Best Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couples

Best Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couples

Best Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couples

Couples with active sex lives know the trouble of having an average bed frame. The lack of resistance that ruins some of the pleasure, the possibility of the mattress collapsing while you’re in the best moment and of course, the noise. The noise that lets everybody know what is going on behind closed doors. 

The best way to eliminate these troubles from your life and avoid sacrificing fun times is to pick the sturdiest bed frame. And there are many of those on the market. We’ve gone through them to find the best candidates for the job.

Top 10 Bed Frames for Sexually Active Couples

  1. Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation, Platform Bed Frame
  2. Manhattan Queen Bed Frame
  3. Zinus Modern Studio 2000H Metal Bed Frame
  4. Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Support Bed Frame (QUEEN)
  5. Simple Houseware 14-Inch Queen Size Platform Bed Frame
  6. Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty 14-Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame
  7. AmazonBasic Platform Bed Frame, Black, Twin
  8. Yanni Easy Set-up Premium Metal Platform Mattress Foundation
  9. VECELO Reinforced Metal Bed Frame Full Size
  10.  Best Price Mattress Twin XL Bed Frame

1. Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation, Platform Bed Frame

With the Zinus SmartBase Mattress Foundation, no box spring is necessary. Instead, you can place your regular spring or a memory foam mattress directly on top of the Zinus frame. The bed frame also features 12 contact points with the floor, instead of the ordinary 4. This ensures reliable stability and no sagging in the centre.

This feature also helps to minimise noise which means no squeaking and letting your neighbours know every time you’re having some romantic time, as many cheap frames do. Underneath the frame, you’ll be also glad to find 13 inches of space for storage. The frame also comes with a reassuring 5-year limited warranty. 


Dimensions 60 x 80 x 14 inches

Weight 39.3 pounds

Materials Wrought and cast iron


– 12 points of contact for solid stability

– 13 inches of storage space underneath

– Easy assembly with no tools required

– Extra sturdy, suitable for the most vigorous activity


– All connections need to be properly tightened

2. Manhattan Queen Bed Frame

This bed frame by Pinnacle Home Furnishings has an attractive and modern steel design and offers extra support for those who have a heavier build or a heavier sexual activity. The “Manhattan” bed frame won’t be very visible once you set the bed up with the mattress, but you will feel the difference from the beginning.

The materials used for this attractive and low-riding bed frame are steel, wood and faux leather. Apart from supporting your sexual adventures, it also provides firm support that prevents back pain. The assembly is a little more complicated and to prevent squeaking, make sure all the screws are secured properly.


Dimensions 65 x 26.8 x 4.2 inches

Weight 67.8 pounds

Materials Steel, wood and faux leather 


– Attractive and minimalist design

– Padded headboard

– Convex wooden slats (no box spring needed)


– The profile is quite low 

3. Zinus Modern Studio 200H Metal Head Bed Frame

Another bed frame from Zinus on the list, this one is a step up in style as well as weight and height from the ground. It is set much lower to the ground and overall provides an airy, modern profile that offers a lot of support for all your romantic performances. 

This black metal frame is quite heavy so you won’t need a box spring. It has a minimalistic headboard and solid steel centre that provides exceptional support in the middle of the bed. The bed might be lower than you’re used to but it ensures security and eliminates the noise. 


Dimensions 80 x 60 x 36 inches

Weight 92 pounds

Materials Steel and wood


– Sturdy tubular metal frame design

– 5 contact points ensure no sagginess or unwanted noise

– 5-year warranty

– Easy assembly


– Heavy

4. Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Support Bed Frame (Queen)

This bed frame provides simple and strong support with no unnecessary accessories or design details. Made from iron, it has 9 big points of support with the floor that eliminate all the worries about the stability or noise during your sexual endeavours. There is 14 inches of space for storage underneath the frame and it can be easily assembled just by one person.

This is the best choice for those who are looking for a secure platform for their nightly activities but aren’t interested in any decor features. You can count on the Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Support Bed Frame to provide the sturdiest support. Additionally, it is also one of the few steel frames that provide a rim that won’t let your mattress move during the night.


Dimensions 81.5 x 61.5 x 15 inches

Weight 47.8 pounds

Materials Steel


– Exceptional stability with 9 contact points with the floor

– Can hold up to 1,200 pounds

– Safety lip keeps the mattress on the frame

– Easy 30-minute assembly

– 5-year limited manufacturer warranty 


– No headboard

5. Simple Houseware 14-inch Queen Size Platform Bed Frame

This bed frame is made of steel but is surprisingly light and it can even be folded and stored it away. With 12 points of support with the floor and a lot of centralised support, it has an ideal construction that can handle whatever happens on top of it. 

This Simple Houseware bed frame is exceptionally light for such a strong construction. It has ample space for storage underneath, doesn’t require a box spring and can support up to 500 pounds, which is more than enough for an average couple. You’ll be glad to hear that the assembly is easy and doesn’t require any equipment. 


Dimensions 60 x 80 x 14 inches

Weight 36.6 pounds

Materials Steel


– Easy 1 person assembly

– Space for storage underneath

– Foldable

– Rated to 500 pounds


– May require tightening of bolts from time to time

6. Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty 14-Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame

The rule “don’t judge the book by its cover” applies with this Classic Brands Hercules Metal bed frame. When you initially set it up, you might be led into thinking that it won’t be very supportive. But when you put the mattress on top and test it out, you’ll soon realise it’s exceptionally stable and strong, the ideal bed frame for a sexually active couple.

