Tuft & Needle Mattress Review- Affordable and Popular, but Comfortable?

Tuft & Needle Mattress Review- Affordable and Popular, but Comfortable?

Tuft & Needle Mattress Review- Affordable and Popular, but Comfortable?


Since its debut, the Tuft and Needle mattress has been dubbed ‘the internet’s most comfortable mattress.’

However, as several customer feedbacks depict, it might not be a perfect fit for everyone.

This Tuft and Needle Adaptive Foam mattress review will give you a glimpse of this mattress’ construction, support, comfort, and pain-relieving attributes to help you figure out whether this is your ‘it’ mattress or not.

Read on!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Foam Mattress

Tuft and Needle is famous for tweaking their mattresses’ construction design to suit their customers’ preference.

The mattress that we are reviewing here is engineered from proprietary Adaptive foam that feels like a blend of latex and memory foam.

Similar to memory foam, this foam has a continuous full-bodied design that responds to your body temperature and pressure. It envelops around your body curves to offer continuous support and pressure relief.

On the other hand, it mimics latex by being slightly firmer. This helps in eliminating the sinking feeling that is commonplace with most memory foam mattresses.

This material might be a good fit if you love the contourability of memory foam but don’t like ‘sleeping in the mattress.’

By the same breath, this material might not suit you if you want a bouncy mattress. In that case, an innerspring or hybrid mattress might be your thing.

Whether you are buying a memory foam or proprietary foam mattress, consider;

  • Its certifications
  • Its firmness level in relation to your favorite sleeping posture
  • Whether it sleeps hot or cool
  • Its thickness with respect to your preferences
  • Whether it suffers from off-gassing
  • How good it dampens motion from a restless partner

The Tuft and Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress in a Glimpse

The T & N is unique, no frills 10-inch mattress made right here in the USA. It is a 2-layer mattress that uses a proprietary ‘Adaptive’ foam to create a feeling similar to a blend of memory foam and latex.

This mattress promises a good balance of support and comfort. Similar to memory foam, it aims at contouring to your body curves to prevent and reduce pressure build-up.

It also mimics latex by eliminating the sinking feeling that memory foam brings.

In addition, it offers targeted continuous support and aims at holding your spine in its natural alignment to minimize back and neck pains and muscle tension.

The T & N mattress is a sibling to the Mint mattress. This model differs slightly in that it has a third layer consisting of Adaptive foam and ceramic gel.

With regard to competition, the T & N compares quite well with high-end latex mattresses such as the Sleep On Pure Green Latex mattress.

The only thing is that it’s pretty much affordable and does not use rubber.

The T & F mattress is yours if you;

  • Are looking for a high-end mattress on a budget
  • Love memory foam mattresses but hate their sinking feeling
  • Would like a foam mattress with some sort of bounce
  • Hate sleeping hot
  • Want a slightly firm mattress

This mattress won’t fit the bill if you;

  • Are looking for a soft mattress
  • Generally hate foam mattresses
  • Love and want an extremely bouncy mattress (consider an innerspring)
  • Are looking for a true luxury mattress


  • Comes from a trustworthy and transparent manufacturer
  • Affordable and great value
  • Durable
  • It sleeps cool
  • Excellent pain relief


  • Several heavyweight sleepers find it firmer than average
  • Requires some usage to get used to its firmness level

Tuft and Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress Review

About the brand: Who are you dealing with?

Tuft and Needle is among the latest entrants in the mattress frenzy having been started in 2012.

This company was birthed out of frustrations when Daehee Park (one of the co-founders) couldn’t find a premium mattress that could meet his family’s needs.

Additionally, these founders struggled to find genuine manufacturers who sold their mattresses at honest prices and honor their warranty promises.

Thus, the Tuft and Needle Company aims at offering a simple mattress with high-end features but at a price that is affordable to everyone.

It ensures affordability by eliminating all the middlemen who might inflate the price of their commodities. Read their story here.

So, what’s so unique about this mattress?


The T & N is a 2-layer mattress. Its comfort layer is 3-inch 2.9 pcf layer engineered from a proprietary T & N Adaptive foam.

This manufacturer says that this layer offers all the benefits of memory foam. Uniquely, it is crafted to minimize heat retention and the ‘sinking and trapped’ feeling that comes with memory foam.

The Adaptive foam layer has gel to draw excess heat away from you. It also has graphite that makes it super breathable for a super cool sleeping experience throughout the night.

Next, we have the 7-inch 1.8 pcf polyfoam base layer. This is a high-density slightly firm layer that has a good amount of giving to prevent causing pressure points. It also holds the comfort layer to give you an even sleeping surface.

Holding the 2 layers together is a Tencel-and-Polyester blend cover. This cover is stretchy and thin enough not to obstruct the performance of the comfort layer. It is also notably breathable to keep you cool.


