What You Need to Know About Adjustable Beds in NZ

What You Need to Know About Adjustable Beds in NZ

What You Need to Know About Adjustable Beds in NZ

If you’re looking at buying into an adjustable bed this year, then we have some essential pieces of information for you below.

For our Kiwi readers, it’s good to note that these beds aren’t just for hospitals or rehabilitation spaces any longer, and can offer a great, comfortable and versatile sleep surface at home too.

We’re seeing more and more New Zealander families investing in adjustable beds for their comfort and ease of use when watching TV and doing other activities from bed — like working from home.

If you’re not too sure where the best adjustable beds in New Zealand are, or aren’t too sure what to look for in the best adjustable bed, we have everything you need to know below.

Our favourite mattress in the New Zealand market is the Peace Lily Mattress

The key reasons we loved the Peace Lily Mattress were for the following: 

  • Non Toxic
    Natural materials
    25 year warranty.
    Premium feel and quality sleep experience.

What we’ll take a look at

  1. Where to Buy Adjustable Beds Online
  2. Where to Buy Adjustable Beds in-Store
  3. What is a Good Deal for an Adjustable Bed

All of that said, let’s take a look below at adjustable beds in NZ and what you need to know to get your hands on one!

The Overview of the Best Adjustable Bed

If you’re just here to get a look at the best adjustable bed in New Zealand then we’ll get that out of the way right now. It’s (arguably) the Napp bed in that it’s a homegrown model and one of the most versatile and dynamic beds on the market in New Zealand today.

Being purchasable online and often easily delivered, you’ll find that it’s also one of the easiest bed frames to get into the home. You won’t need to visit a store, organise delivery or have someone with a truck or ute help you pick it up.

These beds are an A.H. Beard brand of frame, which is one of our region’s most high-end and reputable bed frame makers, so when it comes to quality and longevity they’re unbeatable.

The starter model of this adjustable bed line is the Enliven product, which is priced from $2,150 and comes with all of the features and comfort perks you’ll need to get a good night’s sleep and also to have the bed safely adjust without issue.

The higher-end models are the Uplift, for example, which come with price tags up to $10,290 for their Cali King model.

A few of the top features you’ll find with the Napp adjustable beds include:

  • USB ports – not in the Enliven
    • A Wireless Remote with Built-in Flashlight
    • Bluetooth Support
    • Under-bed LED Lighting
    • A maximum 340KG Weight Limit Per Motor — essentially for each half of the bed
    • A Made in NZ Guarantee
    • Adjustable Height Levels with Modifiable Legs
    • A 10-year Warranty
    • Free Shipping Nationwide
    • Adaptable Head and Foot Movement
    • All Standard Sizes through to King and Split King

When it comes to getting a mattress for these bases, you’ll be glad to know that Napp makes their own boxed mattresses, however, their beds come with mattresses included in the total price of the base.

That in mind, you’re getting a tonne for your money here as well as a great quality suite of products. When you jump from model tier to model tier, you’re seeing added features that get more and more elegant and luxurious. On some models, there are massage functions, additional lower back support and more.

What you’re essentially getting with the Napp model of beds are a primary focus on quality and experience that doesn’t demand an ultra-high price tag.

To learn how to use these products, there are a few guides online and you’ll see video tutorials available too, which means you’re not stuck or confused about how the operable beds work.

We would suggest you consider the Enrich model, as it’s one of the beds from the range that offers the most features and a great cost-to-value ratio.

There’s typically a Black Friday and Cyber Monday special running with the Napp brand too, so if you can wait for these, you’ll be getting a tonne of money shaved off the final price of your bed — and you won’t be losing out on anything.

Use the BFCM3 Napp Bed code if you get the chance to purchase one of these beds on Black Friday 2020.

Getting Adjustable Beds in-Store

If you’re more interested in going old-school and heading down to a retailer for your new adjustable bed, then we have some tips for you. Of course, Napp remains the most effortless and simple experience for getting your adjustable bed and a mattress to fit it — however there are other options out there.

Our first suggestion is to make your way down to your local Harvey Norman.

Adjustable Beds at Harvey Norman

When it comes to adjustable beds at Harvey Norman, the selection process is exceedingly simple — down to the fact there’s only one adjustable bed on offer as of late 2020.

However, this isn’t all too big of an issue.

The adjustable bed we’re talking about is the Ease Adjustable Base by the sleep experts at Tempur. As you’ll know, Tempur is basically the gold-standard mattress brand, and of course, the adjustable bed frames are no different.

That said, you’re getting a good product here, though it is rather expensive and you’ll also need to consider a memory foam mattress from the Tempur brand itself. That in mind, we’re talking about an $8,000 to $10,000 investment here.

