Zenna Mattress Review

Zenna Mattress Review

Zenna Mattress Review

Someone once said; a good laugh and sleep are the best cures in every doctor’s book – do you agree? If so, you should be careful when deciding which mattress to buy. One wrong product can give you dark circles – no one wants that. The good thing is, you’re already doing your due diligence by checking out mattress reviews. 

This one is a Zenna Mattress review – a 100% latex mattress that comes in 5 sizes; Single ($995), King Single ($1,195), Double ($1395), Queen ($1595), and King ($1,795). Let’s take a gander at its pros and cons and move forward from there. 

Pros of Zenna Mattress:

  • Made from Eco-Institute and Oeko-Tex certified materials
  • Bamboo cover and inner ventilation keep the sleeper cool
  • Cushions the spine providing back pain relief 
  • Latex offers greater elasticity allowing contour without getting stuck

Cons of Zenna Mattress:

  • Some complaints about it being too firm
  • Not for people who only want foam made mattress – it’s 100% latex

Comfort & Support:

The mattress comes with a soft and breathable bamboo cover that you can easily remove via a zipper. Under it, there’s a latex core – 100% natural. This is the mattress’s main body, which is why it has a bit of a ‘rubbery’ feel, making it different from an innerspring or full-foam mattress. 

It has a ‘medium-firm’ feel to it, which means people with body weights of 130lb to 230lb will find ample support for spinal cord and comfort in different sleeping positions. 

For people with body weight lower than 130lbs, it might not offer the ideal firmness – can be too hard, which will only make you uncomfortable. 

Durability & Finer Details:

Durability wise, latex is considered better than foam as foam can break down quicker. Plus, latex doesn’t gets sunk in with a burden. It stretches under load and then comes back to its original form when stress is removed. 

Furthermore, in our Zenna mattress review, we found that the mattress’s latex core is cleanly cut and has a robust and sturdy density. Being a latex mattress, it has some other benefits too that people seem to miss, such as:

  • It is eco-friendly (has certifications as proof)
  • It is hypoallergenic, which means no allergens, dust mites, or mildew 
  • Has seven sleep zones naturally adjusting to your body 
  • You can get a firmer feel by flipping it upside down

Besides these, the edge support is good enough so the edges will not sink under your legs. Plus, it has built-in ventilation holes to dissipate heat and moisture, especially beneficial if you get hot and sweaty during sleep.   

Purchase & Delivery:

You can directly buy this mattress from the official website of Zenna Mattress, saving you a trip to the nearby store. Unlike traditional mattresses, this one doesn’t come boxed up; you’ll get it rolled up in sturdy packaging. 

Since it’s 100% natural, you won’t have to let it off-gas for days – just unpack and start sleeping. The best part is, they offer Australia-wide free shipping except in the WA region. 

Maintenance & Washing:

Being a 100% natural latex mattress, it doesn’t require much upkeep. However, the cover would require frequent washing. It’s a zip-up cover, so it’ll come off without a struggle.  

Since the cover is made of breathable bamboo and will be in contact with bodily liquids, it needs to be washed every few weeks. 

Warranty & Guarantee:

The mattress goes through rigorous testing cycles – 60,000 times to stimulate a decade of use. So it’s safe to say you won’t be making any angry calls to Zenna regarding its durability. That said, all of their mattresses come with a 25-year warranty, so your investment is pretty safe. 

Moreover, they offer a 100-night trial, which is more than enough for you to toss, turn and jump over the mattress to figure out if it’s the right sleeping partner for you. 

Final Verdict:

For a price range of $995 (for single) to $1795 (for King), this mattress is an absolute beast. It’s on par with the price of OZ Mattress Grand Master (link to the article I wrote on it) but offers a longer warranty period. 

Furthermore, if you’re environmentally conscious, Zenna has many certificates to prove the eco-friendliness of this product.

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