The T & N aims at being universally comfortable and compatible to all sleepers. Therefore, it has a medium-firm feeling that tends to accommodate most people with different sleeping styles.

This makes it a good choice especially for partners who never agree on the right firmness level.

However, I have to admit that not everyone finds its firmness level quite pleasing. For instance, reading through the reviews, most heavy people who sleep on their side and stomach say that they sink way too much into the mattress.

Therefore, a slightly firmer mattress might be welcome for them. Notably, most of them say that throwing a topper makes all the difference.

Does it get hot?

Now, this is one of the areas that Tuft and Needle’s Adaptive Foam tries to outdo memory foam. And it does right that, in my opinion.

This mattress’ comfort layer has gel and graphite infusion to draw excess heat away from you for a cool night.

The manufacturer also opts to use fewer layers to minimize the use of glue between the layers. This ensures natural airflow between the layers for optimum breathability.

Motion transfer

Memory foam has the upper hand in terms of localizing movements to the sleeper. However, most users do affirm that the Tuft and Needle’s Adaptive foam performs above average in this department as well.

This feature means that your partner’s movements on the bed won’t disturb your sleep.

Edge Support

This is yet another area that the T & N outperforms memory foam and exceeds our expectations.

Unlike most memory foam mattresses that bottom out under your weight and pressure, this mattress has strong edges that allow you to utilize every inch of the bed.

Off-gassing (That weird ‘new mattress smell’)

Off-gassing is not anything new to polyfoam mattresses debit to the blend of chemicals that the manufacturers use.

Notably, most of the previous users say that this mattress does not emit any gasses out of the package. This affirms the manufacturer’s claim of the likelihood of being able to sleep on the mattress on the first night.

In case your shipment does feature the chemical smell, you only need to air it for at least 24 hours.

Trial Period, Warranty, and Transparency

I bet these are the 3 key areas that make Tuft and Needle so popular with its customers.

At sleepify.com, we advocate for manufacturers that allow you to test-drive the mattress for at least 30 days.

Impressively, the T & N mattress comes with an amazing 100-night trial period. This is more than enough time to break in the mattress and figure out whether to keep it or not.

In addition, this mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. But what makes the trial period and warranty good deals is the hassle-free return.

What do other users say about it?

The Tuft and Needle is among the most popular mattresses online as its 4.3/5-star rating from its 6k+ reviewers proof.

Scanning through the feedbacks, most buyers seem to find this mattress superb for their needs. Its medium-firm feel seems to impress most of them. Only a few of them find it either too firm or too soft.

It also gets lots of praise for sleeping cool and the fact that it does not emit odors. A good number of its buyers also appreciate its supportive design and pain-relieving attributes.

Want more options?

Ghostbed Mattress

In case you find the Tuft and Needle a little bit softer for your needs, perhaps the Ghostbed will suit you. This mattress is slightly on the firmer side.

Therefore, it might offer a good support for heavy side and stomach sleepers who tend to sink too deep on a soft mattress.

Similar to the T & N, the Ghostbed mattress is made in the USA. The major difference is that this is a memory foam mattress. It is also significantly pricier.

Most people report that it helps in minimizing back and joint pains. However, some of them report that it’s way too firm for them.

Sleep Innovations Shiloh Memory Foam Mattress

For those who prefer sleeping on a firm bed, I give you the Sleep Innovations Shiloh mattress. This is a memory foam mattress available in twin, full, queen, king, and California King sizes.

Considering its firm feel, this mattress might be a good pick for back and stomach sleepers. Its strong edges and excellent motion isolation also make it a good choice for enthusiastic couples who want a versatile bed for their nighttime activities.

Worth mentioning, this mattress is notably cheaper than the T and N. It also comes with a 20-year warranty but does not allow at-home sleep trial.

Nature’s Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress

If you are a diehard fan of memory foam but can’t seem to get an affordable and comfortable mattress in this department, I but the Nature’s Sleep will fit you.

Unlike the T and N, this mattress has a thickness of 8 inches. Thus, it might make a good choice for people who have issues climbing a tall bed.

Most people say that its medium-firm density offers a good balance of support and comfort. It also has good contourability that is responsible for its pain-relieving attributes.

In addition, its gel-infusion technology boosts its thermal regulation to give you a cool sleep for longer. Designed in the USA, this mattress is Certipur-us certified and comes with a 20-year warranty.


In my opinion, the Tuft and Needle makes a really good mattress for budget homeowners who don’t want to gamble with their sleep.

This mattress has a medium-soft feeling that accommodates different sleeping postures and body shapes. This gives it its universal compatibility and will fit most sleepers with varying sleep preferences.

You could opt to spend close to a grand for another high-end mattress that performs just like the T and N.

However, if you are after a mattress that gives you comfort without having to part with an arm and a leg, you need to give the Tuft and Needle Adaptive Foam mattress a chance.

In any case, its 100-night satisfaction or money-back guarantee makes it a worry-free investment.

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