If you’re alright spending this much on the Tempur brand of mattresses and adjustable beds, then you’re all good to go at Harvey Norman.

One final thing to note about Tempur is that the bed bases sometimes do come as a package, so long as stock allows. That will mean you’re able to get the bed base and a high-end memory foam or hybrid mattress for around the $5,000 mark, and not have to worry about spending an extra few thousand dollars on a new mattress.

A few of the top features you’ll find with the Tempur adjustable beds include:

  • A Wireless Remote
  • A 300kg Weight Limit Per Side
  • A Modifiable Leg Height
  • The 10-year Tempur Warranty
  • A Capped Delivery Fee of $89
  • Comes as Package or Standalone
  • Made in China
  • Upper and Lower Articulation for Comfort

That out of the way, we’ll move on to some other adjustable bed providers in New Zealand that might offer more of an affordable option for our readers.


A second in-store retailer you can take a look at are the Bedpost sellers. These stores are everywhere, as you’ll know, and they also stock the Tempur branded bed bases, which means you’re out of luck for anything else.

These remain priced at the higher end, though Bedpost has the other adjustable bed base by Tempur. The two models are a little higher end, and come with some added features that can push the total price tag to over $14,000, though. This is also the price without a mattress.

The Bedpost Tempur adjustable bed bases have the following features, on top of the ones we’ve listed above:

  • USB Support
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • A 385KG Weight Limit Per Side

For some more information on the Tempur bases at Bedpost you can take a look on the company’s website. There are often a few sales and discounts you can make use of which may bring the price of these adjustable bases down a little bit.

The Other Retailers to Consider

If you’re not too keen on ordering from Napp, or heading into a Harvey Norman or a Bedpost for their $8,000 to $14,000 Tempur bed bases, then there’s one final place you can consider — the local retailers.

These stores are generally Kiwi-owned and offer some great deals on niche products that you’re not going to find elsewhere. At least, in-stores elsewhere.

We’d like to direct you to the SleepSystems brand simply because of the adjustable bed bases being more affordable and less featured-packed, which means they’re simpler to use and ideal for those who just want a bed base that can adjust.

The models that we’d stand behind at the AF30 and the AF10.

Both of these beds come with a mattress included — usually — and it’s often a Sleep Maker memory foam model, which means you’re getting an ultra-plush and comfortable mattress that conforms to the bed base without any issue at all.

One final thing to note about the included mattresses; you’ll find that these models come with a high-density foam, so you’re not going to see any dips or divots forming. What we mean by this is you’re not getting a shonky, cheap mattress just ‘thrown in’ with these frames.

Shipping for these beds is typically $150 nationwide.

A few of the top features you’ll find with the Sleep Systems adjustable beds include:

  • Head-only Articulation
  • A Wired Remote Control
  • A Price Tag from $3,000 with a Mattress
  • A 100KG Weight Limit Per Side

On the AF30:

  • Both Head and Feet Articulation
  • A Wireless Remote Control
  • A 200KG Weight Limit Per Side
  • A Massage Feature
  • A Price Tag from $3,750 to $8,000 for the Largest Models

That said, in New Zealand, to find the best adjustable bed at an affordable price, it might be worth looking at your local retailers rather than the big-name brands. You could get a similar experience for less than half the cost.

What is a Good Deal for an Adjustable Bed

When we take a look at all the adjustable beds on our list, it isn’t too hard to see that the best deal is the Napp. This is simply down to the fact that it’s relatively affordable, easy to get into the home and comes with a tonne of features.

The adjustable base from Napp even includes a mattress in a box that you’ll be able to make use of, rather than purchasing your own. Again, this adds value and can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Our top choice Napp base remains packed with features, even though it’s the lower-end model, again, adding to the value.

In all, the Napp is our overall winner simply down to value for money and the feature set that’s included, on top of the mattress. You’re better off heading online for an adjustable bed in New Zealand, at least at the time of writing, as there aren’t too many other avenues to go down for these modifiable beds.

If you’re after a sleek design, a locally-made assurance and plenty of features, then the Napp is for you.

The Takeaway

With the above review and analysis of those adjustable beds out of the way, it’s easy to see that there aren’t all too many adjustable beds to choose from in New Zealand, and that means you’re either locked to ultra-high-end models, or having to shop online for your beds.

Our top choice remains the Napp for value, however, if you have the budget for the Tempur models, you’ll certainly see a whole range of added features coming out of these.

Be sure to check back on Sleepify for our updates on adjustable beds in New Zealand and where to get a good deal.

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