Ultimate Guide to the Best Self-Inflating Mattress Australia 2023

Ultimate Guide to the Best Self-Inflating Mattress Australia 2023

Ultimate Guide to the Best Self-Inflating Mattress Australia 2023

Tired of tossing and turning on your cheap air mattress? Then it’s time to upgrade and invest in the best self-inflating camping mattress. A self-inflating air mattress is your best bet for a good night’s rest. 

This is the ultimate guide for those who want to experience the best night’s rest while camping. A high-quality self-inflating mattress is a way to go for Australia’s best air mattress for camping. 

This post will discuss the nitty-gritty you should consider when purchasing the finest self-inflating camping mattress. These mattresses are quite pricey, but they’re worth every cent.  

We’ll also review the top 10 self-inflating beds from the most reputable Australian brands.

Let’s dive in and get you the finest self-inflating camping mattress.

What’s a Self-Inflating Mattress and How Does it Work?

In layman’s language, a self-inflating camping mattress is filled with foam with several open cells on the inside. The foam compresses when you roll up the mattress; therefore, the cells collapse and don’t open. 

Immediately you unroll the mattress, the cells open, and once the valve is open, they suck in the air because of the vacuum that the foam cells create. When the bed completely expands, you’ll have to seal the valve to make sure air is not expelled when you lie on it.

Zempire Monstamat: Our Choice for Australia’s Top Self-Inflating Bed in 2022

If you don’t have time to read this entire post and want to know our suggestion for the best self-inflating air bed, then the Zempire Monstamat camping bed is the way to go. These mattresses are fairly costly, but they’re high-quality self-inflating beds designed to offer a good night’s rest. They pack up compactly and are light, making them easy to  transport. 

How to Pick the Finest Self-Inflating Air Bed

Consider the factors below to purchase the best and most comfy self-inflating bed. 


First off, you should determine the mattress size you require. You need to pay attention to the accurate dimensions since a queen size self-inflating bed doesn’t have a size similar to your normal queen mattress at home. 

You should factor in your tent’s dimensions before purchasing the largest self-inflating bed you can afford. If you have a tiny tent and require more than one of these beds, you’ll probably be limited to the size you can purchase. 

Another important factor to consider is your size—how wide and tall you are. Small individuals can have a comfortable night’s rest on a single self-inflating bed, while huge individuals may require a larger size for a good night’s rest. There are also self-inflating air beds with an added length suitable for tall people. 

No matter the size you choose, ensure you confirm the actual dimensions (length and width) since they vary between brands.


A good quality air bed has a standard size of approximately 10cm. Nevertheless, there are thinner or thicker mattresses, but you’ll probably have a better night’s rest on the thickest self-inflating bed. The thicker, the self-inflating bed, the more expensive and heavier it will be. 

Non-Bonded or Bonded

Some self-inflating beds are marked as bonded mattresses, implying that the outer material is glued to the foam inside. This ensures that the air stays in place and the foam won’t move around. Therefore, your body parts won’t wind up on the ground. 

Inexpensive self-inflating beds aren’t likely to be bonded; thus, the exterior material isn’t glued to the foam on the interior. This signifies that the trapped air and foam move around as you toss and turn at night, making you uncomfortable.

Bonded self-inflating beds are pricey, so you have to remember this when considering the money you’re willing to spend. Nevertheless, you should buy a bonded one if you need the coziest camping bed. 


After considering the factors above, it’s also important to factor in durability—this is simply how long you want your bed to last. It usually narrows down to the amount of money you wish to spend on the bed. 

The most durable self-inflating mattresses are those manufactured with thick fabrics. Check the denier rating to confirm a bed’s durability. This rating can be something like 100D. The greater the number, the more durable the fabric, and the more unlikely it’ll sustain a tear or puncture.  

Packed Size and Weight

Another factor to consider is the space available with regards to shipping your camping inflatable bed. Self-inflating beds are bulkier than air beds, so you should settle for an air mattress if you lack enough space in your automobile. 

Since size and weight can differ so much between self-inflating beds, don’t buy one thinking you will easily throw a number of them in the trunk of your vehicle. Ensure you have enough room to ship the bed you want to buy.  

The more you spend on a self-inflating bed, the higher the chances that it’ll be light and pack away compactly. 

Bed Insulation

You may think that a bed is only for napping on, but it also contributes to your general warmth level. R-value quantifies the bed’s ability to insulate sleepers from the cold ground, and the greater the number, the warmer a sleeper will be. 

