The cost to run an Electric Blanket

The cost to run an Electric Blanket

The cost to run an Electric Blanket

Warming up with an electric blanket may be one of the best winter bargains in Australia. The cost of sleeping under the cosy covering of an electric blanket is an affordable luxury that will give you a deep, restorative sleep. 

How Much Does Using an Electric Blanket Cost? 

Not only will using an electric blanket give you a comfortable night’s sleep, but it saves energy. EnergyAustralia says an electric blanket costs only 4 cents per hour to operate, less than a third of the cost of operating a space heater. Since some only need an electric blanket on for about 30 minutes, that cost can be as low as 2 cents a night.  

Staying warm and cosy under an electric blanket this winter will cost about $20 a season, using far less energy than space heaters. Using an electric blanket will allow you to keep your home’s thermostat lower. This will keep your energy costs down. 

Electric blankets sold in Australia must comply with strict safety standards. Using electric blankets safely, including practices such as turning them off after about 30 minutes and discarding worn and frayed electric blankets, make them even safer.  

How Long Do You Need to Run Your Electric Blanket? 

If you’re using an electric blanket, don’t assume you need to keep it on all night. Turn your electric blanket on for about 10 to 30 minutes and then switch it off. The warm air trapped under your doona will keep you warm all night long.  

Some electric blankets come with timers that can be pre-set to turn off. That way, you can set your electric blanket to stay on for 30 minutes to an hour and not worry about falling asleep before you turn it off.  

The Best Energy-Saving Electric Blankets 

Of the electric blankets on the market, these models are the best options.

Degrees of Comfort Plush Electric Blanket 

This electric blanket has 20 different heating levels and an LCD control. Queen, king, and California king sizes have dual controls, which have likely saved a few marriages. It comes with a 12.5-foot power cord to reach power outlets easily, and the 6-foot controller cord can be tucked out of the way for a cosy night’s rest.  

Made with a soft plush fabric that reviewers rate as stylish, this electric blanket comes with a five-year limited warranty.  


  • 20 different heating levels to find the perfect setting 
  • Long power cord and controller cord stay out of the way when sleeping 
  • Lightweight and soft 


  • Multiple reviewers complained of error messages after only a few months of use 
  • The fabric is slick, making it slip and slide during the night 

CosyQuilt Electric Blanket 

If your feet get cold during the night, this electric blanket from Zircon might be the right choice for you. Sized as a throw, this electric blanket with a foot pocket is best for twin beds, youth beds, day beds, and curling up on your sofa.  

You could also use this electric blanket in a full-size, queen, king, or California king bed if you get cold at night but your partner doesn’t. It also features a programmable auto-shutdown for ease and safety. 


  • Foot pocket keeps feet warm at night 
  • Soft, cosy fabric 
  • Can be used during waking hours as a comfy throw 


  • Cord is at the top of the blanket, putting it at face level 
  • Some reviewers say the blanket isn’t suited for cold nights 

Sunbeam Heated Blanket 

This microplush electric blanket offers warmth and comfort all night. With 10 heat settings, you’re sure to find one that will make your bed cosy and inviting. Queen and king sizes have dual controls so you and your partner can sleep comfortably all night.  

An ultra-soft 100-percent polyester blanket, this option comes with a five-year limited warranty from Sunbeam, a trusted company with a 100-year history.  


  • Luxurious, soft microplush fabric 
  • 10 heat settings and dual controls for larger sizes 
  • Five-year limited warranty  


  • Some reviewers say the soft fabric isn’t durable enough 
  • The controllers for this blanket model are not as high-tech as others 

Flannel Electric Blanket 

Seven layers of microfiber make this quilted, polyester flannel electric blanket cosy even when the blanket is turned off. Once you turn it on, cold sheets will be warmed up before you slip under the covers. You can then turn it off and keep warm all night long.  

Ten heat settings, a programmable shut-off, and a 17-foot power cord make this blanket as user-friendly as it is comfortable. 


  • 17-foot power cord makes reaching an outlet easy 
  • Seven layers of quilted flannel make this electric blanket perfect for cold nights 
  • Five-year limited warranty 


  • The control does not have a light to indicate the blanket is on 
  • Some reviewers wish this electric blanket would reach higher temperatures 

Electric Blanket with Dual Controls 

This Ventimi electric blanket’s fabric choices not only warm up your bed but the décor of the room. Ultra-soft and in an elegant grey print, this electric blanket is pretty enough to be a bedspread and has dual controls to make you and your partner happy. 

Safety features include an automatic shut-off that will prevent overheating. Ten heat levels range from 85 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. 


  • Ten heat settings and dual controls will provide the perfect amount of heat 
  • Fabric is a grey print that will accent any bedroom décor 
  • Ultra-soft fabric feels luxurious 


  • Power cord is 5.9 feet shorter than other models 
  • Some reviewers say the fabric is too thin 

Wrapping It Up 

Sleeping under an electric blanket isn’t just a great way to stay warm during cooler nights. In Australia, it will save energy as well as money.  

Adding an electric blanket to your bed and turning it on before turning in will warm your sheets, trapping warm air under your doona. You can turn down your heater at night and stay cosy and warm while saving money on your energy bills.  

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