Sleep Republic Mattress Review 2023

Sleep Republic Mattress Review 2023

Sleep Republic Mattress Review 2023

Sleep Republic Mattress

Have you heard that the Sleep Republic Mattress received an award for the “Best Overall” Mattress in a Box in Australia for the year 2023?   

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This is one of the reasons for us to become more curious and to do research in order to find out if the Sleep Republic is a worthy winner!   

Right from the start, you can feel the luxurious and silky touch that comes from the Cashmere fabric, which at the same time offers exceptional comfort for the sleepers. Combining the foam softness and the pocket springs support the Sleep Republic mattress has been designed to serve the requirements of sleepers with different types of sleeping styles. 

Back sleepers and side sleepers can both benefit from the medium-firm feel, while the stomach sleepers can enjoy the comfort in the top layer that is gel-infused. The innovative base with pocket-springs is perfect for the sleepers who have been using the spring mattress and are ready to change it, as well as for all who would like to feel better edge support compared to all-foam mattresses. 

What we truly loved about it, is the spinal support that this outstanding mattress provides, keeping the spine superbly in the sleeping positions which prevents the sleepers to sink or dip. The built-quality is truly outstanding together with the incorporated materials which are durable and with high-quality. The overall impressive design is completed with nice embroidery. The perks do not stop here certainly and so our in-depth review shall continue. 

The Sleep Republic is an outstanding competitively priced product. With a 12 year warranty combined with a night trial period of 100 days, we proclaim it a worthy winner of the award!

Quality of Materials

The Sleep Republic mattress is with the typical hybrid construction. On the top of the pocket spring base, there are two foam layers.  

Right from the beginning, you can feel the luxury and softness of the mattress. This feeling of comfort comes from the latex and the memory foam with gel-infusion. The top layer consists of a memory foam that is blended together with gel beads which contribute to the level of responsiveness. The application of the natural latex layer functions as a transition from the foam to the supportive springs. Latex, as a material is great for pressure absorption and distribution. 

What makes a great difference between this mattress and its competitors is the impressive number of springs that is 1850, which is double compared to them. The springs are robust and sturdy and each of them is wrapped individually in fabric. These springs assist in body contouring, prevent noise and reduce motion transfer.    

All the layers are covered with a cover that although silky is extremely durable and made of cashmere fabric. As such the material is naturally comfortable but at the same time, it withstands wear and tear. The mattress sides are wrapped by a 3D spacer fabric. The fabric has a pattern of wave stitch and this allows for great circulation of air. 

Sleep Republic Specifics 

Considering that this mattress consists of 1850 high definition pocket springs and compressed layers, it is quite heavy. In addition, weight can vary with the sizes as well. For example, Queen size is 49 kilograms. Besides the weight, compared to the other ones in its category, it is thicker at 31 cm thick.  The hybrid mattress thus is great for placement on any flat surface as well as the relevant bed frame. 

Regarding the firmness, it is medium to а firm mattress.  

The feeling of Comfort 

This Sleep Republic Mattress Review discusses the comfort enjoyed while sleeping. The blend between the high-definition pocket springs and the foam gives a medium-firm feel. The plush feel is achieved by latex and memory foam layers. 

Sleepers with different sleeping styles can benefit from the mattress. The foam layers, as well as the springs that give support, provide cushioning for the side sleepers, which reduces the pressure on the torso in general as well as the shoulders and hips and in contouring of the body. Back sleepers enjoy the firmness and it alleviates the back pain too as claimed by many satisfied customers who enjoyed the comfortable sleep. The third category of sleepers is the stomach sleepers who benefit from the solid base and plush top. 

Edge support is one of the perks of the mattress and compared to many memory foam mattresses that lack rebound, this one holds you in a strong position due to the pocket springs. Standing up from the bed is not difficult so this is important when we talk about customers who are elderly or might have suffered some kind of injury.  

One thing that you should not worry about is the partner disturbance in his/her night’s sleep. Although the spring mattresses are known for transfer movement here we have pocket springs wrapped independently and they do not influence the surrounding springs. Compared to other all-foam mattresses it does have larger motion transfer but still one that does not disturb the partner’s sleep. 

How much does it cost and Is it Worth the Value?

One thing is for sure, the Sleep Republic gives great value for money. The cost certainly depends on the size of the mattress and in that context, the best value is obtained with the king single or double size while for the king size or queen mattress you will have to pay somewhat more than the average price tag for this kind of models. 

Again when considering the value, we will mention the period of warranty which is longer compared to the most competitors and is 12 years.  The trial period is the standard 100-day trial as well as free delivery. The company offers same day delivery to certain cities such as Melbourne and Sydney. However, if you decide to return the mattress back, the company shall pick it up and donate it to the Australian Salvation Army. 

As this new mattress makes a blend between the traditional spring and newer foam ones it brings the best from the traditional and modern technology into one. 

Who do we recommend this mattress to?

Although this quality mattress can fit various sleeping styles based on the customers’ reviews we can conclude that mostly back sleepers and side sleepers can benefit from the comfort and softness of this mattress. The feeling of softness as mentioned is achieved by the mattress protector due to the cashmere fabric. The gel memory foam is ultimate for pressure relief and in addition as the foam is gel-infused this also contributes to the regulation of temperature. Just under this layer, the natural latex provides breathability and natural flow of air.  The robustness comes from the springs that are zoned in five best positions and this offers great pressure relief and helps the back sleepers with maximum support. 

 What are the perks and cons of this mattress? 

Some Perks

This product offers great edge support! Because of the springs, you can feel bigger support than at the other foam mattresses.  Sinking happens to a certain degree but it does not influence that much on getting out of the bed. It is also great at preventing motion transfer and many customers also like the bamboo sheets that can be purchased by the Sleep Republic. 


Definitely one of the cons is the weight. When you purchase it, make sure you have a friend to help with placing it on the relevant surface. The mattress in queen size has a weight of almost 50 kg with a thickness of 31 cm. Some of the customers claim that the price tag is on the higher end. 

Final Verdict: Is it the right one for you?

If you have not made up your mind on what kind of mattress would be the right one for you in regard to a spring or foam mattress, this company offers you the best from both worlds. This is achieved by combining the excellent support provided by the great number of springs individually wrapped and the softness given by the foam.  

Regardless of your sleeping style – back, stomach or side, there are great chances that you will enjoy the medium firmness. So, if you are thinking about this, the best option for you is that this mattress is not firm nor too soft and the combination of the memory foam and natural latex is there for a certain guarantee of many peaceful night’s relaxation and comfortable nights of sleep. 

In addition, the layers assist in cushioning and thus alleviation of the pressure from the hips, shoulders and upper body. This can add to the memorable experience and the comfort of sleeping because of entire support. 

So if you are thinking about changing your old mattress with a new one, this Sleep Republic might be the perfect mattress for you and your family because of the many perks that we tried to present in the in-depth review based on facts and experiences from the customers. 


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