The Cozy Earth Brand Review

The Cozy Earth Brand Review

The Cozy Earth Brand Review


Although most bedding brands specialize in cotton products; Cozy Earth has taken a different direction and gone all-in on bamboo bedding. 

The brand has been featured on Good Morning America and Forbes. This review unveils reasons why you should consider switching to Cozy Earth. 

Ideal For:

  • People who love soft bed sheets.
  • People searching for hypoallergenic bedding.
  • Those who want temperature-regulating and cooling bedding.
  • People who want excellent customer support and a 10-year warranty.
  • Individuals who love plush bedding.  

Isn’t Suitable For

  • People on a tight budget.
  • People who prefer crisp sheets.
  • Those who prefer different color options — all Cozy Earth bedding are white.

The Cozy Earth Brand 

This bedding brand aims to provide its customers with quality sleep. Cozy Earth’s primary goal is to develop the perfect product, know all suppliers, serve their clients continually and manufacture goods responsibly. 

The brand’s founder, Tyler Howells, aimed to create exceptional bamboo loungewear and bedding product line. Through his Chinese connections and his fluency in the native dialect of Mandarin, Howells partnered with companies other U.S firms couldn’t partner with. As a result, Howells built relationships with the leading manufacturing plants in China. 

Now let’s consider why Cozy Earth stands out. We’ll focus on the care and cleaning, warranty, pricing, and build. 

What Makes Cozy Earth Stand Out?

Most people search for the silkiest blankets and sheets when buying bedding. 

The average person usually spends about eight hours in bed every day. Therefore it only makes sense that one would like to have the silkiest, plushest bedding. Let’s go over what makes Cozy Earth bedding different from other brands. 

  • Hypoallergenic: Cozy Earth bedding is an excellent option for people with sensitive skin. This is because bamboo is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. It is also resistant to dust mites and bed bugs. 
  • Superior softness: Although the brand designs most of its products using bamboo, some are made from silk. Nevertheless, both materials are popular for their plush softness. 
  • Durable: Cozy Earth bedding sheets utilize a top-quality knit that doesn’t discolor or pill.
  • Temperature control: Bamboo linen is naturally moisture-wicking, porous, and cooling. Customers can expect to rest 2 degrees cooler with 50% less moisture when sleeping on sheets from the Cozy Earth brand. 
  • USDA organic: Apart from using eco-friendly bamboo, the Cozy Earth brand has taken its services slightly by sourcing raw materials from USDA natural farms. The company also packages its products in recyclable, eco-friendly bags to ensure they don’t pollute the environment. 
  • Toxin-free: Products from Cozy Earth don’t have dyes, toxins, and harsh chemicals. Bamboo usually grows fast and doesn’t require farmers to use pesticides and fertilizers, giving it an edge over textiles like cotton. 

Cozy Earth Brand Review

1. Bedsheets

  • Fabrics: Natural bamboo
  • Cost: $319–$439
  • Colors: White only 
  • Sizes: Full, California king, twin XL/twin, split king, king, queen.

These sheets are designed from premium pure viscose bamboo, making them very soft. Cozy Earth sheets have an excellent silky texture, keeping you warm and comfortable while you sleep. These sheets are excellent for hot sleepers. 

For a fantastic sleeping experience, pair your sheets with a temperature-regulating mattress. 

The only disadvantage of the Cozy Earth flat bed sheet is its extreme softness, making it tangle up when you move around. 

Sheet Dimensions

The bed set has one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. Cozy Earth sheets are ideal for premium-quality beds; the fitted bed sheets stretch to accommodate twenty pockets. The bed sheets come in the regular US mattress sizes as shown in the following table:

Fitted Sheet SizesFlat Sheet Sizes
Full54″ by 75″ by 18″92″ by 105″
Twin39″ by 75″ by 18″74″ by 110″
King78″ by 80″ by 18″110″ by 114″
Queen60″ by 80″ by 18″96″ by 110″
California King72″ by 84″ by 18″110″ by 114″

Slipcover Dimensions

Cozy Earth slipcovers come in king or regular sizes.

