The Kmart Mattress Review

The Kmart Mattress Review

The Kmart Mattress Review


If you’re living in Australia, there’s a good chance you head down to your local Kmart at least once every few weeks to a month.

Kmart is incredibly popular and thanks to its quality and affordable merchandise, the brand is climbing in popularity and also changing up its product offerings.

You’ll now be able to find everything from decor items through to the famous Kmart Mattress in stores today, and coming with a price tag of just $189, we’re sure the mattress has your attention.

In our article below, we’ll take a look into the Kmart mattress and let you know some essentials before you make the commitment to sleeping on the bed for years to come. We will look into everything from comfort, price, delivery, warranties and more.

Take a look at our Kmart Mattress review below.

Buying the Mattress

Off the top, the easiest way to get your hands on the Kmart Mattress is by ordering online.

You can find the mattress with home delivery options, depending on where you live, though there is also the option of Click and Collect, which means you can order and pay for the mattress online and head down to your local Kmart to pick it up.

The mattress is generally easy to get a hold of and is in stock in most stores across the country, however, you will typically need to wait a day for Click and Collect orders.

Once you do have the mattress in your hands, we’re happy to say that the bed will expand and off-gas in about 24 hours, making it a great choice for those who need a mattress in a hurry — when moving house, for example.

The Sleep Experience and Comfort

When getting into the sleep experience on the Kmart Mattress, it’s important to note that there isn’t a whole lot of ‘mattress’ here, given that it is quite thin when compared to a lot of other mattresses on the market.

Most reviews out there did outline that the mattress’s sleeping experience and level of comfort was ‘average’ at best, and this doesn’t bode too well for those who want a mattress in a box that offers pressure and pain relief for the joints.

On top of this, the Kmart Mattress does seem to be a minor let down when it comes to sinkage and body-contouring too. There isn’t a whole lot of sink space here, so you’re essentially just sitting on top of the bed, rather than dropping into it.

As for the springs and other internals, these do amount to the mattress being a medium-firm, however, from testing, the level of bounce is quite high and will be rather distracting for most sleepers. The Bonnell springs in here are rather responsive, however, they feel as though they can dip and tilt from side to side — a major no-no when it comes to spinal support.

Some sleepers have even stated these springs ‘pop’ when you move about.

When it comes to an entire night’s rest on this mattress, you’re going to find that the firmness and the bounce and movement make it a little unpleasant and hard to fall asleep on in a comfortable position. There will be a fair bit of tossing and turning here.

With all that out of the way — this is a mattress we would suggest for use in guest bedrooms or in rooms of the house where the bed isn’t used all that much. It’s a great affordable mattress for visitors to sleep on for a night or two, though we wouldn’t suggest any longer than this.

Digging Deeper into Experience

To give you a little more perspective, we’re going to look beyond standard comfort and take a look into the experience when sleeping on this mattress.

One of the first things we’d like to note is that there is no partner disturbance mitigation here, which means if you or a partner moves — you will feel this. That in mind, if you sleep with a partner who gets up or moves a lot during the night, you’re not going to be able to have a very good night’s sleep.

For those who sleep by the edge of the mattress, we need to mention that there hasn’t been any edge support integrated into the mattress either. At least, it seems that way. You will find that you simply sink into the mattress’s edge and almost fall off the bed if you sleep to close to the edges, which is not an ideal situation if you enjoy taking a nap by the edges of the mattress.

A final thing to keep a note of is that Kmart hasn’t outlined any type of safety or chemical certifications on their websites.

This could mean that there is the use of potentially toxic materials or chemicals inside some of the materials on this mattress. On top of this, CertiPUR-US haven’t given this mattress the green light either.

To end — there is still a 5-year warranty on offer here though, which means if there are any major issues with the mattress or it begins to fail, you can have it replaced.

Comfort Conclusion

Although the mattress is incredibly affordable, you’re getting what you pay for here.

The mattress is one of the least comfortable and least feature-filled on the market today and has the potential to leave you feeling worse for wear when you wake up in the morning than when you first went to bed.

It is also good to note that there are a few other mattresses out there today in this price range that are worlds better than the Kmart Mattress. These models are typically a lot thicker, feature better materials and also come with improved body-contouring and motion isolation.


One of the main points that makes this mattress so attractive to so many Australians is the pricing of the mattress.

You will be able to find the Kmart Mattress, in all standard sizes, for under $200 and this means it is by far one of the most affordable and attractive models out there, which is what outweighs the cons for a lot of our readers and most consumers in general.

The Queen-sized Kmart Mattress comes in at just $189, with the Double on sale for $169 and the smallest size, the Single, being just $149.

It is important to jot down that there is no type of trial period on offer here with these prices, and that means once you’ve purchased the mattress, you’ll need to be prepared to commit to it — unless you’re planning on buying a second model.

There is the 5-year warranty we mentioned above, though this will only come into effect should there be an issue with your mattress’s build or if there is a serious defect affecting the operability of the bed.

Some Key Specs

Getting into the nitty gritty of the mattress, there are a few minor features and materials we were surprised to see integrated into the design.

There is an excellent latex memory foam coming into play here, and although it’s rather thin, it still offers some minor support for sleeper’s joints and gives your body the chance to relax into the bed.

The mattress is only 18cm which we’re going to say is a little thin, and likely what causes the lack of comfort and sinkage.

On the exterior of the mattress you will find a quality quilted fabric, which is one of the higher quality materials coming into play in this mattress. You won’t need to be concerned about seeing any rips or tears in the outer edges of the mattress ay the soon.

To end, there is a quilted foam and a type of padding foam in the core of this mattress too, which seems to do its best when it comes to back support, though again, it is a little too thin to do much for the back or the joints.

Delivery Fees and Returns

As we mentioned at the start of the article, you will have two choices when it comes to getting the Kmart Mattress and that is either Click and Collect or Home Delivery. Both of these options feature a fee, though home delivery costs a little more.

For our readers looking to Click and Collect their Kmart Mattress, there is a $3 fee and a 24-hour wait for the mattress to be prepared for you to take home.

For those looking to delivery, there is a 3 to 5 day wait for metro areas, and a $10 delivery fee. Those in regional locations, there is a 5 to 7 day wait and a $14 delivery fee. Those in remote Australia will have a 7 to 14 day delivery time and a $16 fee or more depending on where you live.

To end, some couriers will charge extra for large or bulky items, and so if you’re in a regional or remote location, you may need to pay a little more for an expedited or even a standard delivery of the Kmart Mattress, so be sure to factor this into the cost of the bed.

The Takeaway

Wrapping up our look into the Kmart Mattress, we’re going to say that this is an affordable mattress that works well for some families or sleepers, though may not be a good idea for many others.

This is one of the ideal beds for those with a spare bedroom that doesn’t get used too much, and a mattress at below $200 is ideal to ensure your guests have somewhere to sleep for a night or two.

When it comes to prolonged use of the Kmart Mattress, we would be wary of the impact that the bed can have on your back and spinal alignment, for example, given that there isn’t too much support integrated in here — and that means you might wake with aches and pains in the morning.

In all, the mattress is attractive to most buyers given its ultra-affordable price tag, though when it comes to sleeping experience and comfort, it might be worth looking elsewhere for a mattress that is better designed.

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