Welcome to Sleepify – we’re the mattress and sleep experts. We’re really, really interested in helping people have a better nights sleep. So here, you’ll find mattress reviews as well as sleeping guides and tips

Buying a mattress can be a really tricky experience. Which mattress is right for you? I mean, it’s the place you’ll be retreating to every night, so it needs to work for YOU. What might be a good mattress for one person won’t necessarily be a good mattress for another person – which is why our helpful, unbiased and comprehensive mattress reviews are exactly what you need to read before making a mattress purchase.

Our mattress guides will help you find the right one for you dependant on what’s most important to you.

How Sleepify review mattresses

We have a very unbiased in depth review team that give you all the facts you need, including opinions of other buyers and testers, so that you can make an informed decision on what mattress you want to buy.

Mattress Type and Material

Mattress material can mean a lot for different needs. Here are some of the types of mattresses:

  • Innerspring mattresses
  • Pillow-top mattresses
  • Hybrid mattresses
  • Speciality foam mattresses
  • Memory foam (viscoelastic) mattresses
  • Waterbeds

We also look at whether the mattress material is eco friendly and well built.

Mattress Comfort

How comfortable is the mattress? We determine this by real testing and reviews of actual buyers.

Mattress Support

We review how well the mattress supports your sleeping posture.

Mattress Price

We evaluate how much value for money you will receive from the mattress and how it compares to other mattresses. There are of course, budget mattresses, mid-range and higher end also.

Customer Support

Customer support matters. The company you buy your mattress from will have a reputation. We look at simple things like their guarantee’s, warranties and how well they respond to customer issues. A company could have the best mattress in theory, but without a good company behind it this is meaningless.

Delivery + Packaging

How fast can it be delivered? How is it boxed? Is it going to be an issue getting it in the house? We answer all of these questions in our in depth mattress reviews.

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