The Tom Brady Mattress Review

The Tom Brady Mattress Review

The Tom Brady Mattress Review

If you’re a little confused about why your favourite fitness influencers and sports stars often pair up with mattress brands, we have the answer; quality sleep results in far better performance and recovery.

That said, when it comes to fitness, there’s arguably nothing as important as a good mattress, aside from the obvious being dietary requirements.

With that in mind, we’ll take a look at the newly-famous Tom Brady Mattress, or the ‘Molecule Mattress’ as it was known before the superstar athlete put his name on it.

This is one of the most curated mattresses on the market today and has been designed from the ground up to offer the best sleeping experience for muscle recovery and improvements in fitness.

That in mind, these claims may seem rather outlandish, however, with today’s understanding of sports science growing, it’s only natural for mattresses to begin to catch up by adding technologies and materials to enhance muscular growth.

In all, let’s take a look below at the Tom Brady Mattress, and go over a few of the most important features it offers.

Here’s what we’ll take a look at in this review:

  • A Quick Mattress Overview
  • How Come The Molecule is a Winner for Athletes?
  • A Few of the Mattress’s Top Features
  • How The Molecule Mattress Feels to Sleep On
  • Why You Should Consider the Mattress
  • Are There Any Cons or Downsides to the Mattress?
  • Our Final Thoughts and Why You Should Buy It

A Quick Mattress Overview

To kick things off, let’s take a look at the mattress brand Molecule and go over a bit about what this company is all about.

As you’ll know from their marketing and website, these mattresses are well and truly geared towards athletes and those who take fitness exceedingly seriously — hence all of their ambassadors being sports stars like Tom Brady.

Whether you’re into Yoga, Running, Football, Swimming or anything else, these mattresses have you in mind.

All of the features and technologies coming from the Molecule brand and landing in their mattress are designed to promote the best quality sleep, with the aim of reducing tiredness when you wake, and reducing your risk of injury out on the field, in the pool or on the skating rink.

Of course, not only athletes need a good sleep, so technically everyone does benefit from this line of mattresses. Whether you’re a stay at home parent running after the kids, or a teacher in the classroom or a landscaper, you deserve a good night’s sleep and the Molecule mattress will get you there.

As of writing, the Molecule brand manufactures just two different types of mattresses, their Molecule 1 and their Molecule 2. The second model is the version that Tom Brady has stood behind as his optimal mattress.

There’s also a tonne of different bedding and accessories on sale from these guys too, so if you’re after a topper or anything else, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find it here.

All of these products are also developed, designed and made in the USA which means there’s a quality assurance here as well as regulations keeping these mattresses designed without anything unfavourable within them.

A 100-night sleep assessment period is also included here, which means you’re able to make sure these beds are right for you before you commit a decade to them.

To end, the Molecule brand has touted that their design team has explicitly looked for lacking features in the mattress industry and developed their beds to remedy these, making them a smart choice when it comes to getting the best night’s sleep. They’ve essentially been curated to be better than the competition. 

How Come The Molecule is a Winner for Athletes?

If you’re an athlete yourself, you’ll already know that everyone in sport and fitness works incredibly hard to perform at their best. That said, you absolutely must have a recovery period that works best for you, and that is often a great mattress.

Nothing good happens when you’re tired or sleep deprived, and tiredness doesn’t only make you less productive, it weakens the muscles and joints, increases your risk of injury and robs your body of endurance and stamina.

And as an athlete, there is absolutely nothing worse than that.

To keep things simple, recovery time or sleep is the magic in an athletes arsenal of fitness-improving tools, and the Molecule mattresses are the ultimate partner to get you to that next level in your fitness journey.

A Bit About Muscle Recovery

As you’ll already know, sleep is the pivotal point in which our body’s recover from anything we’ve put them through. Whether you’ve had surgery, a long hard day at work or a gruelling workout, your sleep will get you back on the right track.

The science shows us that this is true, and study after study it’s become clear that sleep is increasingly more important than we think it is.

And at Molecule, the brand has worked on developing a mattress that actively works to improve your night’s sleep.

How Have Molecule Aided Recovery Through Sleep

To kick things off, Molecule have worked along the lines of what scientific research has told us about sleep and how to get the most out of it. That in mind, there are a few aspects of sleep and our mattresses that can improve or impair our sleep experience.

