Sleep On Latex Pure Green Mattress Review – Features, Pros and Cons

Sleep On Latex Pure Green Mattress Review – Features, Pros and Cons

Sleep On Latex Pure Green Mattress Review – Features, Pros and Cons


If you are overwhelmed by the sheer number of mattresses that claim to be 100% natural latex, the Pure Green might be the bed for you.

This mattress does not use petroleum-based synthetics that are commonplace in conventional latex mattresses.

But wait. Does this mattress hold the key to a restful slumber? Find out in our Sleep On Latex review below.

Why should you consider a latex mattress?

Most of our readers are always uncertain about what organic latex is. Sure, the name latex itself is quite confusing and often sounds like a blend of chemicals to first-timers.

Actually, latex is exactly the opposite. This is a natural material that is extracted from rubber sap (also called Serum) that is obtained naturally from the Rubber tree.

This is a magical product that contours to your body shape to offer support. It also keeps your spine in its natural alignment throughout the night.

Moreover, it cushions your hips and shoulders from pressure points thereby offering you a night full of comfort and rest.

Actually, latex is pretty much similar to memory foam. The major difference, however, is that latex has a unique springiness that makes it roll with you as you make every turn.

Thus, unlike memory foam, latex does not give you the feeling of being trapped in a gully.

Latex mattresses also sleep much cooler than their memory foam alternatives. They are also inherently resistant to dust mite and allergens.

That being said, latex is an ideal material if you want a mattress with top-level support for your spine, shoulders, and joints.

In fact, this material makes a wise choice for the elderly citizens who want a mattress that won’t make moving over the bed a daunting task.

You might also consider it if you are looking for a mattress that won’t subject you petroleum fumes and allergens.

What to consider when buying a latex mattress

Worth mentioning, simply identifying a mattress made of 100% latex is not enough. There are a few more hurdles to jump before landing on your ideal bed.

Among other things, consider the extraction process that the manufacturer uses for its latex.

Latex is extracted in 2 different processes; Dunlop and Talalay.

Without making things too complex, the Dunlop process uses minimal chemicals. Its foam also has a slightly firmer feel. It’s, therefore, more supportive and durable.

On the other hand, the Talalay process uses a few more chemicals. Thus, Talalay latex mattresses might have a slight smell right off the package.

On the other hand, these mattresses have a slightly softer feel. They make a good choice for lightweight sleepers who don’t like sleeping on hard beds.

Other than the extraction process, other features that matter when buying a latex mattress include;

  • Firmness level (density)
  • Thickness
  • Edge support
  • Heat retention
  • Warranty
  • What previous buyers say

Pure Green Sleep On Latex Mattress- what exactly is it?

This is an all-natural, hypoallergenic mattress by Sleep On Latex. For those who care so much about the country of origin, you will be excited to realize that this mattress is wholly engineered in California-USA.

This mattress comes in 6 sizes; Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen King, and California King. This means that the chance of getting a mattress that perfectly fits your base is quite high.

On the same note, this mattress is available in 2 thicknesses; 9-inch and 7-inch.

You also have several comfort levels to choose from; soft, medium, and firm to fit all sleeping styles. We’ll talk more about these firmness levels later in this article.

The Pure Green Sleep On Latex Mattress is this manufacturer’s first. So, I can’t compare it with any other model at the moment.

However, Sleep On makes other products including toppers and pillows.

This mattress promises you nights full of rest by conforming to your body curves. It also aims at helping you sleep cool without restricting your movements on the bed as memory foam does.

This mattress is yours if you;

  • Want a mattress with more natural components
  • Sweat a lot at night and want a cool bed
  • Require a remedy for chronic back, neck, and joint pains
  • Are looking for a durable mattress
  • Want a mattress that won’t sag within a short time
  • Are allergic even to the slightest petroleum-based fumes

Pure Green Sleep On Latex might not be a good fit if you

  • Want a mattress with a highly supportive edge
  • Are not ready to spend close to a grand on a mattress


  • Does not require complex assembling
  • Won’t make you sweat
  • An ideal choice for environment-conscious homeowners
  • Comes with a stretchy wool cover that increases breathability
  • Certified to meet stringent international standards


  • Offers almost zero bounce- this might affect intimacy to some degree
  • Has minimal edge support
  • It’s naturally heavy- moving it might require some help

Pure Green Mattress Performance


You already know that this mattress features 100% latex by now. But what I have not revealed so far is that this manufacturer uses Dunlop latex for it.

