Koala Soul Mate Mattress Review (2024)

Koala Soul Mate Mattress Review (2024)

Koala Soul Mate Mattress Review (2024)

Looking to enhance your sleep quality? Look no further.

Koala’s Soul Mate mattress may be just the bedding to get you sleeping in luxury in no time. 

The renowned Australian manufacturer has recently broadened its product range, aiming to provide a more extensive array of choices for its clientele. 

And positioned as the pinnacle of Koala’s offerings is their latest, most premium creation: the Soul Mate mattress.

Besides the superior quality of this product, Koala’s commitment to environmental causes cannot be understated. Each mattress purchase contributes to the adoption of a koala by WWF Australia and a pledge to donate 1% of their annual sales to environmental charities. 

Without further ado, read on to get our full thoughts on this Koala’s Soul Mate Mattress.

Table of Contents

  • Dissecting The Koala Soul Mate Mattress Mattress And Cover
  • The Touch And Feel Of The Koala Soul Mate Mattress
  • The Koala Soul Mate Mattress Cover
  • Compatible Bed Types
  • Is The Koala Soul Mate Mattress A Boxed Mattress?
  • Trial Period
  • Pricing
  • Is The Koala Sleep Soul Mattress Suited For You?

Dissecting The Koala Soul Mate Mattress

The Koala Soul Mate Mattress is made up of four layers plus a free, premium cover. 

Each of these layers plays a significant role in optimising the user’s sleep experience.

  1. The first layer is the Kloudcell comfort layer, a flippable feature offering a choice between medium-firm and firm feels. This layer has an exceptional heat regulation that ensures a cool night’s sleep.
  2. Following suit is the bamboo charcoal memory foam layer. This layer provides the body pressure relief. It also harnesses charcoal’s antimicrobial properties to maintain a cool sleep surface. 
  3. Adaptive foam springs in the third layer form a 5-zone system, delivering tailored support to key anatomical areas like your hips and shoulders. This is all done without compromising Koala’s renowned zero disturbance technology.
  4. The fourth layer, an edge-to-edge foam base, amplifies edge support to ensure consistent performance across each of the mattress corners. 

Standing at 33 cm tall, it is essential to choose appropriate sheets to accommodate the mattress’s dimensions. Adhering to Certi-Pur standards, all foams used in the Koala Soul Mate are free from harmful chemicals.

The Koala Soul Mate Mattress Cover

Let’s talk about the free premium mattress cover that comes with the mattress.

This mattress cover is engineered with thoughtfulness, featuring 62% Polyester and a 38% Viscose PCM layer collectively referred to as Sensapole®. 

This combination makes for efficient heat regulation, which is ideal for rest during the hot Australian summers. While the cover feels luxuriously soft, it’s quite durable. 

The design mirrors that of the Koala Calm As mattress, contributing to a cohesive aesthetic. 

One potential downside of this cover is the fact that it’s unremovable, but that’s not a true con as the cover can be spot-cleaned with mild detergent. This makes it convenient to wash, all while exhibiting Koala’s attention to both aesthetics and practicality. 

In summary, the Koala Soul Mate mattress stands out not only for its multi-layered composition but also for its thoughtful design and meticulous choice of materials, culminating in a sleep solution that combines comfort, support, and aesthetic appeal.

The Touch And Feel Of The Koala Soul Mate Mattress

Moving on, let’s delve into the tactile experience in this Koala Soul Mate mattress assessment, focusing on its adaptable feel. 

Offering two options, medium-firm and firm, you can effortlessly customise your preferences by flipping the upper comfort layer. These options are simultaneously familiar yet different, providing you with a high range of comfortable sleeping positions.

Starting with the back position, the mattress demonstrates exceptional support and fosters a comfortably cool, pressure-relieving sleep surface. 

In the side position, the prompt adjustment of the foam springs contributes to optimal spine alignment, helping distribute weight evenly for consistent support. 

Lastly, in the stomach position, the firmness of the mattress provides ample support to the hips and shoulders. This is our recommended choice for heavier people, but anyone can find this option as a well-rounded choice. 

For couples, the mattress excels in edge support and minimal motion transfer due to its foam-only construction. This makes it an exceptional selection for shared sleep spaces. 

All in all, the Koala Soul Mate mattress not only adapts to individual preferences but also caters to diverse sleeping positions, presenting itself as a versatile and accommodating choice for a broad spectrum of users.

Compatible Bed Types

You are not required to have a specific set-up when opting for the Koala Soul Mate mattress, but it is essential to ensure the bed frame chosen provides ample support. 

While slatted frames are a personal preference, exploring Koala’s bed frames is equally enticing due to their stylish design and commendable construction. 

Furthermore, the frames are also incredibly well-crafted, helping add an aesthetically pleasing element to your sleep environment.

Is The Koala Soul Mate Mattress A Boxed Mattress?

Boxed mattresses, a popular trend, involve compressing and packaging the mattress in a box for convenient delivery and easy setup at home. All Koala mattresses, including the Soul Mate, follow that trend and are conveniently delivered packaged in a box.

The Soul Mate mattress will be delivered in two separate boxes, with the first containing the base layer and the second housing the comfort layer. Assembling the mattress is a straightforward process guided by the instructions provided in the accompanying video. 

Video: How to unbox your Koala Calm As Mattress

That said, Koala offers a 4-hour delivery service in major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide, making it one of the fastest delivery options in Australia. 

While delivery to other areas is swift, residents in regional locations may encounter a nominal fee. 

Trial Period

Every Koala mattress, including the Soul Mate, comes with a generous 120-night trial period. 

This is among the most generous offers in Australia, allowing users a substantial 4-month window to thoroughly experience the mattress and make an informed decision about its suitability. 

Should you, for any reason, be dissatisfied with your purchase during this period, Koala offers a hassle-free and complimentary return process, ensuring a full refund without the need for you to retain the original packaging. 

The brand’s commitment extends further with a reassuring 10-year warranty, providing long-term coverage and peace of mind. 

Essentially, this comprehensive package embodies the quality and customer-centric approach expected from a reputable brand like Koala.


At the moment, the Koala Soul Mate mattress is offered in a limited selection of three sizes. The smaller Double variant is priced at $2,350, while the larger King size comes in at $2,950. 

But if you want to time your purchase to score discounts, you can! Koala frequently runs promotions, allowing savvy shoppers to potentially save around $200 by waiting for opportune deals. 

For detailed pricing information across all available sizes, refer to the table below:

Double138 cm x 188 cm x 33 cm$2,490
Queen153 cm x 203 cm x 33 cm$2,890
King183 cm x 203 cm x 33 cm$2,990

Is The Koala Sleep Soul Mattress Suited For You?

As comfortable as the Koala Soul Mate mattress is, not everyone’s going to come to the same conclusion.

After thorough testing, we find that this mattress is a viable choice for those seeking:

  • A foam-exclusive mattress with two distinct firmness options
  • A mattress that is adaptable to all sleeping preferences
  • A mattress crafted with couples in consideration

If these criteria align with your requirements, the Soul Mate mattress deserves serious consideration. It boasts superb materials and stands as a genuine premium mattress, especially if your budget permits.


SCORE: 9.3 Excellent

Ideal for diverse sleeping styles Customisable firmness levelsImpressive edge support appealing mattress coverNot as affordable for some

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