These aspects include;

  • Temperature
  • Pressure Relief
  • Movement Isolation
  • Intelligent Joint Support

With all of these factors in mind, Molecule have created a mattress that keeps joints cool as you sleep and ensures you’re getting the right level of comfort. There aren’t too many people who like to sleep in a hot bed, and Molecule’s will certainly keep you nice and cool.

On top of this, the internal structure of the beds has been developed in a way that provides pressure relief for the joints, keeping painful areas well-supported and free from annoying you as you try to get to bed.

Keeping all of that in mind, these mattresses have fast become some of the most-trusted and supported mattresses in the industry when it comes to athletes. 

Can Non-athletes Benefit from a Molecule Mattress

Of course. These mattresses may be intelligently designed for athletes to get a good night’s sleep, though they will certainly work for everyone else too.

With a focus on muscle recovery and comfort, you’ll find that as an athlete or not, you’ll benefit from the cooling sensation in the mattress and be able to get to sleep a lot quicker than on many other mattresses.

Pair this with the fact that the structure of the mattress ensures perfect spinal alignment and pressure relief in the joints and you’ll be getting great back support and the chance to stay comfortable all night long.

All that said, if you’re someone who does routinely wake during the night, this mattress might be your saving grace in that it will keep you asleep for longer.

A Few of the Mattress’s Top Features

With some of the design influences and motivations out of the way, let’s take a look at the Molecule mattresses and their top features. We’ll have a look at both to start off with and give you some information on whether one may be better than the other for your own use case.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to the support on these mattresses, as we mentioned above, is that the support is zoned and intelligently placed around the bed — which means that Molecule have thought about the joints that rest on each section of the bed.

For example, your hips demand a little extra support and as a result, there is a firmer support zone here. The shoulders, on the other hand, need plenty of space to sink into the mattress, and therefore there’s more plush support in this zone.

Both of the Molecule mattresses feature this curated zoned support system, which means you’re getting it on whichever mattress you choose — something most competitors don’t offer on all their models.

One quick point we’d like to make about the comfort and support foam is that they’re both a breathable, high-density material. This is something that we’ve never seen before in a mattress of any price point.

Density and breathability don’t normally go hand-in-hand, though on the Molecule it doesn’t seem to be an issue.

A Look Inside the Molecule 1

To start, the Molecule One is the original Molecule mattress which is the more affordable and bottom-tier model offered by Molecule.

It is the first variant which means the feature set isn’t as full-fledged, though, you’re still getting an exceptional sleep experience here.

It’s also good to note that this mattress does come with standard features you will only find one some other mattresses that cost more than twice as much. Some of these include things like a 12-inch profile along with advanced ventilation and cooling features and the aforementioned intelligent support zones.

The Outer Cover

Encasing the Molecule One is the quilted knit cover that’s made of a polyester and lycra blend which keeps your body dry and allows for plenty of ‘give’ in the mattresses upper levels. A lot of mattresses are designed with a non-flexible cover, which means you’re unable to sink into the mattress as you sleep — the lycra remedies this.

The Upper Foam Layer

Landing in the top of the mattress is the upper foam layer that Molecule have branded as their Restoreflo material foam layer.

As you’d expect, this is an ultra-soft and lower density foam that is infused with a cooling gel to improve the ventilation and cooling ability. In all, this foam will contour to your body, absorb and expel body heat and also lift as much pressure off your joints as possible.

The Second Foam Layer

Beneath the cooling, comfort foam rests another three-inch foam layer that has been designed to offer the more intelligent and engineered support. When it comes to the joints and the sensation of weightlessness, this is where you’ll find it.

There are three zones of support in here, which are amplified by the fact that foam is cut into hexagonal shapes on the inside. You’ll find different firmness levels in the areas around the head, the hips and the legs — all of which have been closely adjusted to offer the ideal level of support for these body zones.

You’re going to notice that this foam is rather dense, and offers optimal support for sleepers of all weights.

To end, spinal support is also considered here too, which means there’s a firmness level that will ensure your hips and shoulders don’t dip too far, pulling the back out of alignment.

The Third Support Layer

With all of the fun stuff out of the way, the final layer is a seven-inch polyfoam layer that is the most firm, but also the most breathable out of the three. This is where your body will experience the most support.

This foam has been engineered explicitly to be more firm but also ventilated, and acts as the base of the bed. It’s also the key to your body heat being whisked from the gel-foam layer at the top, out through the bottom of the mattress.

