US Bed Sizes And Dimensions

US Bed Sizes And Dimensions

US Bed Sizes And Dimensions


Each bed is different in firmness, materials used, and the construction process. The most popular mattresses appear to have fewer similarities than differences when compared side by side. 

There are two essential factors to consider when buying a bed: the dimension and size. 

Bed Sizing Chart

Bed dimensions and sizes can differ significantly, so contact the mattress company for accurate sizing when in doubt. The US follows the voluntary dimensional guidelines established by the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA). This implies that in most cases, a bed will maintain the exact dimensions regardless of where you buy it from (unless stated otherwise). 

Picking Your New Bed

In most instances, mattress size is important to consider when you want to fit a new bed into your space. Nobody wants to end up making their room feel tinier than it is, but you also want a bed big enough to meet your needs.  

In cases where space is not an issue, going for a large mattress could or could not be the appropriate choice. Below are factors that will influence the mattress size you choose:

  • Shared or single
  • Sleeping posture
  • Body shape and size
  • Space in your room
  • Personal preference 

Some couples may want to nap like queens and kings in a California king or king-size bed, while others prefer the intimacy of sleeping on a queen-size bed. You can learn more about the mattress sizes in the Australian market on Sleepify.

Contrarily, people who sleep alone may appreciate the luxury of a spacious king-size bed, while others may perceive a king-size mattress as too big. Now let’s discuss the standard US bed sizes and dimensions. 

Twin Size Mattress Measurements

Best for Limited  Budget and Space 

This 38″ W x 75″ L mattress is the smallest adult-size bed available. Twin-size mattresses are usually the go-to bed for those who have limited space. The mattress can also suit children who have outgrown toddler beds. Twin-size beds are also a perfect option for people on a tight budget. 

This mattress size is excellent for dorm rooms, guest rooms, bunk beds, and siblings sharing a room. This mattress’s proposed minimum room size is 7ft x 10ft. 

Twin XL Size Mattress Measurements

Best for Taller People with Restricted Budget and Space

The bed measures 38″ W x 80″ L, which is an excellent option for taller folks who don’t have the budget or space to upgrade to a full-size bed. This bed can accommodate taller people without their feet dangling off the edge. 

Since the twin XL has the dimensions exactly half of a king-size mattress, you can combine two of them on the same foundation or base to come up with a king-size bed. This feature makes this bed a great option for couples with different firmness and feels preferences. The twin XL also works well with an adjustable base if a split king-size bed isn’t available. 

A single twin XL bed’s recommended minimum room size is 9ft x 9ft. 

Full-Size Mattress Measurements 

Best for Partners with Limited  Budget and Space

Full-size mattresses provide a great compromise between queen and twin-size beds. With a dimension of 54″ W x 75″ L, this bed is an excellent option for single sleepers who like rolling around on a slightly larger area and partners who don’t have too much space to spare. 

Some couples may consider this a tight squeeze, but it can also be a perfect option if you love to cuddle and snuggle together. 

Partners who choose a full-size bed will wish to find a mattress that provides excellent edge support, enabling sleepers to use the entire mattress surface and creating a spacious feel. Hybrid and innerspring beds usually provide better edge support compared to memory foam. 

These beds are breathable and cooling, which may be particularly important to those sharing an intimate space. 

9ft x 9.6ft is the recommended minimum room size for full-size mattresses. 

Queen Size Mattress Measurements

Best for Couples and Medium Surface Areas

The queen-size bed is a comfortable medium bed with 60″ W x 80″ L dimensions. This is an excellent upgrade from the full-size bed. The queen-size mattress has a larger surface area and is a more popular option for partners or single sleepers sharing the mattress with children or pets. 

Bigger people and those who love extra room to move will enjoy the additional 6″ width that this bed size offers. 

T. Queen size bed is a bit larger than a full-size mattress and is one of the most purchased mattress sizes. The bed’s recommended minimum room size is 10ft by 10ft. 

King Size Bed Measurements

Best for Luxury, Large Surface Area, and Couples

The ling size bed dimensions are 76″ W x 80″ L, making it one of the largest beds. Most couples who enjoy more room to move around and spread out choose this bed. 

This bed is also an excellent choice for families; it offers sufficient space for pets and kids to snuggle. Whether you share a bed with a partner or sleep alone, you will certainly have a luxurious night’s rest on this bed. 

The recommended minimum room size to comfortably accommodate a king-size bed is 12ft x 12ft. This allows sufficient room for nightstands on the bedside and free movement around the mattress. Find the best King sized mattresses under $1000 here on Sleepify.

Split King Mattress Measurements

Best for Adjustable Bases and Partners with Different Sleep Preferences

The split king is one mattress with only the top half of the bed split. This is a popular option for partners using adjustable bases with different firmness and feels preferences. 

This bed enables individuals to make independent adjustments to every base side. This adjustability allows one person to sit upright when reading while their spouse may wish to enjoy a zero-gravity setting. 

You can also create a split king bed by combining two twins XLs. Each twin XL mattress is half the size of an Eastern king mattress. The split king bed is popular among partners with different sleep preferences due to its ability to meet the needs of both people. 

This bed allows each sleeper to pick a suitable mattress without robbing them of the satisfaction of sleeping together. Generally, this bed is about independence and customization for every sleeper. 

An adjustable air bed is recommended for people who don’t fancy the design of a split mattress but still desire a high customization level. Adjustable air mattresses are also accessible in split king options, enabling each partner to independently adjust the level of firmness on their side of the mattress. 

California King Size Bed Measurements 

Best for Large Surface Areas, Taller Individuals, and Couples

Like the king-size mattress, the California king bed has a large surface area with 72″ W x 84″ L dimensions. This bed is four inches narrower than the Eastern king mattress. 

However, it is four inches longer, making it an excellent choice for taller folks or people who have pets that love sleeping at the bed base. 

Before making a purchase, remember that sheets for this bed can be challenging to find and are usually more expensive than other sizes.

This bed can fit well in a 12ft x 12ft room. 

Which Bed Is Suitable for You?

There are several deciding factors when purchasing a bed. After understanding the recommended room space and the amount of space the bed will occupy, individuals searching for a bed for young adults or kids may wish to go for a twin XL, twin, or full-size bed. 

A full, twin XL, queen, or even king-size bed may be suitable for plenty of surface space for single adults. The most comfortable beds for couples are the California king, king, or queen size beds. However, a full-size mattress may be a good option if you have limited space and budget. 

Buying a California King, Split King, or King Size Bed

If space and budget aren’t a deciding factor, both California king and king-size beds offer good luxury and space. Although both beds are excellent if you sleep with your pets or kids, the California king-size mattress is the ultimate winner for taller people. Individuals under 6 feet tall might appreciate the extra 4 inches in width offered by the standard king-size bed. 

The twin XL size beds are an excellent option for couples with varying sleep preferences. You can place these mattresses together on an adjustable base to come up with the exact surface measurements of an Eastern king-size mattress. 

Similarly, you can use an adjustable base with two twin XL size mattresses enabling each person to customize their bedside independently. This is undoubtedly the best choice for partners who love customization. 

Wrap Up

There’s no correct or incorrect answer to picking a bed size. Preference, body type, and room scale are only some of the factors influencing your decision. After understanding the pros and cons of each bed size, you can confidently make an informed decision for yourself and your family. 

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