Pillowcase Sizes
Regular20″ by 31″
King20″ by 38″

Sheet Color Choices

As mentioned earlier, bedding from Cozy Earth doesn’t have dyes, toxins, and harmful chemicals. As such, the bedding only comes in white. Therefore, this isn’t the brand for you if you prefer having a wide array of colors on your bed. 

But if your comfort and health are heading your purchase choices, it doesn’t get better than the Cozy Earth product selection. 

The plain white bedding gives a bright, contemporary feel. The sheets are machine-washable and stain-resistant; thus, they’re easy to maintain and clean. Unlike other white clothing and bedding that lose color over time, these bed sheets are designed to retain their sparkling white color even after prolonged usage. 

Caring for Cozy Earth Bed Sheets

The good thing with the Cozy Earth bed sheets is that no matter how long you’ve used them, they always feel as silky as they did when you bought them. That said, ensuring you’re properly looking after your new bed sheets is essential. 

When purchasing Cozy Earth bed sheets, study the washing directions. Every item on the Cozy Earth website has different care instructions. 

Go to the care segment on their website and click on “sheets.” They recommend not using fabric softener or bleach. Besides that, other methods of washing and drying them are satisfactory. 

Another essential thing to remember is that bamboo naturally resists bacteria and allergens. Therefore, you don’t have to wash these sheets as frequently as regular bed sheets. Learn more about the best bedsheets in Australia in 2022 on Sleepify.

2. Comforter

  • Fabric: Silk or bamboo
  • Comfort: All-season or winter
  • Colors: White only
  • Cost: $400 – $600
  • Sizes: full/queen, twin, and king

Comforters are available in silk or bamboo with a choice for all-season or winter. The comforter isn’t too hot. However, you may need an extra blanket for cold weather. The comforter is perfect for all seasons and performs well in hot and cold weather. 

The comforter has tiny straps on its edges to attach to the cover. This way, the comforter never slides out. Small ties on the duvet’s bottom seal the open side.

The duvet and comforter are simple to assemble. The comforter has a soft, cooling texture and a decent weight. 

Comforter Dimensions

The duvet and comforter don’t have many size options like the bed sheets. Nevertheless, they’ll fit many sizes. The duvet and comforter come in full/queen, king, and twin sizes, as seen in the following table: 

Queen/Full96″ by 100″96″ by 100″
Twin68″ by 86″68″ by 86″
King112″ by 100″112″ by 100″

How Does Cozy Earth Make the Bed Sheets so Soft?

Most bedding companies usually buy ready-made materials to make their linen.

Cozy Earth is typically hands-on in all its production processes — from harvesting the textile to making the bedding. Therefore, they can guarantee their products’ quality and functionality. 

The company sources bamboo from USDA natural farms, making their products free of pesticides. 

Purchase Details


Cozy Earth products are nicely presented in cute zipper bags. The best part is you can use the bags for different purposes. 

For instance, you can store your kids’ toys in the tiny bags the duvet and bed sheets come in, while the big bag the comforter comes in can be used as a beach bag. 


The company offers a 10-year warranty on all their products and assures customers that their bed sheets won’t discolor or pill. 

Cozy Earth offers excellent customer service, so if you have a problem with your purchases, feel free to contact them.

Trial Duration

Like most boxed mattress companies, Cozy Earth offers customers a 100-day trial period. They also offer free shipping in the U.S. 

If within the trial period you realize you don’t like your bedding within the trial period, you can return it, and the company will fully refund you. Like many mattress companies, customers must try the products for a minimum of 21 nights before returning them so they have adequate time to acclimate to them when they’re sleeping. 

Bottom Line

Cozy Earth products are the ultimate choice for people who care enough about their sleep quality to invest in premium, durable bedding. The brand has excellent customer reviews affirming that it produces eco-friendly, breathable, and soft bedding. Even though Cozy Earth products are expensive, they’re worth every penny. 

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