These support layers are found in both models of the Molecule bed, regardless of the cost.

A Look Inside the Molecule 2 — or the Tom Brady Mattress

On to the most famous Molecule mattress of the pair, the Molecule 2 or the Tom Brady mattress is the model with the most technical integrations and by far the most engineering. It’s also the model that Tom Brady himself has claimed to use.

You might see this mattress also named the Molecule Microban or the Molecule Two depending where online you look.

That said, let’s take a look inside.

The Outer Cover

This model has the same lycra fabric and polyester, though there are a few integrations which make it a little more versatile and flexible than the other model on the list.

You’ll see a more dense quilting going on here, which improves durability and also the mattresses ability to ward off impurities. You’re not going to see any bacteria, dust mites or other nasties finding their way through this tightly woven fabric. 

The Upper Foam Layer

Designed similarly to the Restoreflo foam in the Molecule 1, the Tom Brady model features another proprietary foam blend that Molecule has named their Molecularflo Extreme Open Cell Foam which comes in a two-inch thick  layer.

If you’ve spent any time on the Molecule website or on any of their marketing channels, you’ll know that the brand can’t tout this material enough.

The foam is a little firmer than the variant on the first mattress, though it’s been engineered to improve airflow and ventilation even further through its open-cell design which makes it a whopping five times more ventilated than typical foams on the market.

That in mind, this is a mattress that you can certainly use in warmer climates, and you’ll find that if you are a warm sleeper, you’ll be kept more than cool enough to fall asleep quite quickly on this mattress.

The Second Foam Layer

A second entirely proprietary foam that’s coming into play here is a three-inch thick Recoveryflo foam that’s been curated to be the supporting foam.

As we mentioned, the Molecule mattresses work to offer support that is dependant on the parts of the body that need varying firmness. This support foam is a lot more inclusive than the Molecule One as it’s offering five zones of support, which means your entire body will experience a different firmness level.

Again, the hexagonal foam shapes are coming into play here to help out with ventilation and support.

You’ll find that the zones are targeting the head and neck, chest and shoulders, hips and then the legs and feet. With all of these individual pressure points taken care of by an engineered foam, independently, you’ll feel little to no pressure or warm joints at all as you fall asleep.

To end, this foam is a little more firm and dense than the other foams in the mattress, though the body-heat absorbing upper layers remedy this.

The Third Support Layer

At the base of the Tom Brady Mattress, you’ll find the same polyfoam as the Molecule One that comes with a profile of seven inches and has been designed to be breathable, supportive and not to allow the upper levels to sink too far down.

This base layer is key to keeping the spine in alignment and to ensure a pain-free back.

A Quick Comparison Between the Molecule 1 and Molecule 2

What would our review be if we didn’t take a look at both of these mattresses side by side.

We know it’s a little hard to choose between mattress siblings when there aren’t all too many differences, so Sleepify has done the work for you. Aside from the feature set, the only other deciding factor to consider is your budget.

The Molecule One is a little more affordable coming in at around $700 depending on where you’re looking to order it from, and whether you can find the model on sale or not.

The Molecule Two or the Molecule Microban or Tom Brady Mattress is priced around $1,099 on the Molecule website. That said, it is a little more expensive, though if you’re serious about your sleep and getting the most muscle recovery possible, this might be worth it for you.

To add, you’ll almost always find one or both of these mattresses on sale somewhere, or even on the Molecule website itself. That said, take a look to see if there are any sales running, and if there aren’t, just wait a couple of weeks and you’ll be all set.

The Clear Differences

With the pricing out of the way, the main differences are as follows.

The cover materials on these two mattresses are designed with a different thread count and fibre material. It isn’t too big of a difference, though the Molecule Two’s outer covering will feel better and offer a bit more flexibility.

The upper comfort foams are designed almost entirely different from one another. There is a firmer and more ‘open’ design in the Molecule Two which means this bed will sleep cooler than the One, and be more conforming to the joints and muscles as you fall asleep. In some cases, that means the Two will be able to keep you asleep pain-free for a longer period of time.

Both of the models do feature a different secondary layer, but the material is quite similar in feel. However, the Two does offer a slightly firmer and more responsive feel — ideal for the back sleepers out there.

To end, the final difference is the Molecule Two offering more support layers than the One, which means you’re getting a more targeted and relaxing sleep in most cases. You’ll be able to rely on the Two take the weight off your joints in a precise manner with five zoned support as opposed to three-zoned.

