Sleep Number vs. Casper: Which Is Best for You?

Sleep Number vs. Casper: Which Is Best for You?

Sleep Number vs. Casper: Which Is Best for You?


Sleep Number and Casper are two of the most popular mattress companies. Firmness and support may be adjusted using air-filled chambers, as Sleep Number offers a broad range of alternatives for its mattresses. As for bed-in-a-box mattresses in general, Casper is the undisputed pioneer, and its popularity continues to soar.

There are several distinctions between Sleep Number and Casper, yet both might be an excellent investment for the money. The following Sleep Number vs. Casper mattress comparison will provide you with the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

Sleep Number vs. Casper: What They’re All About

Sleep Number

The adjustable air beds made by Sleep Number are perhaps most recognised for their remote-controlled firmness and support adjustments.

Bedding comes in four varieties/series, ranging from the Classic Series to the 360 Smart Beds. There are a variety of models within each series that provide varying levels of comfort.

As a result of having twin air chambers, these mattresses are quite popular among couples since they allow each partner to find their ideal sleeping position without compromise.

Depending on the series and model of each bed, the price is different. Compared to the i-10 360 Smart Bed, which retails for $5,299 for a queen size, the cheapest variant (the c-2) costs only $1,099.

All Sleep Number mattresses come with a 100-night trial period


Direct-selling mattress firm Casper is the first of its kind. Casper remains one of the most popular beds in a box as competition grows.

The top layer of the Casper mattress, which is made of foam, is bouncy and is quite similar to latex. The open cell structure of the upper layer aids ventilation.

This mattress, in our opinion, is well-suited for a wide range of sleepers due to its ability to follow the body’s natural contours.

The queen Casper mattress sells for $1,495, which we believe is a fair price considering the high-quality materials used in its manufacturing. It also comes with free shipping and a 100-night risk-free trial period. Setting up the mattress is a piece of cake. For more information on the Casper mattress, check out the Casper mattress review on Sleepify.

Construction Differences

Sleep Number

Sleep Number manufactures different types of mattresses, with the Classic Series, Performance Series, Innovation Series, and 360 Smart Beds being the four main series to choose from.

All Sleep Number beds come with one or two air chambers with adjustable settings and your unique sleep number as the bed’s foundation.

Each new series may be seen as a continuation of the one before. There is no need to go farther than the c2, c4, and CSE Classic Series Beds for the most fundamental qualities. Beds in the 360 Smart Beds and Innovation Series have the most excellent overall dimensions, the most substantial layers, and the most significant number of supplemental features.


Here is a breakdown of the many layers of the Casper mattress:

  • The cover is made of an elastic, lightweight, breathable fabric and premium quality.
  • Polyurethane foam, also known as “comfort foam,” is the mattress’s top layer. It is breathable and bouncy, just like latex.
  • The third layer is a 1.5-inch layer of a 3.5-pound density foam mattress which conforms nicely to your body’s contours and provides effective pressure relief.
  • The next layer uses a 1.5-inch polyfoam which weighs 2.5 pounds, to ease the transition from comfort layers to the support layer. 
  • One of the most common foundations for foams in bed-in-the-box mattresses is the 5-inch polyfoam which weighs around 1.8 pounds per cubic foot.

You Will Love Sleep Number If:

You want options

With Sleep Number, there are various designs and materials to choose from, so there’s something for everyone.

You sleep with a partner

This bed is famous among couples because it comes with two separate air chambers, allowing you to choose the amount of comfort — also known as your sleep number — on your side of the bed. There will be no more compromising.

You want to see how the bed works first

Across the nation, there are many Sleep Number showrooms where you can check out a variety of mattresses. They’ll help you identify your unique sleep number and propose the best mattress for your needs.

You’ll Love Casper If:

You want some bounce or resilience

Casper may be an excellent option for alleviating pressure while avoiding memory foam’s slow-moving sensation. Thanks to its high elasticity, it’s easy to move about and change positions in bed. Additionally, you won’t feel like you’re stuck in your bed.

