Best Bed Frame for Casper Mattress

Best Bed Frame for Casper Mattress

Best Bed Frame for Casper Mattress

If you’ve invested in a great new Casper Mattress, it’s only right to pair it with a stylish, sturdy and foam-mattress-friendly frame. 

As you might already know, memory foam mattresses have some minor, unique requirements when it comes to bed frames, and that means you’ll have to do a little digging to find great model for you. As an example, because memory foam gets a little warmer than innersprings, you’ll want to make sure you go for something with slats or an airflow-friendly platform bed. A box spring bed frame won’t be ideal here, nor will an older style, thin-metal bed frame. 

In time, as bed frames age, they can dip, sag or flex which isn’t ideal for memory foam mattresses. A foam mattress will rely a little more on the platform bed frame or the slats to hold its shape correctly, so make sure to factor this into your purchase. 

Getting the Most Out of a Bed Frame

In our list below, we’ve gone over some of the best bed frames for Casper Mattresses that will make your new mattress experience fantastic. Whether you’re looking for a minimal bed frame, some extra storage space or an oversized headboard, there’s something for you below. 

To add, we’ve made sure all of the mattress foundation frames below will help you get the most out of the mattress, and also out of the bed frame itself. Expect a cool sleep, some added functionality from these frames, and of course, optimal memory foam mattress support. 

1. Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Headboard [Recommended]

For an elegant, minimal and tonal bed frame, Zinus comes through with their Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed. This multi-material design offers a great look for just about every bedroom, and being black and timber in colour, it works perfectly at ushering in those relaxing nighttime vibes. 

Included is a headboard that’s mid-height and there’s an optional footboard here too, if you’re like to add a touch of tradition to the metal frame. 

The assembly is also very simple with most reviewers putting theirs together in under half an hour with little trouble at all. The instructions and design help to make assembly straightforward, so if you’re someone who struggles with setup, you’ll be able to rest assured Zinus has you covered. 

We’ll have to highlight that this bed frame is a little heavier than most at 104 pounds, so moving it about the bedroom may be a hassle. However, this weight is testament to the high quality materials used, the timber and steel frame. 

It’s also good to note that the stability is fantastic here, with no movement, creaks or squeaks present, ideal for a hybrid mattress or memory foam variant. 

You’ll find this platform bed available in King through Twin. 


High Quality Materials

Solid Wood Slats

No Mattress Sagging 

Modern Look

2.Zinus Dachelle Upholstered Button Tufted Premium Platform [Recommended]

Another quality Zinus bed frame, the Dachelle is also a fantastic option for Casper Mattresses. The design on this bed frame is a little more elegant in that it’s upholstered and engineered to look a little more traditional. 

There’s an almost-double-height headboard here that’s upholstered and that means there’s no chance of hitting and hurting your head on the board while you sleep or when you move. Always a great perk. 

When it comes to assembly, this bed frame can be a little tricky, though with two people and about an hour you should have this bed ready without too much of a struggle.  

As with other Zinus products, the materials are very high quality and there’s little movement or chance of dipping or sagging of the frame in time, keeping your Casper Mattress well supported for years to come. 

To end, the Dachelle sits quite low to the floor, at around 12 inches, which is good for aesthetics, but maybe a little too low when it comes to finding storage space below it. If this is an issue, you could make it a mission of yours to buy risers to help give you some extra space under the bed. 


Padded Headboard and Side Frame

Relatively Easy Assembly

5-year Warranty

Very Solid and Sturdy Build

Casper Sleep Metal Bed Frame

At the top of our list is Casper’s own metal bed frame. Designed explicitly for their great mattresses, this metal bed frame sits under a box spring foundation that’s designed for the Casper Mattress.

The good news here is that there’s an eco-friendly element in that the steel is 100 per cent recycled and there’s little to no assembly required. All you’ll need to do is take the frame pieces out of the box, slot them together and you’re all done. 

As the frame is designed to suit the Casper Foundation, you’ll be able to rest assured that there’s not going to be a fit issue here, everything will snuggly connect nicely. The size of the frame is listed on Casper as being 76.7 x 60.2 x 7.3 inches, so it’s quite compact with no excessive overhang, for example. 

Reviewers online have touted the best part of the bed frame, other than its affordability, is its ease of assembly. In fact, most customers have said that it’s the easiest frame they’ve ever put together. 

