Australian Bed Sheet Sizes Guide

Australian Bed Sheet Sizes Guide

Australian Bed Sheet Sizes Guide

Regardless of the material, colour, brand, or thread count, purchasing the correct size is the most important factor in choosing bed sheets

Bed sheet sizes are standardised to match mattress dimensions for both aesthetics and practicality.

When your sheets are the correct size for your bed, they lay crisply against the mattress, hang down the sides at an appropriate length, and give your sleeping space a much more buttoned-up appearance. 

If you’re not concerned about the look of the bed, it’s still vital to purchase correctly-sized fitted sheets to ensure they are large enough to fit over the corners of your bed but not so big that they don’t maintain a snug hold. 

Bed Sheet Types

When you purchase a sheet set, it will typically come with three pieces: a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases.

The only exception to the rule is that single, single long, and king single sets only include one pillowcase. 

Fitted Sheets

Also called “bottom sheets” because they are situated closest to the mattress, fitted sheets are elasticised at the corners or around the entire perimeter.

These specialised sheets ensure that they have a firm hold on your mattress, protecting it from sweat, body oils, and general household dust. 

Flat Sheets

While fitted sheets are essential for extending the life of your matters; flat sheets are more a matter of preference. 

They’re intended to be tucked in at the foot of the bed for a neat, tidy appearance during the day but come loose to provide an extra layer of warmth at night. 

They also keep quilt, duvet, and doona covers cleaner.


No sheet set would be complete without matching pillowcases.

Most bed sheet sizes pair well with standard pillows and pillowcases, which are 48 cm W x 60 cm L,  but you may want to bump up to a queen (51 cm W x 76 cm L), king (51 cm W x 91 cm L), or body (51 cm W x 137 cm L) with larger mattress sizes. 

Cot Sheet

Once your little one has transitioned out of their bassinet, you’ll need to ensure that their cot sheets fit snugly, with no access fabric to bunch up around your bub’s head or feet. 

Mattress DimensionsFitted SheetFlat SheetPillowcase
70 cm W x 130 cm L70 cm W x 130 cm L x 20cm D140 cm W x 160 cm L40 cm W x 60 cm L

Single Sheet Measurements

Best for those of shorter stature, single beds are ubiquitous in children’s rooms. For that reason, single sheet sets typically come in a wide variety of fun, colourful designs in durable materials like cotton, so they hold up well in the wash.

Mattress DimensionsFitted SheetFlat SheetPillowcase
92 cm W x 188 cm L92 cm W x 188 cm L x 37 cm D180 cm W x 250 cm L48 cm W x 73 cm L

Long Single Sheet Measurements

Long single sheet sizes add extra length to accommodate for growing adolescents. That means you’ll need to upgrade your teen’s linens, as standard single sheets will no longer fit. 

Mattress DimensionsFitted SheetFlat SheetPillowcase
92 cm W x 203 cm L92 cm W x 203 cm L x 45 cm D180 cm W x 274 cm L51 cm W x 66 cm L

King Single Sheet Measurements

Popular with adult single sleepers, king single beds keep the additional length of long single and tack on an extra 15 cm to the width. 

Mattress DimensionsFitted SheetFlat SheetPillowcase
107 cm W x 204 cm L107 cm W x 204 cm L x 37 cm D220 cm W x 274 cm L51 cm W x 66 cm L

Double Sheet Measurements

Unlike the smaller bed sheet sets, doubles will include

Mattress DimensionsFitted SheetFlat SheetPillowcase
138 cm W x 188 cm L138 cm W x 188 cm L x 37 cm D230 cm W x 250 cm L51 cm W x 66 cm L

Queen Sheet Measurements

Queen beds add 15 cm to each dimension apart from depth, making it ideal for two sleepers who want some breathing room but don’t have the space for a king. 

When shopping for queen bed sheet sizes, pay close attention to the depth of your mattress. If you have a pillow topper, you’ll need to find a deep pocket fitted sheet, which fits thicknesses ranging from 45-60 cm. 

Mattress DimensionsFitted SheetFlat SheetPillowcase
153 cm W x 204 cm L153 cm W x 204 cm L x 37 cm D245 cm W x 260 cm L51 cm W x 76 cm L

King Sheet Measurements

Due to the size, making a king bed is more challenging, so you’ll want to ensure you pick a perfectly-sized fitted sheet. Otherwise, you’ll have to struggle to get it to stay put and find yourself redressing the corners every morning. 

Mattress DimensionsFitted SheetFlat SheetPillowcase
183 cm W x 203 cm L183 cm W x 203 cm L x 37 cm D275 cm W x 260 cm L51 cm W x 91 cm L

Super King Sheet Measurements

A super king often comes “split” into two separate mattresses, each of which is approximately the same size as a king single, minus a few centimetres. If that’s the case, you can use two matching king single sheets rather than searching for a specialty super king. 

Remember that super king sheets are usually deeper, so check the dimensions on the king singles to avoid the corners popping off. 

Mattress DimensionsFitted SheetFlat SheetPillowcase
203 cm W x 203 cm L203 cm W x 203 cm L x 50 cm D320 cm W x 270 cm L51 cm W x 137 cm L


Choosing the correct bed sheet sizes ensures that everyone gets a good night’s sleep by preventing bunching and adding a layer of softness between you and your mattress.

Before you make your selection, double-check the measurements– usually located on the packaging– against the dimensions of your bed, sizing up or down as necessary. 

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