The Peace Lily adjustable bed review

The Peace Lily adjustable bed review

The Peace Lily adjustable bed review

Adjustable Bed

There’s no point in beating around the bush. I’m just going to say it here and now: I believe the Peace Lily Adjustable Bed is one of the best (if not the best) bang for your buck adjustable bed base out there in the market today.

Keep on reading to find out what makes the Peace Lily adjustable bed so good and what features it offers.

Here’s what this review is going to cover:
● Some of the features offered by the Peace Lily adjustable bed and my opinion about them
● Pricing and other details (the cost of bed bases alone vs mattress and bed base combos)
● The pros and cons of the product
● What people who bought this product are saying
● Our verdict — should you buy it or not?
Peace Lily Adjustable Bed Features
Here’s a rundown of all the little details that make the Peace Lily adjustable bed a fantastic option overall.

● Natural construction: The Peace Lily adjustable bed is made using only organic and all-natural materials such as organic cotton and latex. Exclusively using natural materials for construction is quite rare in adjustable beds but Peace Lily is one of the few manufacturers that offers this.
● High weight tolerance: This bed offers a total weight-bearing capacity of 350kg per base, which is not commonly seen in other beds in this price bracket. Similarly priced alternatives usually only allow up to 300kg weight tolerance.
● Maximum adjustability: The Peace Lily features a variety of body adjustment settings and has articulations at both ends of the bed for enhanced adjustability.
● Good programmability for your money: Comes pre-programmed with a bunch of helpful modes and positions such as flat, anti-snore, zero gravity, and reading. It also gives users the option to make up to 3 custom position presets. Similarly priced competitors often offer only up to 3 positions in total.
● Split King Option: The king-size Peace Lily comes as a split model made up of 2 single long bases. These bases are controlled by two remotes which can be used individually or synced to work in unison (your choice). The split king option also boosts the total weight tolerance of the bed to a whopping 700kg!
● A variety of massage options: The bed features up to 9 highly customizable different message settings.
● LED lighting: This bed comes with a bunch of LED lights that can be turned on or off using a remote control.
● Adjustable leg heights: Having adjustable legs is crucial to set up your bed according to your desired height preferences. But not all adjustable bases provide this option. Luckily, Peace Lily doesn’t cut corners and comes with adjustable legs out of the box.
● Complete bed set combos: This adjustable bed pairs nicely with the Peace Lily organic latex mattress. The brand, therefore, offers a reasonably priced Peace Lily adjustable bed + mattress combo as well if you’re looking for a complete bed set.
● Free shipping: Manufacturers and retailers often charge hundreds of dollars for delivery services. Fortunately, Peace Lily isn’t one of them. The free-of-charge shipping and the low price of the bed makes it an absolute steal!
● 2-Year standard warranty: One of the biggest gripes we have with Peace Lily is that it comes with only a 2-year warranty standard. However, you can upgrade it to 5 years for $200, or up to 10 years for $300, which isn’t all that bad once you consider the overall cheap price of the bed.
● Free at-home assembly service: Setting up adjustable beds by yourself can be a daunting task. But luckily, you never have to worry about going through this hassle if you go with the Peace Lily adjustable bed. The free assembly service provided shows how serious the brand is about customer satisfaction and is a kind gesture that is highly appreciated by customers.
Pricing options
Peace Lily adjustable bases start from around $1,199, which is an absolute bargain. Take a look at the table below to find out the estimated cost of different size option bases as well as the price of their mattress + bed base combos (Note, these prices are in Australian dollars).

Size option Adjustable Base Prices Bed base + Mattress Combo Price

Long Single $1,199
King Single $1,299
Double $1,399
Queen $1,499
Split King $2,199 (essentially two long single bases)

Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
Great value for money Need to pay extra to extend the warranty period to more than 2 years
Good build quality — use of natural materials Lacks USB ports
Belongs to a company based in Australia that genuinely cares about consumers Inventory empties up fast so might need to pre-order
Equipped with high-performance and durable motors
What customers have to say about the Peace Lily adjustable bed
The Peace Lily is one of the newer adjustable bed models out there in the market so there’s not an abundance of reviews and testimonials from actual people as of yet. But every single person who bought this bed base rated it 5 out of 5 stars, which is impressive, to say the least.

Here are a few comments about the Peace Lily adjustable bed from individuals who bought the product.

“For the first time in many years, I am finally able to fall asleep within minutes of turning the lights off and using the massage setting.”

“Love the bed and mattress. It’s so comfortable and also reasonably priced.”

“We bought this bed for my mother who has chronic digestive problems. It allows her to sleep on an incline that she requires and after only two weeks of using it, her symptoms have eased greatly.”

“More reasonably priced than anything else we found in local shops, and has even more features.”

“Peace Lily has great customer service and the bed is absolutely wonderful. If I could rate it more than 5 stars I would.”
Comparisons with other alternatives
Here’s how the Peace Lily compares to other competitors in the Aussie market.

Peace Lily adjustable base
● Prices start from $1,999
● Great programmability with lots of preset positions
● 9 different massaging options
● Features adjustable legs
● Total weight tolerance of up to 350kg per motor

One bed adjustable base
● Price starts from $1350 (currently available at $810 for a limited time)
● Lacks massage settings
● Adjustable legs
● Weight tolerance of up to 300kg per motor
● 2 preprogrammed positions

A.H beard adjustable bases
● Starting price from $1,694
● A variety of different models are available
● Massage feature present only on the “Invigorate” model
● Has adjustable legs
● Total weight tolerance of up to 340kg per motor

Reverie adjustable bases
● Price starting from $2,595
● 3 preloaded presets and 2 custom programmable options
● Massage feature included
● Adjustable legs
● Weight tolerance of about 385kg per motor

Sealy posttraumatic adjustable base
● Price starts from $2,299 (currently $1,035 on sale)
● 3 preset options are available
● Massage settings are only available on the “Energise” variant
● Non-adjustable legs
● Weight tolerance capacity of 386kg per motor

Our verdict: Should you buy the Peace Lily adjustable bed or not?

As I mentioned at the start of this review, I absolutely love this bed base and yes, I think it’s a good choice for anyone who’s in the market for adjustable bed bases.

Peace Lily sits in that perfect sweet spot where a reasonable price and amazing quality meet. Not to mention, you get a bed that is made using all-natural materials, which is something that isn’t found in many other beds.

It also fills all of my criteria and checks most of the boxes for an excellent adjustable bed:

● Powerful performance motor with 350kg weight tolerance
● An abundance of preset positions
● Massage feature with 9 different settings and modes
● The availability of a 10-year warranty
● Free shipping and in-home assembly

All in all, I don’t think there are other adjustable bed bases out there in this price bracket that can even come close to the combination of “nice to have” features and wallet-friendly pricing of the Peace Lily. It truly is an adjustable bed that packs the most bang for your buck!

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