This might be less significant if you’re camping in mid-summer. However, it’s worth paying attention to it if you’re camping in the cooler months. Get a mattress with an R-value of 3 if you need something suitable all year round (except for cold weather). A mattress with an R-value of 5 and above is suitable for freezing weather. 

Ease of Deflation and Inflation 

The finest self-inflating beds are simple to deflate and inflate. The price usually dictates how easily a bed can deflate and inflate. The more costly the bed, the simpler it will be to inflate. Some beds have several ports that speed up the deflation and inflation process. 

Australia’s Best Self-Inflating Camping Air Mattress Reviews 2023

At this point, you now have a picture of what would make the finest self-inflating bed for you. Below is a review of the top self-inflating camping mattresses in Australia. This will help you identify the perfect bed that suits your needs and budget. 

Zempire Monstamat Mattress

Zempire Monstamat is one of the most popular self-inflating beds at the moment. Therefore, these beds are of high quality and are one of the most expensive in this review. 

The Zempire Monstamat Mattress has completely bonded foams that prevent cold air from creeping up through it. The full-size air bed is 10cm thick and contains a heavy-duty 75D base with a snug stretch fabric. These beds are durable and offer a good night’s rest. 

It is equipped with a 360° valve for easy inflation. For a fast deflation when packing it up,  you only need to swing the valve around. The mattress has a 9.5 R-value, meaning it keeps sleepers warm and cosy even on chilly nights. It is lightweight at 5kg, and it has a compression strap and a carry bag for easy shipping. 

Zempire Monstamat is the finest self-inflating camping bed your money can purchase. The bed comes in single, twin, and king single sizes. 

Hexatherm Black Wolf Mattress

BlackWolf 2D is another leading self-inflating camping mattress. These mattresses are popular, comfy, and are not as expensive as the Zempire beds. 

Like the Zempire beds, this mattress is fully bonded—the exterior fabric is glued to the foam to ensure the foam remains in position for a more comfy rest. The bed is 10cm thick and is manufactured from a 100D stretch material. 

Black Wolf mattress has large valves for rapid inflation. You only need to sway the valve in one direction to allow air in and sway it in the other for fast deflation. It comes with a carry bag which is also an air pump to manually add extra air if need be. 

The queen-size bed comes with compression straps, a repair kit, and a waterproof carry bag that allows you to strap it to the roof of your vehicle. The bed is lightweight at 5.2kg, and it also packs away nicely and compactly since it’s a double-fold bed. 

BlackWolf Hexatherm 2D Mega Deluxe Queen is the best option if you’re looking for the perfect double self-inflating bed at a reasonable price. It also has a single-size option which is suitable for kids.  

Wanderer Tourer Extreme 4×4 BCF Mattress

This thick self-inflating bed comes in several sizes and is one of the most affordable beds in this review. 

The Wanderer bed is manufactured with a bulky PVC bottom with a mushy fabric on top for comfort. The mattress has a thickness of 12cm—the thickest in this review; therefore, a great night’s sleep is guaranteed. However, the extra thickness adds some weight to the bed. At 9.5kg, the Wanderer mattress is one of the heaviest beds in this review. 

This bed has four ports, making it quick to inflate and deflate. Additionally, you can blow in some extra air if needed. Wanderer BCF comes with a one-year warranty, a repair kit, a heavy-duty carry bag, and compression straps. 

If you want the comfiest self-inflating mattress and you don’t mind some extra weight, then the Wanderer mattress is the one for you. Apart from the full-size self-inflating air bed, the Wanderer self-inflating bed also comes in the king single or double sizes. 

Oztrail Mattress

Oztrail manufactures its self-inflating mattress. The Oztrail Leisure comes in different sizes, perfect for each family member. 

The Oztrail self-inflating beds have high-density open-cell foam for superb support and a great night’s rest. The brushed velour exterior provides a soft surface to sleep on. The mattresses have large air channels and two-way flip valves for quick inflation and deflation. The valves also prevent air from escaping, even if they’re left open, or the bed has a tear or puncture. 

The queen size Oztrail bed has similar dimensions to the Wanderer queen, though it has the standard 10cm thickness rather than the Wanderer’s 12cm thickness. The mattress is also bulkier at 10kg. You can opt for the lighter BlackWolf or Zempire beds if weight is a major concern for you. 

Oztrail beds come with a one-year warranty, a carry bag, a repair kit, and storage straps. 

In addition to the queen self-inflatable bed, the Oztrail leisure bed comes in double and king single sizes. 