How The Molecule Mattress Feels to Sleep On

With all of the information on the internals out of the way, let’s take a quick look at how the mattresses actually feel to sleep on.

The Molecule One Sleep Experience

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Original Molecule Mattress is designed to be a little softer and more plush than its newer sibling. That said, this is down to the less dense foams you’ll find within it.

This isn’t a bad thing, however, and makes this model a more comfortable sleeping surface for our side sleepers who need a little more ‘give’ when it comes to digging the shoulders and hips into the mattress.

From reviews online, a lot of people seem to love the feel of the Molecule One and are big fans of the softness as opposed to the Molecule Two. However, some sleepers have mentioned that they did find the contouring a little excessive in that it enveloped them just a bit too much.

The Molecule Two Sleep Experience

To sum up the firmness, the Molecule Two is more firm than the Original model and this is down to the foam being a little more dense. You’ll find less of a sinking feeling here, though plenty of support for the joints.

Adding to the result of the firmer foams, there’s more movement and responsiveness here too, and it’s akin to something like a spring mattress — though with far more support and pressure relief.

You won’t find too much sinkage here either, which is ideal for those who sleep on their stomach or back and need a mattress that offers more rigid support as opposed to the cloud-like experience you’ll find on memory foam mattresses.

To add, the mattress is a little cooler than the Molecule One, which means the warm sleepers out there will be kept cool on their Molecule bed.

For those with a co-sleeper, there’s optimal motion isolation that dulls and prevents movement and ensures there’s not too much shake when you get in and out of bed. It might also be worth noting that there’s little to no ‘actual’ bounce here, but rather a feel of quick response when you lie down or bounce on the foam.

Why You Should Consider the Mattress

If you’re a little stuck on whether the Molecule Mattresses are right for you, we have a quick guide below. This should let you know exactly whether these beds are right for you or not.

Pick a Molecule One for:

  • A weightless and body-contouring experience similar to memory foam
  • A softer and more supportive mattress for side sleepers
  • The highest quality foam mattress that you can get for under $700

This is our top choice mattress if you’re a side sleeper and you’re looking for a foam bed that isn’t too soft, but definitely not rigid in any sense. For those who need a lot of sink-space for the shoulders and hips, then this is certainly the option for you. You could go even softer on another brand of mattress if needed, though we’d say the One is the better option for you.

Pick a Molecule Two or Molecule Microban for:

  • A mattress that’s exactly the same as Tom Brady’s
  • The feeling of a well-cooled and ventilated mattress for warm sleepers or hotter climates
  • A firmer mattress that isn’t going to overly contour or envelop your body as you sleep
  • The ideal sleep surface for back and tummy sleepers

The Molecule Two is our top choice mattress for those who are after a firmer sleep surface and often find themselves sleeping on their tummy or their back. You’ll find that the Two is ideal if you’re a little heavier of an athlete too, as the firmer foam needs more weight to flatten out.

Are There Any Cons or Downsides to the Mattress?

When it comes to the downsides of the Molecule-branded mattresses, we’re quite pleased and rather surprised to say that there’s almost nothing online that would have us believe these aren’t perfect mattresses.

All of the reviews we’ve seen are positive, and essentially every customer has had an incredible sleep on these beds over the past two years since the brand’s launch back in 2018.

There is the possibility of cons or downsides down the line though, as we all know, mattress brands that are new don’t have the experience or the longevity in real world testing to show us that their products will last a decade or longer.

In all, the sleep experience seems to get the tick of approval from reviewers across the globe, as does the return and sleep trial process. The company’s transparency is good too, and there’s plenty of reviews out there for you to check whether sleepers with a similar style to you are finding the bed comfortable or not.

All that said, we may or may not be looking at the perfect mattress — at least when it comes to aiding recovery in our athlete readers.

Our Final Thoughts and Why You Should Buy It

With our review of the Tom Brady Mattress out of the way, it’s pretty clear to see that we’re big fans of these Molecule Beds, and we tried our best to be as unbiased and impartial as possible.

They’ve been curated so well, and developed to be outstanding in almost every way, from their 12-inch foams and to their multi-zone support systems.

If you’re someone who’s looking for a mattress that works equally as hard as you do to move your fitness game up a level, then the Molecule Mattresses are for you.

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