The Top 7 Bedsheets in Australia 2023

The Top 7 Bedsheets in Australia 2023

The Top 7 Bedsheets in Australia 2023

When it comes to super comfy sleeping, we need a combination of factors. Of course, the mattress choice is very important. So is the bed base. But, unless you complete it with a set of quality bed sheets, you are not going to get the full effect. I

In this top bed sheet guide, we bring you the best bedsheets Australia has to offer across the luxe, sustainable, linen, bamboo and budget market segments. All of these bedsheets can be purchased online.

How We Selected Australia’s Top Bedsheets

Our investigation of the best bed sheets in Australia began with an extensive online search of the top-rated manufacturers. We scoured through their websites to get the raw facts about each of their sheet brands. In the process, we pored over thousands of verified customer reviews. We were able to narrow down our selection to the best of the best based on our assessment of the feel, quality, aesthetics, price tag and cost-effectiveness of each sheet. 

By following this process, we were able to come out with our list of Australia’s top bed sheets in each category. 

The Top Bedsheets in Australia 2023

Our Favourite Bamboo Bedsheet:

Ettitude Organic Pure Bamboo Sheets

When it comes to finding eco-friendly bedding, Ettitude is a brand worth knowing about for the best bamboo bed sheets. This Australian brand specialises in sustainable bedding. They make their sheets from organic bamboo lyocell, so you know that what you’re sleeping in is eco friendly. In fact, bamboo will give you ten times as much fibre as you will get from cotton from every acre of raw material. In addition, bamboo only uses 10 percent of the water that cotton requires, plus it is completely recyclable. 

The benefits of bamboo don’t just limit themselves to the sustainability issue. These sheets are extremely light, cool and moisture-wicking. They are also antimicrobial and have advanced temperature regulating materials. That means that they will feel warm in the cooler months and cool during the summer months being perfect for hot sleepers.

Customer ratings on Amazon for the Ettitude sheets are overwhelmingly positive. They come in a wide range of colour options and Ettitude get high marks for their level of customer service. Considering the sustainable features and the luxurious feel of this sheet, it is offered at a competitive price point. The sheet comes with a 30-day try or returns offer.

Learn more about some great bamboo sheets available in the Australian market in our Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets review.

Our Favourite Cotton Bed Sheet

Castle Sheets

Castle sheets are made from 100 percent cotton and feature a 280 thread count. They come in sizes to fit all mattress configurations. These are high-quality sheets that are rated for 5-star hotel use, which is quite a big deal!

The Castle company are not exclusive bedding manufacturers. Rather, they produce a full range of homeware products and are famous for their fun, innovative patterns and designs. They have brought that innovation into their bedsheet range, with a full selection of designs and color options.

The sheets themselves are very comfortable. They come in at a great price and are backed up by a high level of service from the team at Castle. 

Our Second Favourite Cotton Bed Sheet

The Sheet Society

The Sheet Society focuses exclusively on producing high-quality cotton sheets. They love working with cotton, due to its breathability. A unique feature of the Sheet Society flat sheet is that the top edge features a double layer of fabric. In practical terms, this means that you do not have to fold the top of the sheet back.

These cotton fitted sheets feature a 3 centimeter ribbed wide elastic. You will notice that this results in a sheet that stays on the bed much better than the competition. The walls of these sheets have a depth of 40 centimeters, which will allow them to fit securely on all mattress sizes.

Your purchase of the Sheet Society cotton sheet comes with a 30 day trial period. These sheets come in at a good price and have a ton of positive verified user reviews. 

Our Favourite Linen Bedsheet

Sheets on the Line Pure Linen Fitted Bed Sheet

The Linen Fine Bedsheet is manufactured by the Australian owned and operated company Sheets of the Line. They have established themselves as a popular producer of sustainable bed sheets that follow ethical standards and come from the most highly respected manufacturers all over the planet.

This particular bed sheet is constructed from 100 percent organic Belgian linen. This type of linen sheet set is hypoallergenic, stain-resistant and anti-bacterial. It also does a great deal of temperature control, so that it allows you to keep warm during the cooler months and cooler over the summer period which is perfect for hot sleepers.

The deep walls of this fitted sheet mean that it fits securely on all mattress types. The sheets also look great. If you want top sheet comfort, ethical manufacturing practices that are good for the environment and an affordable price, then this is the sheet for you. 

Our Favourite Budget Sheet

Daniel Brighton Sheet Set

When it comes to a high-quality sheet set for less than $50, the Daniel Brighton sheet set stands out like a sore thumb. This sheet is constructed from a cotton blend to produce a pleasingly, super soft, comfortable feel. They are available in a range of colour options.

Customers have provided many very positive online reviews of the Daniel Brighton sheet set. They mention the incredible value, softness and the fact that the sheets are machine washable and come out of the washing machine crease-free. 

Our Favourite Luxury Bed Sheets

Parachute Percale Venice Set

Parachute is a popular American bedding company who have established a footprint in Australia. They do not make the bedding themselves but source from the most reputable companies all over the world. 

On of their top of the line bed sheets offered by parachute is the Percale Venice Set. This set is made from 100 percent long-staple Egyptian cotton. This is an extremely luxurious, light and breathable sheet and provides the softest experience. The percale weave sheet is cool which makes it a smart choice to deal with those notorious Aussie summers.

