Egoflex Mattress Review

Egoflex Mattress Review

Egoflex Mattress Review

The UK-founded company Ergoflex has been on the Australian market for about ten years now offering high-quality mattresses in a box. The quality of their mattresses has been compared to Tempur mattresses, yet the price range offered by Ergoflex is considerably lower. The company has proven itself to be among the best on the market as exemplified in 2019 it was awarded the “best buy” by Which?, and was also a 2020 winner of awards in the mattress category. 

As the mattress in a box offers are becoming more and more popular, many companies claim to have the “best mattress on the market”. This is often confusing for the buyers, so it is crucial for them to make a wise decision, and get themselves a mattress that will solve their back problems and completely transform their sleeping experience. 

Ergoflex 5G memory foam mattress has the reputation of being a game-changer when it comes to delivering a good nights sleep. It is the latest, fifth generation of the company’s all-foam mattresses. With every iteration, the company is cementing its good reputation. This can be seen in their use of 85 kg/m3 visco-elastic memory foam as proof of devotion to contouring comfort even on the surface layer. 

For buyers who are looking for a great mattress, their search finishes here. Read below the detailed specifications and features it has.

Ergoflex Mattress Review

There are different kinds of memory foam mattresses, and the main difference among them lies in the foam density and ability to provide comfort and relieve pressure points. High-density memory foam mattresses are considered the best mattresses, as they provide sufficient comfort and stability for all kinds of sleepers. 

The Ergoflex 5G mattress is composed of three separate foam layers accompanied by two cover layers. It is made of premium selected materials that seamlessly combine into one unit to offer the most pressure-relieving mattress. It is described as a true HD foam mattress, hypoallergenic, and temperature-sensitive that molds itself to your body contours offering instant comfort and great sleep. 

Layers Features

The base layer, which is the core of the mattress, is a 9cm impact resistance layer made of the high-resilience foam base. This ensures weighted support of the upper layers, longevity, and overall spine support. 

The second, middle layer is called the comfort layer as it is made from a proprietary Ergoflex Cool Sleep™  airflow system which is designed to provide superior airflow and functions as thermoregulator. The egg-crate design is strategically set up to release the hot air from the surface layer while you are sleeping. This layer is also the layer that has the capability to isolate movements, and therefore completely minimizing partner disturbance. 

The third layer is the top layer or the so-called comfort layer which, as we have previously mentioned, features 85kg/m3 visco-elastic memory foam. This foam has can gently contour around your body and thus to provide the weightless feeling as if it was tenderly hugging you. This way, it provides pressure relief in any sleeping position. This is extremely important for those who suffer from back pain as this comfortable mattress is likely to put an end to their sleeping agony. 

Regarding the cover, it is actually a double cover comprised of an inner and outer part. The Tencel outer cover looks luxurious, while at the same time it is highly breathable and feels natural at the surface. The inner side of the cover is made from micro-fine fabric which protects and encases the overall mattress core. 

The cover is moisture-wicking which means that it has the capacity to draw moisture to the surface material allowing it to easily evaporate. This feature makes Ergoflex mattresses very convenient, especially for people who live in Australia where summers can be extremely hot and humid. This guarantees that all the moisture won’t be locked inside in case you sweat profoundly. Plus, the Tencel cover is removable and machine washable which ensures the highest hygiene standards for your bed. 

Comfort Level

Ergoflex memory foam mattresses are made of high-quality materials, so with the high resilience foam base and high-density memory foam delivering medium firmness feel. The distinct memory feel makes it neither too firm nor too soft. It does contour to your body and the effect lessen back pain and delivering comfort to all kinds to back problems. 

This feature makes it an excellent choice for side sleepers who often have problems finding a suitable mattress because their position puts pressure on their hips, lower back, and shoulders This softness level and the memory foam deliver act like cushions. Back sleepers are also likely to find this mattress a perfect fit for their needs as it provides excellent spine support.  

On the other hand, those who are overweight have reported foam compression over time and the durability, in this case is questionable. Stomach sleepers are also likely to find it a bit too soft as they usually prefer firm mattresses as this is a medium-firm mattress. 

Available Sizes

Ergoflex is an experienced and customer conscious company that strives to provide the best for its customers. The proof of that is the constant update of the materials and technologies used in its mattresses. There is only one Ergoflex mattress type, and themes current fifth generation is perfected from the previous generations.

Although there’s only one model, there is a range of available sizes which more or less meet general bed bases. These sizes include single and double size, king size, king-single, queen size, and long single size. 

Availability, Trial Period, and Warranty

When you decide to replace your old mattress with a new mattress then it is a serious investment not only money-wise, but also for your health and sleep quality. Considering these aspects, it is always recommended to research the market thoroughly before making the final decision. 

The company had this in mind as well, so it offers a 30-day trial period with free next-day delivery and returns policy. This means that within this trial period you can make sure that it meets your needs, and in case it fails to do it so, the company will pick up the mattress free of charge. 

However, we all know that seeing is believing, therefore you can see the quality of Ergoflex Mattresses yourself in their showrooms in different cities in Australia including Hunter Valley, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Gold Coast, Central Coast, amongst others. 

With the purchase, you get a 10-year warranty from the manufacturers which covers all the damages that could occur during this period of time as provided in the general terms. 

Bottom Line

Ergoflex Mattresses are premium quality mattresses comprised of high-density HD proprietary foam, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial hypoallergenic cover that ensures resistance to dust, allergens, and mites. 

The memory foam layers blend seamlessly into a unit that delivers maximized comfort, ultimate body support and at the same time, it prevents motion transfer. The cool-sleep airflow regulates the accumulated heat within the mattress so that you never feel too hot. 

Ergoflex Mattress is not only highly recommended by new and long-term users, but one of the most prominent Australian back doctors too. They all confirm that the mattress works best for people with back issues.  Customer reviews are precious when it comes to making a decision on whether to invest in a mattress, and most of them are glowing reviews. This is the reason why it has been awarded the best buy for 2019. 

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