Wanderer Self Inflating Mattress Review

Wanderer Self Inflating Mattress Review

Wanderer Self Inflating Mattress Review

Are you a wanderer? Do you love to explore the wild and take in the beauty of nature? Well, you’ll get tired at some point; where would you sleep? That’s where a mattress will help you. 

There are tons of them in the market made especially for camping, but we’re going to talk about a very popular one today in this blog post. 

We’re going to do a Wanderer Self Inflating Mattress review to help you decide if it’s something you’d like to bring with you on your next adventure. So that said, let’s dive right in:

Pros of Wanderer Self Inflating Mattress

  • Very comfortable 
  • Great support, even for people with heavy bodies
  • Very easy to roll up and store inside the bag

Cons of Wanderer Self Inflating Mattress

  • Some complaints about the carry bag tearing up
  • It might require a pump for deflation 

Comfort & Support:

What’s the first thing that you look for in a mattress? Comfort, right? Well, in the case of Wanderer Self Inflating Mattress, you’ll get plenty of it. Granted, it’s an inflatable mattress, so you cannot get the cloud-like feel you do on your bed. Still, it’ll get you through the camping night just fine. 

The mattress is made with a PVC base, which some might find uncomfortable, but the best part is; it’s has a soft flocked covering. If you don’t know, soft flocked is the process of depositing several small fibers onto a surface to make it soft, sort of velvet-like. This is what’ll keep you comfy all night long.

As for the support, it’s made of a rigid 12cm thick PVC base that will conform to your back or stomach, allowing you to sleep like a baby without feeling sunk in the mattress. You can also deflate it a little bit if you want that sinking feeling. 

Moreover, the mattress comes in different sizes ranging from King Single to Queen, so you can get the one according to your height and width.

Weight & Portability:

The mattress weighs 9.5kg, so if you’re thinking of taking it on your hiking trip on foot, you should reconsider. The only way to take this beast with you in the wild and enjoy a peaceful slumber on its belly is by putting it at the back of your car. 

You can park the vehicle near your camping point and set it up right there; taking it to long distances on foot will drain your energy faster than a punctured tire. The good thing is, it comes with a heavy-duty carry bag so you can easily store the deflated mattress inside it and carry it around the camping site.  

Ease of Use:

Since it’s a giant mattress, handling it probably won’t be a piece of cake. However, it’s a self-inflating one, so you don’t really have to handle it. Just take it out of the bag, open all 4 of its valves, and let it suck the air for a while – it’ll be ready in a few minutes. It also deflates automatically, so you just need to open the valves, and it’ll start going down. 

One thing we really loved about Wanderer Self Inflating Mattress is the repair kit that comes with it. In case of punctures or some other common issues, you can make the necessary repairs and get it back on its feet.

Price to Value:

One thing that captures this Wanderer Self Inflating Mattress review’s essence is the price to value ratio. For a price range of $199 (for king single) to $269 (for queen), the mattress does pack a punch. Firstly, it’s very durable and sturdy and comes with a repair kit that further prolongs its life. 

Secondly, it’s comfortable and has a firm base for support, something which is mainly seen in higher-priced air mattresses. Moreover, it has a heavy-duty carry bag allowing safe and compact storage. 

Final Verdict:

All in all, go for this mattress if you like to sleep comfortably at a height from the ground and want something that can be with you for years of hiking and camping. Just make sure to get it from a trusted source as many are selling refurbished models as new.

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