Why Are Mattresses Always Discounted?

Why Are Mattresses Always Discounted?

Why Are Mattresses Always Discounted?

Everyone loves discounts. No matter the cost of an item, if it has a significant markdown, buyers believe they’re winning an excellent deal.

What’s the Psychology Behind Discounts?

Companies tap into “discounts psychology” when they carry out sales. During conventional sales periods, consumers usually flock to outlets so they don’t miss out on offers. 

For most consumers, sales are something they must not miss out on. For companies, sales help clear stock and maximise profits. 

As per the ACCC guidelines, retailers must display pricing clearly.  The law mandates retailers to indicate both the discounted and original prices. This will compel buyers to take advantage of the offer.

Nevertheless, most astute buyers might ask: “Is a 50% discount genuine when sustained over a long period?” Definitely not. 

This is false advertising, and retailers should keep an inventory to prove that the prices shown are discounted and not the new selling price. However, not all vendors comply with this. 

Mattress Sales

Have you ever wondered why mattresses are always on sale? Are these sales legitimate?

Mattresses are high-ticket items, and many people only buy them a few times in their lifetime. Although experts recommend that people should replace their mattresses every decade, it takes most people longer to purchase a new one.

This can compromise their health and sleep quality. When mattress retailers offer discounts on their products, they compel buyers to buy them more frequently. 

Mattresses are usually pricey. This can be attributed to many factors, but one of the major reasons mattresses are costly is that they carry historically high conventional retailer margins. 

This means that conventional retailers hike their prices significantly. If a mattress has a 50% discount, chances are, the retailer has marked up the product’s price by 100%. Some retailers go as far as marking up a product’s price by 200%!

Comparing mattress prices can be challenging since retailers often change the mattress model names even though they may have the exact specifications. 

Purchasing Mattresses Online

Modern buyers can benefit tremendously from buying mattresses online. Some consumers are usually hesitant because they consider it risky. But it isn’t. 

Even though some physical stores allow customers to try a mattress before buying it, it isn’t possible to get a mattress’s true impression just by laying on it for a few minutes. 

Leading online mattress companies typically offer a returns policy and have a designated trial period for new mattress purchases. 

Online buyers usually expose retailers who fail to keep the end of their returns policy through online reviews and forums. According to statistics, online buyer satisfaction is as high as shoppers who buy mattresses from a physical store. 

Here are three reasons why buying a mattress online is cheaper:

  • Mattresses are bought directly from the wholesaler. 
  • There are no retail premises to maintain.
  • There are no costly and often ineffective sales resources. 

Retailers usually vet and inspect the products to ensure they are of good quality, are durable, and offer long-term comfort than the more expensive products in traditional stores. 

In addition, online buyers are typically more informed about their needs since they research products before shopping. 

Some advantages of buying mattresses online include:

  • Convenience
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Transparent pricing
  • Premium quality products
  • No aggressive salespeople 
  • Better return policies

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you can explore the Sleep Republic website to find a mattress that best suits your needs without the pressure of sale tactics and marketing hype. 

There are no fake discounts and no sponsoring of low-quality mattresses at the Sleep Republic. Designed by people who care, all mattresses are premium quality and available at pocket-friendly prices. 

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