Koala Mattress Discount Code 2024

Koala Mattress Discount Code 2024

Koala Mattress Discount Code 2024

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As a leading mattress brand, recent years have seen Koala mattresses skyrocketing in popularity. Koala is an Australia-based brand, excelling in their design of innovative and well-reviewed mattresses that are designed specifically for the Australian climate.

Not only are their mattresses considered the best on the market; fantastic aspects of Koala such as their 120-night trial on Koala mattresses, potential for free 4 hour delivery, and a fantastic ‘sleep range’ of products are all things that secure Koala’s place as one of the most popular mattress brands out there.

If you are interested in buying a Koala product, use one of our Koala mattress coupon codes for big savings – often site-wide.

Koala Mattress Coupon Codes

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Offering everything from living room furniture such as the Koala sofa to sheets, timber bed bases and the Koala pillow, the product by which Koala is most known for is the Koala mattress

Designed as a polyurethane foam mattress ‘in a box’, the Koala mattress includes a Kloudcell comfort layer, open cell materials and ventilated design for breathability, and boasts fantastic weight distribution for no partner disturbance. Plus, the mattress comes in a number of sizes that include the Koala mattress single, king single, Koala mattress double, queen and king. 

With Koala including their mattress in bundle deals such as the Koala slumber set and the Koala dream bundle, you can get Koala mattress offers that will let you completely transform your bedroom and sleeping experience. Plus, a range of additional living and bedroom products such as the Koala Sofa Ottoman, Koala TV unit and Koala timber bed base king ensure that no home furniture is left out. 

When it comes to Koala mattress discount codes, be sure to check out our exclusive, limited time offers for Koala mattress deals on your next order. These include offerings of up to $150 off Koala mattress products, as well as free shipping to metro cities such as Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne, and unlimited months interest free repayments through zipPay and Afterpay.

Koala Mattress Reviews

When it comes to Koala mattress reviews, you might have noticed that they are overwhelmingly positive. Keep reading for some insight into what we think about the Koala mattress, or check out our full review here.  

Firstly, when it comes to comfort and support, the Koala excels. Its polyurethane foam build, as well as unique double layers of Kloudcell foam and ultra resilient eco-foam are designed to improve upon the feeling of memory foam and achieve universal comfort, and Koala seems to have succeeded in this design. In addition, the Koala mattress provides distributed support and a firm but contoured feel that will leave you waking up feeling well rested, and likely free from muscle and joint pain. 

Comfort also includes temperature regulation – in the case of the Koala Mattress, it has been designed to perfectly suit the Australian environment. This means that it uses breathable materials and a unique ventilated design that ensures you don’t overheat throughout the night. Finally, the weight distribution means that you can sleep comfortably with a partner, knowing that partner disturbance is not a problem. 

If you are interested in knowing how these features have been perceived by Koala mattress owners, the answer is extremely well. Across online discussion boards and review platforms, the widely agreed upon outlook surrounding Koala mattresses is that they are 5 star products that have changed the sleeping habits and daily lives of many. 

Comfort is not the only reason for these reviews – the customer support and additional features offered by Koala are unprecedented within the mattress industry, and have completely changed the way people purchase bedroom products. For starters, consider the Koala mattress delivery times; they delivery mattresses in as little as 4 hours. In addition to delivery, Koala offers a generous 120-night trial on every Koala product. This means that you have a huge 4 months to determine whether you are satisfied with your product – if you decide to return it, Koala will either recycle or donate the product. 

Finally, the Koala mattress is affordable, even before you include our convenient discount code. Once you do, you’ll be paying significantly less than you would be for almost any other mattress brand out there. 

If you are interested in learning about what Koala have to say about their product before taking advantage of a discount, visit a. Plus, use our promo code for up to 30% off any Koala mattress, delivered fast and free, right to your door. 

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