There are 2 main advantages that you gain from this latex. First, the Dunlop process uses fewer chemicals for its extraction.

This means that you won’t be sinking yourself into a pool of chemicals.

Secondly, this latex foam offers a consistently, stable support without that pillowy and sinking feel that memory foam gives.

Thus, it makes an ideal choice for sleepers with nerve-related pains.


The Pure Green Mattress uses a fairly simple yet functional layer configuration for both its 7-inch and 9-inch model.

Actually, the major difference is that the 7-inch mattress features a single layer of 6’’ 34ILD latex and cover.

The 9-inch model has 2 layers of latex and a cover. This is the model that we are reviewing here. So, let’s dig deeper into its layers.

1st layer (cover)

Most people tend to ignore the cover easily when buying a mattress. It’s also quite sad that most mattress experts won’t tell you about it in detail besides it being the first layer that you are in direct contact with.

Needless to mention, the type of cover may affect or boost the performance of the layers beneath it.

Cutting to the chase, the Pure Green uses a 1-inch 2-layer cover made with 100% organic cover on both sides.

While its real essence is to curb heat buildup, this cover also brings 2 other benefits.

First, it has a thin layer of GOTs-certified wool that offers a good amount of softness. This should transition you from light sleep to a deep one.

Secondly, it is a natural fire retardant. Well, this fire barrier acts as a good alternative to synthetic fire resistant layers.

The good news about this cover is that it is stretchy. Therefore, it won’t affect the feel of the other layers.

It’s also removable for dry cleaning! Honestly speaking, this is one of the coolest ideas that I like about this mattress.

2nd layer

The middle layer is a 2-inch 20 ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) Dunlop latex. As you’ll find out with the base layer, the middle layer is slightly softer.

Generally, it offers you initial comfort and support. It allows you to sink slightly to offer your spine and joints their natural alignment.

It also has a good degree of support. So, it won’t cause the ‘trap’ feel.

Base layer

The foundational base of this mattress is a 6-inch 34 ILD Dunlop latex. Its high-density design offers you a bed with even support across the entire bed surface.

Firmness levels vs. your sleeping postures

As I told you before, the Pure Green Latex offers you a choice of 3 firmness levels; soft, medium, and firm.

The mattress that we are reviewing here has a medium feel. But let’s tackle each of the 3 levels to give you a clearer picture of all of them.


On a typical 1-10 firmness scale, the soft model is around 4-5. This model tends to cater for side sleepers better compliments to its greater degree of conformability.

As you sleep on your side, your hips and shoulders will stick out more than the other parts.

Therefore, you’ll need a mattress that allows these sharp points to sink through gently to minimize stiffness.


The medium-firm mattresses are within the 6-7 range. This is the most popular firmness level in all mattresses.

It makes a sweet spot for almost all type of sleepers. But it works best for heavy side sleepers, back sleepers, and lightweight side sleepers who prefer a firm bed.


The firm mattress is at 8 on our firmness scale. It tends to favor stomach sleepers more since they want a mattress that won’t give their body a curved shape.

What we like about this firmness level is that it still has a good amount of give.

This helps in minimizing excess pressure around your midsection. It also allows easy breathing.

Back sleepers who prefer sleeping on a firm surface might also consider this model.

Heat Retention

Latex mattresses naturally sleep far much cooler than memory foam mattresses. They feature an open cell structure which promotes an incredible amount of airflow.

Manufacturers also create ductwork/pinholes at regular intervals to boost the ventilation even further. As such, don’t expect to feel like you are on a treadmill on the Pure Green Mattress.

Is it good for sex?

Well, I bet this depends on what you look for in a good mattress for sex. If you heavily rely on the bounciness of a mattress to create rhythm during intimacy, then the Pure Green mattress won’t suffice.

