The Sealy Hamilton Review

The Sealy Hamilton Review

The Sealy Hamilton Review

If you’re looking to invest in a new, comfortable mattress, then Sealy is likely landing at the top of your list.

With a range of mattresses to suit all price points, Sealy has something for everyone, and the Sealy Hamilton Mattress lands smack bang in the middle of affordability, comfort and durability.

This mattress’s build quality is top-notch, and the internals make for the perfect blend between plushness and spinal support, ideal for all sleeping positions.


Short Summary

A short look into the Sealy Hamilton will let you know that the mattress has been designed in a way that is well-suited to all sleeping types, as well as all Australian climates — and this means you’re in for a good night’s sleep wherever you live.

The mattress comes with above-average spinal support, given that it’s a little firmer than most and so provides an optimal sleep surface for back sleepers.

For added features such as partner disturbance, you may find that this mattress leaves a little to be desired in that movement does transfer quite freely through the bed. If someone gets up during the night, you will feel this.


Price of the Sealy Hamilton Mattress

As one of Sealy’s more affordable models, you’re able to find this mattress for under $1,500 in most retailers.

The standard queen size comes in at $1,429, which includes an excellent 10-year warranty and the assurance that the internal design meets Sealy® Australia’s strict build quality standards.


Perks of the Sealy Hamilton

To get into the perks of the mattress, we have to point out that this mattress, being made in Australia, supports locals and means that the bed comes with excellent quality assurance.

There is a Durabond Insulator developed here, which means that your mattress will be a lot more ventilated than most out there, making this bed ideal for those in warmer climates or sleeping during the summer months.

For the longevity of this mattress, the decade-long warranty will mean that you’re covered should anything happen down the line due to a manufacturing fault or anything in a similar vein. So a replacement or refund won’t be too hard to get your hands on.

When it comes to the comfort of this mattress, we’re happy to say that the blend of plush and firm makes for the ideal sleeping surface for combination sleepers. You’re able to rely on the plush layers to relieve the joints from pain and pressure, and the lower firm layers will work to support the back.


Things to Note

Before we wrap up our Sealy Hamilton Mattress review, we have a few features and things for you to keep in mind.

The Sealy Hamilton Offers:

  • A Posture Tech™ integration which works to keep the back and spine in alignment and reduces back pain when sleeping on this mattress.
  • You’ll be able to rely on UniKey® technology to ensure that motion transfer is kept to a minimum, regardless of how much movement is experienced by the mattress.
  • The Deepline PermaGrid® foundation on this mattress helps to keep all of the internals in alignment and self-supported, which means you are less likely to see dipping or sinkage in the future.

To end, this mattress is the ideal middle-ground when it comes to all of the excellent Sealy Mattresses.

You can find this bed for an affordable price, though still be able to rest assured you’re getting all of the superior Sealy technologies and perks that assist with back pain and muscle issues.

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