This bed frame features everything you need. It has 12 points of support with the floor, so there’ll be no sagging or uneven distribution of support, which is something your back will thank you for. As a little bonus, it also has 14 inches of storage space underneath.


Dimensions 80 x 76 x 14 inches

Weight 46.3 pounds

Materials Steel 


– Lightweight steel construction

– Steady and even support 

– An easy assembly that doesn’t require tools

– 3-year manufacturer’s warranty


– No way to secure the mattress

7. AmazonBasics Platform Bed Frame, Black, Twin

This bed frame lives up to its name and provides a basic affordable option that gives enough support for the nightly activities but won’t give you any fancy features or decor.

The AmazonBasics steel bed frame requires no assembly, you just need to unfold it out of the box. It has 6 points of contact with the floor and 9 cross beams but also a few drawbacks. There is no central support column or head to foot support beams. It comes with a low price tag which still makes it a good candidate for a solid sex-friendly bed frame. 


Dimensions 75 x 39 x 14 inches

Weight 26.3 pounds

Materials Steel


– Foldable, no need to assemble

– Lightweight, portable, comes in different sizes

– No need for a box spring

– Underneath storage space

– 1-year limited warranty from Amazon


– Head to foot support is limited

8. Yanni Easy Set-up Premium Metal Platform Mattress Foundation

The Yanni metal bed frame is different from the other ones from the list since it leaves a lot of the frame’s features seen. The headboard and footboard are left very visible, which can be seen as both negative or positive and add design features to your bedroom. The capacity is not massive but the support should be sufficient for most couples. 

The assembly is a little more complicated than most of the other bed frames but shouldn’t require too much equipment or take more than an hour. The 6 contact points with the floor and steel slats ensure enough support for your activities. 


Dimensions 77.6 x 36.1 x 34.8 inches

Weight 32.6 pounds 

Materials Painted steel 


– Decorative details for attractive design

– Painted white steel

– Little squeaking when assembled properly

– Solid stability

– 11 inches of underneath storage space


– The assembly instructions could have been more helpful

9. VECELO Reinforced Metal Bed Frame Full Size

The intelligent design of the Vecelo Reinforced bed frame features an even distribution of 9 points of contact with the floor in a 2:1:3:1:2 pattern so it won’t fall short of your expectations even as a heavy-duty bed frame. 11 inches underneath the bed frame provide enough space for storage. 

The simply designed headboard and footboard add an extra touch without overwhelming design. It is light and easy to break down and move, even for just one person. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee to remove all the hesitation from the question. 


Dimensions 78 x 55.7 x 38.4 inches

Weight 46.7 pounds

Materials Steel and Iron


– Intelligent distribution of 9 points of support

– Header and footer provide nice decor details

– Firm steel slats and strong support

– 11 inches of underneath storage space

– Head-to-foot central beam for additional structure


– Bolts need tightening properly to minimize squeaking

10. Best Price Mattress Twin XL Bed Frame

This Best Price Twin XL mattress requires a minimal setup that takes only around 5 minutes, is foldable, made out of steel, low-riding and very stable. With 6 points of support with the floor, it offers enough support slats as well as central support that runs lengthwise.

With this bed frame, you won’t need a box spring. The headboard and footboard provide nice decor touches that are available in both black on white, so you can style it with your bedroom. 


Dimensions 80 x 39 x 39.2 inches

Weight 44 pounds

Materials Steel


– The easiest one to assemble

– Design touches with header and footer, available in black or white

– 6 points of support with the floor

– Stable and quiet

– 5-year warranty


– Challenging to keep the mattress secure

Key Factors to Consider Before Buying

How to narrow your search when looking for the best bed frame for a sexually active couple?


When looking for a suitable bed frame to support your romantic activities, don’t forget to consider the size. All the bed frames from the list are queen-sized, to ensure you have enough space.


Wooden frames are usually not suitable for those who like to have fun in the bedroom. The best choice would be either a wood/steel mix, steel/cast iron or all iron construction. 

Vertical Support

Plenty of contact points with the floor are one of the most crucial aspects that ensure that you’ll have enough support. Look for support and footing in the middle too to minimize sagging and noise. 

Horizontal Support

Equally important is the horizontal support that is usually provided by wooden or steel slats. Details like tight connections and fewer movable parts will help to minimize squeaking. 


The firmness of the bed frame helps to provide you resistance in different sexual positions. Additionally, it also ensures that your back will get enough support and prevent back pain. 

Noise Level

One of the main concerns for a sexually active couple is disturbing their neighbours or kids by their romantic activities. The steel constructions and tight connections make sure that the squeaking is eliminated. 

Overall Design

An attractive header and footer can add an extra touch to your bedroom as well as support the mattress. 


The type of warranty depends on your preferences and they vary from 1 year to 5 years, depending on the bed frame. But since it should be a long-term investment, the longer the better. A 30-day money-back guarantee can be an extra bonus. 

The Bottom Line

A solid bed frame that is able to handle all the impact during your sexual adventures can enhance your relationship. The fact that you don’t have to worry about unwanted noise can be a great relief and quality iron, steel or wood constructions should make this possible. An attractive design of this simple bed frame can provide an extra touch to your bedroom. 

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