Thermarest Self Inflating Bed Mondoking 3D 

This is one of the most expensive self-inflating beds in this review. When it comes to camping beds, Thermarest is the finest of them all. So if you have deep pockets and a great night’s rest is your priority, this is the go-to mattress for you.

The bed’s bottom is manufactured with a durable 75D polyester, whereas the top comprises a 50D knit polyester which offers a luxurious resting surface. At 10cm, the beds are quite thick, and the continuous thermal foam layer between the alternating air ridges and foam keeps sleepers warm. This mattress has an  R-Value of 7.

The beds are simple to inflate using the 2 x one-way valves, one for deflation and the other for inflation. Thermarest mattresses are lightweight at 2.5kg and pack down quite compactly. 

Something interesting about Thermarest Mattresses is that you can combine them with other 3D beds to snuggle with your partner. These mattresses also have an in-built pump sack and a stuff sack to add extra air if need be. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, allowing you to buy them confidently. 

Not everybody can afford a Thermarest bed, but if you’re looking for the best of the best self-inflating beds, then this is the mattress for you. 

Wanderer Camp 100 King Mattress

This mattress is ideal for those looking for a single-sized bed and who desire a high comfort level. Word around is that this is the comfiest bed available. 

The mattress has a thickness of 10cm and is manufactured with a 30D stretch material with a waterproof coating. The bed has anti-slide grips that prevent gliding at night.

These mattresses are 198cm x 76cm, which is a generous sizing for a single-size bed. They’re also reasonably lightweight at 3.2kg. 

This is the perfect mattress for you if a cosy night’s rest is your priority and money isn’t a problem.

XTM 4×4 Mattress

This is the ideal bed for those looking for an inexpensive self-inflating bed. Considering its price, this isn’t a bad bed and is excellent for anybody not planning to spend hundreds of dollars. 

XTM mattresses are manufactured with a heavy-duty PVC bottom and a mushy PVC top to keep sleepers cosy. The mattress has a thickness of 8cm, which offers an excellent comfort level. 

These beds are easy to deflate and inflate through the four ports. They weigh 7.1kg and are equipped with a repair kit and a carry bag. 

For an entry-level bed, this is an excellent option to consider. The mattresses come in queen and single-size options. 

Sportztrek Gamma Mattress 

This is the best choice for individuals looking for a top-quality single-size bed. They’re light and pack down nicely and compactly for hassle-free shipping. 

The mattress is 10cm thick, providing enough support for a great night’s rest. Sportztrek mattresses are manufactured with 150D Oxford polyester and have two valves for easy deflation and inflation. The mattress compacts down nicely in the carry bag and compression straps. 

The mattresses come in three sizes: the mega single, king single, and the single. You can pick the size that meets your needs and preferences—considering your height and the amount of additional width you want in a bed. 

This range of mattresses provides campers with a good night’s rest and is well-priced. The mattress is a perfect choice if you’re only looking for a single-sized bed. 

Darche RTM Mattress

This is a very affordable bed for campers looking for a sizeable bed for them and their significant others. While the Darche RTM mattresses have been mainly designed as rooftop tent mattresses, you can also use them in a range of other tents. 

The mattress has a thickness of 8cm, which isn’t as thick as other mattresses in this review, and this is reflected in the cheaper pricing. The Darche RTM mattress is manufactured using a waterproof 75D polyester material, and the bed’s base has a dotted non-slip PVC and velcro strips to keep it in position at night. 

The mattress has two valves, and each half has its own two inflation points for rapid deflation and inflation. The bed packs down compactly with the compression traps. With each half weighing slightly below 4kg, this isn’t the lightest bed you’ll find. 

This mattress is ideal for campers who don’t have a major concern with weight and only want a well-priced bed that will adequately accommodate them and their spouses. The Darche RTM mattress also has a one-year warranty. 

Zempire Bomber Mattress

This is an excellent mid-priced bed with a size suitable for you and your better half or just a sizeable bed for you alone. 

Zempire Bomber bed is manufactured with a 75D material with a 3D construction that enables the inner foam to expand completely. This mattress is 7cm thick, and it has a contoured wave foam that offers comfort and warmth while minimising the general pack size. The bed’s bottom is tough, while the top has a mushy surface for extra comfort. 

The mattress has a 360° double-way valve for easy inflation and deflation. When you open the valve, the mattress self-inflates without letting any air escape. 

Zempire Bomber is your best bet if you don’t wish to pay top dollar for a bed but still desire to have one from a reputable brand that manufactures high-standard camping items. It has a one-year warranty and comes with an emergency repair kit and a drawstring stuff sack.

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