This bed frame comes in California King, King, Queen, FullTwin and Twin XL sizes. 


Designed for Casper Products

Very Sturdy Design

Easy Assembly

Lightweight and Easy to Move

Casper Upholstered Bed Frame Review

To Casper’s upholstered alternative now, the Upholstered Bed Frame is designed to offer ultimate comfort in that the warm-touch fabric makes this frame cozy and inviting. The frame is thankfully wrapped in high-end materials, making rips, fraying or discolouration a non-issue, and being coloured in lighter neutral tones and a black option helps it suit all bedrooms. 

Users have mentioned that the frame is very easy to assemble although it looks a little complicated from the outset. It’s also good to note that when it comes to Casper Mattresses, this frame is also very sturdy and provides optimal air flow to keep memory foam cool and breathable. 

To add to the great design, there’s also a recessed space for mattresses and the outer frame rises a little higher than the mattress base, so you’re not going to have to worry about any sliding.

One thing to note is that this frame is a foam-only variant as mentioned by Casper, so innersprings and pocket springs might not be a good idea here. 

Lastly, the slats are made of solid wood and no laminate or blended materials, so there’s a reduced chance of sagging, dipping or cracking over time, allow the frame to keep your mattress in good condition for a lot longer than composite bed frames. 


Cozy, Upholstered Design

Wrap-around Recessed Mattress Zone

No Creaks or Squeaks

Engineered for Foam Mattresses

Zinus Curtis Essential Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

Lacking a headboard, the Curtis by Zinus is your bed frame for a minimal, chic bedroom. The frame is dark toned and well-suited to more professional or contemporary bedrooms, and is a great frame for foam mattresses because of the unique slat design. 

One standout perk of the Curtis is the grippy velcro tabs on the frame and slats that make sure the mattress doesn’t make a move no matter how hard you push it about. In time, this will become a godsend as you’re able to use these for mattress protectors too. 

To the slats now, these are designed to be closer together than almost all other frames we’ve reviewed, leaving almost no gap at all for sinkage. That said, the Curtis is arguably the best frame for a memory foam or latex mattress, full stop. Each slat is coated in velcro, as mentioned above, which makes sure there’s no mattress movement. 

Users have made it clear that without a headboard or footboard, sheets and duvets can come off during the night, so tucking them under the mattress will be essential if you’re not a fan of this issue.

Reviewers have outlined that assembly is relatively simple and doesn’t take too long, though two people will make light work of the process.


Unique Slat Design

Velcro Grips the Mattresses

Solid Design and Materials

Easy to Assemble

Headboard-less is More Modern

Choosing a Bed Frame for Casper Memory Foam

To end our top bed frame list, we want to go over a few tips when it comes to buying a bed frame for a Casper Memory Foam mattress, or any foam mattress for that matter. 

If you’re new to memory foam, as many people are, there are a couple of different requirements that will come with this mattress material. Unlike self-supporting innersprings of the old days, or pocket springs and coils for example, memory foam requires more support and a frame that won’t dip. 

Think back to your childhood and you might have had an old steel bed frame, or wooden frame that dipped after a while, or had slats that cracked or broke entirely. For coil springs, this is okay as the mattress will still hold itself up. For memory foam and latex, this can cause a severe dip and can even pull the foam layers apart. 

That said, here are a few quick tips and considerations for your next bed frame. 

Breathability and Airflow

As you might already know, memory foam and latex both sleep a little hotter than springs. That said, you’ll need to find a bed frame that has open slats that promote airflow and allow the mattress to disperse heat on its own. 

A platform bed frame will need to have ventilation holes, otherwise you’ll be creating a heat sink by accident. 

Minimal Movement

Not only for comfort, minimal movement is good for memory foam longevity. Of course, sleeping movement is fine, though if your bed frame is poorly built or designed in a way that makes it move a lot, you’ll be stretching and effectively ‘ageing’ your memory foam.

Look for a bed frame that’s as solid as possible and has user reviews touting sturdiness. 

Small-gap Slats

Finally, the slats on your bed frame should be as close together as possible to prevent any spaces where your mattress could sag. You don’t want a frame that has slats that are really far apart as your foam mattress will start to look like a wave and be uncomfortable to sleep on, as well as needing to be replaced in a short period of time.

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