You sleep in multiple positions

It has been developed to have a comfortable and supportive feel to make the mattress suited for various sleeping positions. Thus, it is beneficial to those who frequently switch positions when sleeping.

You’re a value seeker

Thanks to Casper’s direct-to-consumer model, you can save a lot of money by obtaining a high-quality, durable mattress. For this reason, so many consumers choose bed-in-a-box mattresses over more conventional models. If you’ve recently purchased a Casper mattress and are looking for the perfect bed frame to match, check out our review of the best bed frames for Casper mattresses.

Firmness Comparison

Sleep Number

You can adjust the amount of firmness and support provided by your mattress by using the remote control.  Because of this particular attribute, customers have shown great interest in Sleep Number mattresses.

Your Sleep Number setting shows the firmness and support you want in a mattress. Your mattress will have a personalised level of firmness based on your number.

The amount of sleep a person needs is very individualistic and subject to change at any moment. In addition, the model you choose will affect the degree of support and stability you will get. The plush layers between the top of the bed and the air chamber provide significant value when it comes to how comfortable a mattress is to sleep on.


The top elastic layer of this bed makes it quite bouncy. However, it does not have the same bounce and responsiveness as a latex mattress.

In terms of firmness, the mattress is only a bit firmer than regular mattresses.

This mattress ought to have no issues for stomach, side, and back sleepers, provided they aren’t hot and overweight.

Are you interested in learning about how these mattresses compare to those offered by other companies? There is a possibility that the comparisons we’ve made between Sleep Number and Amerisleep and Casper and Hybrid will also be helpful.

Air-Pedic Mattress as an Alternative 

Because airbeds are expensive, most people avoid them. The Air-Pedic 800 Series Mattress from Selectabed is our top-value recommendation. 

It comprises a 1-inch hypergel cooling layer that provides support while releasing stress and facilitating ventilation. Underneath these layers lies a heavenly softness. The mattress effectively supports your contours for pressure relief.

2-inch support layers between the foam comfort layer and the air chambers help alleviate pressure. Thanks to the 6-chamber air system at the bottom of the mattress, you will correctly align your spine while you sleep. You can also adjust the lumbar support of the mattress to your preferred degree of comfort and use intelligent gadgets to control the bed.

The mattress comes with a comfortable and breathable Kool-Flow bamboo cover. The foam used is produced in the United States and is CertiPUR-US certified.

There are a variety of sizes available—a split top king and split top queen are included in this set. The mattress also comes with a 120-night trial and a 30-year limited warranty.

Experience the difference for yourself – use Sleepify700 for $900 off the Air-Pedic 800 Bed.

The Air-Pedic Bed Is Best For:

  • Couples: You may adjust both sides of the bed independently. The king-sized bed is also available in various sizes, perfect for couples.
  • Hot Sleepers: The bed’s cooling foam and gel-infused layers make it ideal for those who tend to overheat while sleeping. Even colder temperatures are possible with the addition of an airflow system.
  • Back pain sufferers: People suffering from back pain will appreciate the adjustable lumbar support provided by this bed. It reduces back discomfort by keeping your spine in the correct position while sleeping.

The Air Pedic Bed Is Not Best For: 

  • Those on a budget: While air beds provide outstanding value for money, they are more expensive than regular mattresses. So, if you are on a tight budget, this is not your mattress.
  • The tech-averse: Because the bed’s auxiliary tech and modifications may be too much for people who aren’t used to such things, you should steer clear of this bed series if you just need a place to sleep.

There are also a number of other Sleep Number alternatives available on the market to suit nearly any need.

Bottom Line

The two brands are highly regarded and popular among consumers. The option you select will depend on your preferences and your budget.

Sleep Number provides plenty of alternatives to choose from. You can adjust the support and firmness of these mattresses by filling them with air or deflating them. 

This adaptability makes Sleep Number mattresses excellent for everyone — you only need to select the model that suits your budget and preference. 

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