The Ultimate Guide To Australian Mattress Sizes

The Ultimate Guide To Australian Mattress Sizes

The Ultimate Guide To Australian Mattress Sizes

The priorities vary from person to person but apart from your size, some other aspects you need to consider include who shares the bed with you, how you like to sleep, and the size of your bedroom. 

This guide will help you to remove all the doubts from the equation and make choosing the right mattress easy and straight-forward. You can also learn more about US bed sizes and dimensions on Sleepify.


Single beds are 92 centimetres wide and 188 centimetres long. They are often also called twin beds and they are your smallest option, besides baby cribs. Since these beds are only 188 centimetres long, which can be less than what some men measure, this bed is rarely comfortable for adults. 

This bed size is suitable for young children and teenagers. This gives them enough room to move before they outgrow it in later teenage years. The compact size also makes this mattress ideal for guest rooms and make suitable day beds. 

King Single

The dimensions of king single mattresses are 107 centimetres wide and 204 centimetres long. Slightly longer and wider size than a standard single bed make this size more suitable for adults and can make a considerable difference in comfort and sleep quality. The good news is that many single bed frames fit this bed size too, so you don’t need to replace the bed frame as well as the mattress, but make sure you double-check before buying. 

The king single mattress size is suitable for those who don’t find the single bed sufficient anymore and need some additional space. This makes it perfect for older children and teenagers. It is also a good fit for guest rooms since they provide more comfort but still fit smaller rooms. 


A double mattress measures 138 centimetres by 188 centimetres, which makes it 46 centimetres wider than a single bed. It’s important to realise that it is the same length as the single mattress, which could make it uncomfortable for most adults. Sharing a double bed with a partner could be difficult since it would give each person only 69 centimetres of individual space. This is less than a single bed. That’s why two people might find it difficult to share a double bed and feel cramped.

The mattress dimensions of a double bed make it the best fit for individuals who need more sleeping space to stretch out. Ideal also for older children and guests, who would get more space on a double bed to sit, move and organise. 


Queen mattress is 153 centimetres wide and 204 centimetres tall, which makes it around 15 centimetres bigger than a double mattress in each dimension. The extra space makes a lot of difference and provides enough comfort for two sleepers. For partners, the 77 centimetres of personal space, make the queen size bed more spacious than a single size mattress. This makes it one of the most popular sizes and the most common choice for couples too. 

The queen bed size works well for individuals who need a lot of room for a restful sleep. Perfect for taller individuals who don’t need to worry about not being able to fit into a double bed. It can also be a good choice for partners who want a little bit of extra space without sacrificing too much surface from their bedroom. 


King size bed dimensions are 183 centimetres by 204 centimetres, providing extra 30 centimetres of space compared to a queen size mattress. While keeping the same length, the additional width gives enough personal space, especially for two people sharing the bed without going over the top with a super king-size mattress. 

A king-size bed is ideal for two sleepers who plan on sharing the bed and want a long-term comfort and enough space. Matching the size of two king single beds combined, it is also a good option for guest rooms. The main thing to consider before buying this mattress is whether it can fit the room and will pass through the doors. You don’t want to find that out too late. If you’re interested in a King sized mattress, check out our guide on the best King size mattresses under $1000.

Super King

The measurements of a super king bed are 204 centimetres by 204 centimetres, which makes it the biggest bed size available. Being 21 centimetres wider than a king-size bed, this bed size offers abundant space for partners. This mattress is bound to satisfy even the tallest, fussiest and most demanding sleepers. The extra size also gives it a square shape which can create a unique look for your bedroom.

A super king is the best mattress size for couples who want a luxurious amount of room while snoozing. The large mattress can also fill up the room and create a comforting atmosphere. It is a good choice for kids who can share the bed without getting in each other’s way. Keep in mind that this large mattress requires extra large bedding which might not be easy to find. Make sure you double-check what’s available before choosing this roomy mattress and make sure you will be able to fit it in the room. 

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