton’s near-three-inch-gel though there is plenty of space for optimal ‘sinkage’ and you’ll find that the latex keeps you ‘floating’ rather than falling down on to your old, uncomfortable mattress.

Latex Bedding Co also states that their topper should have no trouble lasting over two decades, making it quite the investment. There is also a multi-year warranty to safeguard your purchase.


A number of customers reported that their topper was incredibly cool and offered exceptional spinal support. Stellar customer service was also a selling point for many customers.

At less than $190 the Latex Bedding Co topper is looking to be a winner for anyone interested in a comforting latex topper for their old mattress.

Down Toppers – Ovela Goose Down and Topper 

Anyone looking for an incredibly soft-yet-firm topper experience, the Ovela Goose Down and mattress topper has no challenger. With the velvety goose down paired with a mattress topper, sleepers will truly be getting the best of both worlds thanks to Ovela.

Without a doubt, the feather-filled goose down provides the most opulent experience for everyone hopping into bed. The down is fluffy and creates a floating featherbed feeling like no other type of topper or memory foam can, whilst being supported by a gentle, firm mattress topper.

You’ll find that the goose down is best for the cooler winter months and is going to be better at temperature regulation than anything else on our list. There’s nothing out there that beats goose down and customer reviews stand by that.


The topper boasts 95% goose features and 5% goose down and is actually quite heavy when compared to a range of other toppers. With more than 750gsm, it’s a topper that’s dense, heavy and is going to change the way you sleep, no matter how old or uncomfortable your existing mattress may be.

Ovela has also made sure to keep the feathers tightly restrained in baffle boxes which will ensure the topper lasts for years. You’ll notice that no lumps form over time as what used to happen in older goose down toppers, and you’ll be able to rest assured that tossing and turning isn’t going to leave you with any sign of dips or dents in the topper or ruin your bed feel.


As expected the biggest selling point and favourite feature of many is how warm the topper is, making it almost exclusively for winter. You’ll be kept warm, comfortable and have no trouble taking weight off your joints with this topper.

For only $79 you can get your hands on a queen goose down topper from Ovela, keeping the topper in everyone’s price range. 

Down Toppers – MicroCloud Topper

If you’re looking for a true sleep innovation, the outstanding MicroCloud topper is the best way to add a luxury feel to your bed. For those not interested in feather-filled toppers, fibre-fill cushions are your best down alternative and are unmatched when it comes to pressure relief and support.

With a topper from MicroCloud you can expect optimal pressure relief for hips, shoulders and also the neck. Anyone sleeping or even just testing out the MicroCloud topper will spot that the small micro-cushions within the cloud-like topper will provide a layer of support that’s needed to improve comfort for back and side sleepers.

To improve the topper, MicroCloud has also grouped all of the small fibre-fill cushions into blocks of fabric that are sewn together to prevent them from moving and bunching up. If you’re one to toss, turn or sleep in the same spot, you’ll not see any damage done to the layout of the micro-cushions.


One standout feature of this topper is that it doesn’t require a cover to be anti-microbial or resistant to dust mites and other bacteria. The coating and cover of the topper provide all of these features built-in so there’s no chance of mould, smells or any other allergens building up in the topper, perfect for those who have a rather sensitive nose when it comes to those sorts of things.

You’re also able to pull the topper right off the bed and throw it straight into the washer and dryer, a fantastic feature! There’s no need to be concerned about shrinkage, tearing or bunching up of the pillows as it’s designed for the washing machine.


The biggest point outlined by reviewers is that the MicroCloud offers both support and creates a more comfortable bed. On Product Review the topper even garnered a 4.8 out of 5 from consumers, making it an absolute star when compared to other toppers.

At a higher price range than most other toppers, starting at $180 through to $350, the MicroCloud might be a stretch, though it makes our list for being such an incredible topper with fantastic reviews and features not seen anywhere else. 

