The Giselle Euro Top Mattress Review

The Giselle Euro Top Mattress Review

The Giselle Euro Top Mattress Review

When it comes to affordability and reliability in the mattress world, there’s a good chance that the Giselle name comes to mind.

The Giselle brand has a range of mattresses on offer, designed for all different sleeping styles and budgets to ensure you’re getting great value, but also a sleeping surface that’s designed to assist with exactly how you’d like to sleep.

Coming in a box, these mattresses are easier than most when it comes to getting them into your home, and on top of this, they’re a lot more affordable than the thousand-dollar models you’ll find from a tonne of other name brands.

From testing, we noted that these mattresses do take around 24 hours before they expand fully, and although this may seem a little long, it still means you’re getting a bed in less than a day if you’re moving house.

When it comes to the Euro Top mattress from Giselle, you’re able to rely on the comfort layers and support layers to work hand in hand to offer a fantastic sleeping experience, and with multi-zone or 5-zone pocket springs coming into play here, your lower back and muscles are going to be well-supported.

For those on a budget, we’re standing by the $500 price tag here in that it’s affordable, offers great quality materials and gets you a fantastic mattress brand that you can trust.


Short Summary

Off the top, we’re going to say that the Giselle Mattress does offer a build quality that surprised us, in that it was well-built and offers the type of quilted quality fabrics atop the internals that will reduce any type of fraying or tearing in time.

Added to this, you will find that these mattresses are a little flimsy when it comes to the core, so jumping into bed during the night might have the mattress wobble and shake a little too much for your liking.

For our readers who have a co-sleeper, we are happy to say that the wobbling and shaking from a partner moving isn’t very jarring, which means you’re not going to wake up should someone get up during the night to get a drink or use the bathroom.

To end, the edge support wasn’t so great either, and given the firmness is a 6 out of 10, you may find that the edges dip a little too far if you like to sleep close to the edges of the mattress.


Price of the Giselle Euro Top

One of the biggest standout points of the Giselle Euro Top is the excellent, affordable price point. Either on sale or at retail price, these mattresses are a steal and you can find the Euro Top on sale for the following prices:


  • King Size Mattress from $380
  • Queen Size Mattress from $340
  • Double Size Mattress from $276
  • King Single Size Mattress from $210
  • Single Size Mattress from $185


With these prices in mind, this mattress can easily be seen as one of the most affordable boxed mattresses on the market today.



With a low price should always come low expectations, and although there aren’t too many downsides to the mattress itself, we are going to say that the lack of a trial period and a short 12-month warranty is a rather big letdown for us.

On top of this, delivery times for the NT, QLD and WA can be upwards of 10 days, making this mattress a little hard to get your hands on.


The Sleep Experience

When it comes to getting some shut-eye on the Giselle Euro Top, we have some points to make — and most of them are, thankfully, quite positive.

The first perk we’d like to make mention of is the fact that this mattress offers great comfort for sleepers of all ages and weights. The soft upper layers provide a plush sinking feeling that works well for lightweight and heavy sleepers, though the inner support layers do well when it comes to supporting the heavier sleepers out there.

On top of this, with the firm inner core and the plush outer layers working in tandem, you will find that there is a lot of pressure relief coming into play here for the neck, back and hips — ideal for anyone who suffers from joint and muscle pain whilst they sleep.

A second thing to make a note of is that there is some intelligent technology used in these mattresses that works cohesively to give you a better feel for the back.

With both foam and coil springs included inside the Giselle, you will get the plushness required for the joints to sink and have weight lifted off them, and the traditional coil springs will work to keep your back in alignment.


Some Great Sleep Perks

  • The ultra-plush top padding.
  • A multi-zone coil spring support system.
  • Dual foams, for comfort and support.
  • Hypoallergenic materials for allergy reduction.
  • Quality knitted fabrics encase the mattress.



The Takeaway

With our review of the Giselle Euro Top out of the way, we’re sure you can tell just how great this affordable boxed mattress is. It offers a great sleeping experience as well as a price tag that keeps you from breaking the bank.

You’ll get a 1-year warranty here, a medium-firm feel for all sleeping positions and a multi-material hybrid design that ensures you get plenty of bounce, but also that new-age memory foam feel that sleepers love so much.

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