Manufactured at a state of the art facility in Portugal, the cotton Percale sheet set does not use any problematic synthetics or chemicals. Parachute also offer options for people who have allergies with microfiber sheet options with low chances of pilling.

The level of customer service offered by Parachute is high. As a bonus, for every sheet set that they sell they donate a malaria bed net. At $239, the Percale Venice sheet set is quite pricey, but we believe that the quality, luxuriousness and sustainable production makes it well worth the cost. 

Benson Australia Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheet Set 

Another one of our top sheets is of a different make, that make being sateen. When looking for luxe options for a reduced price tag, Benson Australia is a perfect option.

This long-staple cotton sheet set is a mixture of sateen weave and Egyptian cotton providing the softest feel for a good night’s sleep. The set offers the benefits of a sateen sheet set and an Egyptian cotton sheet set with its long-lasting durability and visually appealing sheen.

The combination also offers superior breathability and temperature control being both water repellent and great for sensitive skin. Due to this, the sheet set is also somewhat wrinkle-resistant making your bedsheet maintenance that much simpler.

Customers of Benson Australia have praised the luxury experience with emphasis on the cotton sateen sheets super soft feel and affordable price range.

Bed Sheet Buying Guide

When it comes to buying bed sheets, the options can seem overwhelming. Here are 8 things to pay careful attention to in order to narrow down those options.

Sheet Construction Material

The quality of the sheets can be gauged by a couple of indicators. The first is the seams on the hem on the sheet. You want the seams to be tight, neat and for the stitches to be as smalls as possible. The other way to check the quality of the sheet is to check online reviews from verified users. It may also pay to visit a bricks and mortar store and physically feel the sheet before you order online.

Modern bed sheets are made from a wide range of construction materials. The lightest, most breathable is linen. It is a cool sheet which is ideal for people who tend to overheat at night. Cotton flannel sheets are a good option if you enjoy slipping into a warm, snuggly bed at night. The best option here is to choose a set of sheets that are brushed on both back and front. Keep in mind, though, that the sheets are not as breathable as those made from linen.

The most luxurious type of sheet is one that is made of silk. It is also the most expensive. The sheets are great when it comes to temperature control, providing the coolness you need in summer and the warmth you want in winter. If you suffer from allergies, investing in silk sheets is a smart way to go as it is hypoallergenic. If you’re not used to silk sheets, however, these sheets may feel a bit too cool initially.

If you are looking to buy an organic cotton set of sheets, check that they are 100 percent cotton rather than being a blend or being made from synthetic materials. If cotton is labelled as organic that means that no harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. If you are at all concerned about the environment, then going for organic cotton is a very good choice.

If you like the qualities that come from silk but are not a fan of the high price tag, then you should consider bamboo sheets or Tencel sheets made from the wood cellulose of eucalyptus trees. Though not as shiny as silk, it does provide you with a similar level of breathability, temperature regulating and is ultra-soft for sensitive skin. It is also hypoallergenic and gets very high marks when it comes to sustainability and recyclability. 

Thread Count

Not sure what thread count refers to? It’s simply the number of threads that are contained in one square centimetre of fabric. The higher the thread count, generally the better the quality of the sheet. Anything above 170 threads per ten square centimetres is very good. A high thread count will be a good indication that the sheet will wear well and will have minimal shrinkage.

We say that a higher thread count is generally better because a high thread count could also be indicative of an extremely thin sheet. So, if the thread count is too high it could indicate that the sheet will not be as durable as you would like. In the end analysis, the durability of a sheet depends on a number of factors including the fiber type, weave quality and thread count.

Use of Chemicals

There are certain chemical applications that are popularly used in bed sheet manufacturing. These include the use of caustic soda in a process that is known as mercerising. You should avoid sheets that are made with any toxic chemicals. People who have allergies would do well to go for organic cotton sheets that are completely chemical-free.

Free Trials, Returns 

Look for a bedsheet retailer that offers you a free trial period. Many will provide you with 30 night time trial period to give the sheets a fair trial. If you’re not completely satisfied, you are able to return the sheets no questions asked at no cost to yourself. This is great, especially if you are an online buyer. 

If you’re not sure about the feel or quality of a bed sheet set, a good tip is to purchase the matching pillowcase first. This will give you a good indication of what the sheets will feel like. 


The old maxim that ‘you get what you pay for’ is certainly true when it comes to buying bed sheets. There are a number of corners that can be cut that may not be noticeable, such as the thread count. 

If you see a sheet that is offered at an extremely low price point, it’s a good bet that some of those corners have been cut. When you consider that the quality of your bed sheets will go a long way to determining the quality and comfort of your sleep for many years to come, it makes sense to pay a little more for the best you can get. 


Getting a great bed sheet will complement your mattress and bed base to provide you with a complete sleep package. You can buy any of the bed sheets we’ve covered in this article with absolute confidence, knowing that we’ve thoroughly researched it beforehand. Keep in mind, too, that, most of these sheets come with a 30-day obligation free trial period. That gives you the support you need to shop with confidence. 



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