Luxury Topper Variant – Sheridan’s Ultimate Dream Bed 

At the absolute top of the mattress topper ladder comes Sheridan’s Dream Bed mattress topper that offers nothing other than opulence. With a price point breaking through $800 though it’s not for everyone’s budget, though the feature set is certainly something everyone will want.

The topper from Sheridan is broken down into two main sections, the top being 85% white goose down and 15% being goose feathers, which provides unrivalled comfort, even the highest quality memory foam and latex toppers won’t be able to match this upper layer. The second layer, beneath the feathers, is completely feather fill for minor support.

A significant majority of reviews and our testing have given us a look into the famous fluffy sinking sensation that’s talked about on consumer review websites, and we’re pleased to say that there’s nothing quite similar. If you’re investing in a Sheridan Ultimate Dream Bed topper, you’ll be sleeping on a cloud.


Aside from the dual layers, the topper also comes with a patented design that enables even temperature regulation throughout the entire topper, keeping it from being too warm in one area, and too cold in others. The topper also has durable straps that tie it to the mattress and also allow you to easily weave in fitted sheets or cotton covers over the topper.

The topper also looks incredibly luxurious, which counts as a feature if you’re looking for opulence atop your existing mattress. A design that’s cloud-like and seamless helps to make the topper stand out and shows its worth.


Of all the reviews we looked into, there was one major point that all customers made, and that was the experience was like sleeping on a cloud. Customers pointed out that the topper was fluffy, very light and kept them supported and provided a floating feeling all night.

Coming in at $830 and breaking through the $900 mark means that this topper isn’t for the average person looking for a comfortable sleep, though if you’re looking for the best of the best, the Sheridan Ultimate Dream Bed topper is for you. 

Not Choosing One of Our Toppers? Here’s How to Pick Your Own

Although we’ve taken the time to curate some incredible topper selections for you, it’s impossible to cater to everyone. If you’re interested in looking for your own toppers, we have a few tips and trickster you to make sure you’re getting the best topper for your own individual needs, and also your budget.

Take a look at our 6 short tips:

Don’t Forget The Weather

We suggest starting your search based upon your location. This will narrow down the number of toppers you have to sift through. If you’re in a warmer climate, skip over the down variants and also consider looking beyond latex as these can get a little warm too.

Remember Firmness Preferences

If you have an old mattress and would like to firm it up a little, then opt for firm memory foam and latex varieties as these two offer the best potential for firm toppers. If you’re interested in an ultra-soft and airy topper, then down and micro-cushions are your best bet.

Thickness Options

Keep in mind that thickness isn’t only about comfort, it will also dictate how well you sleep in your sleeping style. It’s always a good idea to choose the thickest types of toppers if you’re someone who sleeps on their side as you’ll want plenty of topper material to dig your hips and shoulders into.

For front and back sleepers, it might be best to keep with a thinner topper of around 2 to 4 inches thick to keep your spine and lower back well-supported.

Support Requirements

In line with thickness, you’ll want to ensure you choose a supportive mattress topper that is able to take the weight off your joints as you sleep. If your ageing mattress has failed you in this area, it’ll be up to your topper.

Choose thicker latex and memory foam for support. Down toppers don’t add much support if any at all.

Movement Isolation

If you sleep beside someone, there’s a good chance you hate it when they move about all night, so choose a topper with movement isolation. You and your partner will be free to move about throughout the evening without the worry of waking each other up.


A big factor to consider is whether you’d like to choose a topper that helps ward off bacteria, dust mites and also any mildew or mould. Of course, this may be a given, though sometimes there’s not a whole lot of choice when it comes to budget.

We suggest choosing hypoallergenic toppers, which are typically available in latex and memory foam options by default, however, some companies require you to purchase an additional cover to get these features.


Last but not least comes the guarantee. You’ll want to choose a topper that has at least 5 years warranty attached to it. Less than 5, or even 3 years could mean that the topper is known to break down and fail to support sleepers, so choosing at least 5 years to a decade is best.

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