On the other hand, this mattress is incredibly resilient and sleeps cool. And thanks to its medium firmness, your knees, elbows, and butt won’t be sinking too deep into the mattress.

These 3 features mean that you can go for almost any sex position and glide to another one easily.

Again, remember that latex is naturally hypoallergenic. So, you won’t be rolling your partner in bacteria and germs.

In addition, unlike innerspring mattresses, latex has almost zero noise output.

Therefore, your lovemaking sessions will be incredibly discreet. This is a great feature especially for family homes and dorm rooms, right?

Motion transfer

In mattresses, motion transfer is when your slightest movements disturb or even wake up your partner. Generally, latex has minimal motion transfer.

Memory foam works better at this. But latex is not any close to innerspring mattresses- the most notorious models for motion isolation.

This minimal motion transfer means that you may not disturb your partner if you sleep fitfully at night or if you make frequent bathroom trips.

Sleep On Latex Trial Period, Refunds, and Warranty

Our mattress reviews at aim at giving you a solid glimpse of what to expect.

However, your body may fail to adjust to the new mattress right away or even completely.

That’s why we always advocate for a mattress with a trial period.

Now, the Pure Green Latex mattress comes with a 100-day trial period.

You can return the mattress for a full refund within this time if you feel that it does not fit you.

You also get an impressive 10-year limited warranty to offer you peace of mind.

Delivery, Off-gassing, and Assembly

The Pure Green ships free within 3-5 working days. The delivery guys won’t take the mattress upstairs for you.

Luckily, the mattress comes compressed in a box and does not involve complex assembly. In fact, all you do is remove it from the wrapper and place it on your base. It should come to live within no time.

About off-gassing, you might experience the ‘new mattress smell.’ But this smell won’t reach disturbing levels and should dissipate fast within hours.

What other people say

We always scour the internet to get a clear view of what previous buyers have to say. As expected, most people express satisfaction with their mattress.

Among other things, previous buyers appreciate that this mattress is super soft, comfortable, and supportive.

Most of them also point out that it does not emit stinking odors that are commonplace in memory foam mattresses.

However, we also did come across several complaints. A few buyers say that their mattress was more on the firmer side. Mind you, this is natural with latex. So, choose the firmness level wisely.

Do you want alternatives?

Of course, I don’t expect this mattress to be a perfect fit for everyone. So, let’s look at other possible alternatives.

Latex for Less  9″ Latex Mattress

The Latex for Less might be an excellent alternative if you are looking for a cheaper latex mattress.

This is an innovatively designed mattress that features Dunlop latex on one side and Talalay latex on the other side.

This design means that you get a medium firm feel on the Dunlop layer and a soft feel on the Talalay latex.

Therefore, if you are afraid that the Pure Green mattress will be too firm, this one might be a good bet.

LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress

Lucid might have a solution for homeowners on a tight budget. This mattress is available in 6 different sizes.

It has great breathability and comes with a soft, breathable, cover.

Worth mentioning, however, is that this mattress is made from a blend of chemicals with only a small amount of natural latex.

Although it has been engineered to offer the benefits of pure latex, it may have an intense odor when new. It might also not last as long as 100% natural latex.

LINENSPA 10 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

Latex hybrid mattresses offer a sweet spot between affordability and performance. The Linenspa 10-inch is the cheapest mattress here.

It combines several layers of foam and latex on an innerspring base. Thus, you may benefit from the supportive nature of latex plus the bounciness of the coil system.

One feature that we appreciate is that the coils have individual casings.

This helps in minimizing motion transfer and also prevents premature sagging.


A latex mattress might be a great option if you are looking for an all-natural and eco-friendly lifestyle.

These mattresses offer a good solution if you want a firmer mattress with great support and excellent resiliency.

In my opinion, the Sleep On Pure Green Mattress might be a great purchase, especially at its price.

We love that this mattress uses all-natural components and does not contain toxic chemicals.

This mattress is also available in almost all sizes and offers you a choice of 3 firmness levels.

Therefore, it’s very likely that you’ll get a model to fit your bed and meet your support and comfort needs.

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