The Best Weighted Blankets in Australia

The Best Weighted Blankets in Australia

The Best Weighted Blankets in Australia

If you’ve taken a look online for various different ways to improve your sleep, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the weighted blanket suggestion more than a few times.

These nifty products are essentially a blanket that has been designed with materials to add a little extra ‘heft’ to offer up a cuddling or cradling sensation as you sleep. And as science tells us, this helps us feel safe and get to sleep a whole lot easier.

For those new to weighted blankets, we have some essentials for you below, as well as a list of the best weighted blankets in Australia to choose from.

One important thing to keep in mind is that all weights don’t suit every sleeper, and so you’re going to want to weigh yourself before getting into our list. The best weight for your blanket is generally around 10 per cent of your body weight, so go from there.


Improving Sleep with a Weighted Blanket

To kick off our article, we’re going to take a short look into sleep and how weighted blankets work to improve it!

A lot of Australians experience ADHD, high-stress, insomnia, sensory disorders and more — all of which work against a solid sleep schedule, and so you’re going to want to do anything you can to improve your sleep. And with that, we’re happy to say that even the Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders have given weighted blankets the green light when it comes to sleep improvement.

When we make use of our weighted blankets, these products are essentially adding a little force or pressure to the body as we sleep, and this works to create a ‘hug’ of sorts, which helps the body to calm down and relax a little more effortlessly.

From here, you can rely on a weighted blanket to mildly reduce your levels of stress hormone, or cortisol and get you to fall asleep a lot easier.


Choosing a Weighted Blanket

With the above points about weighted blankets out of the way, we have our list of all the best weighted blankets out there.

We will let you know which to choose and which might be better for some sleepers than others, especially with regards to sleeping environment and sleep style. You don’t want a highly insulated and ‘hot’ weighted blanket in the summer or if you live in the tropics, for example.

That said, let’s get into our list of the best weighted blankets out there.






The Adults Bamboo Weighted Blanket by Calming Blankets

Taking out the top spot on our list is the adult weighted blanket by the sleep experts at Calming Blankets.

This product comes priced from $240 through to $299 depending on the weight you’re choosing, and this means it does fall in a somewhat high-priced zone for most of our readers. However, with an ultra-plush fabric made from bamboo, you’ll find it one of the most breathable and cooling weighted blankets out there.

To add to this, the sleepers in warmer cities across the country will love the blanket’s ability to wick away sweat and moisture and keep you nice, dry and comfortable as you sleep — helping to aid sleep further.

On top of this, you can find this blanket in both 9kg and 12kg weights, making it a good middle ground for most Aussie sleepers.

To end, the blanket is naturally anti-bacterial which means you’re going to be able to rely on this weighted blanket to ward off a lot of impurities that might spark up allergies and keep you awake and bothered during the evening. On top of this, you’re able to rely on the eco-friendly materials to keep yourself and your little ones safe when sleeping with this blanket.



  • Designed with Bamboo and Glass Beads
  • Sized from Single
  • Features a 30-day Trial
  • Weights from 4.5kg through to 12kg
  • Costs from $240




The Weighted Blanket by Ecosa

When it comes to one of Australia’s favourite brands, when it comes to the sleep world at least, Ecosa is right up there — and for a good reason.

With products being carefully curated to improve sleeping experiences for users since 2015, the Ecosa weighted blanket should land firmly on your list when it comes to investing in products to improve your sleep.

The newly released weighted blanket from the brand comes with a tonne of essential features as well as a few unique perks that make the blanket more comfortable than most blankets out there on the market today.

As you would expect, Ecosa’s primary focus here is making sure your sleep experience is ideal and their weighted blanket makes light work of this.

You will be able to rely on the non-toxic and chemical free materials in this blanket to reduce your chances of any type of flare up with allergies, and on top of this, the blanket comes with an eco-friendly assurance too.

Encased in a bamboo cover, you will be able to rely on the Ecosa blanket to come naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial which means that over time, you’re not going to find yourself slowly more ‘allergic’ and negatively affected by this blanket.

There are also odour-resistant properties in this blanket too.

As for the weight options of this blanket, you can find it on sale in 7kg, 9kg and 11kg options, which makes it ideal for almost all sleepers out there and ensures you will have a model to choose from that works well for your weight.

When it comes to the weight of the blanket and the ‘bulk’ of the internals, you can rely on glass micro-beads coming into play here. They’re eco-friendly as well as safe and a premium feeling material that offers a great, controlled weight experience when it comes to sleeping.

One downside for some customers could be that the mattress is only on offer in a dark grey. Though other than this —  you’re in the clear when it comes to an excellent weighted blanket.



  • Designed with Bamboo and Glass Beads
  • Comes in 7kg, 9kg and 11kg Variants
  • Offers a 12-month Warranty
  • Priced from $240 through $270


The Standard Adults Weighted Blanket by Calming Blanket

Our second choice from Calming Blanket is their typical Adult Weighted Blanket model which is a more paired back model to choose from, however, it is one of the more expensive too.

The good news, however, is that this is one of the most popular weighted blankets out there today, and that places it firmly on our list. In fact, from our research and reviews online, it seems to be Australia’s most popular weighted blanket.

When it comes to the design and materials in this blanket, you will find an excellent plush fabric, as well as the bamboo fabrics too. This in mind, you can rely on this blanket to keep allergens and other impurities at bay when you’re sleeping.

To the reviews, and this blanket does a great job at pulling in a 4.7 out of 5 stars online.

You can find this weighted blanket in weights all the way from 2.2kg through to 9kg, and this makes it a winner for just about all sleepers, even the kids who might have issues falling asleep or suffer from sensory issues.

This weighted blanket relies, again, on glass beads for the weighted element, and that means you’re investing in materials that are good for the environment and also non-toxic, making them a great sleeping companion you can trust to reduce your chances of flareups at nighttime.



  • Reversible Design
  • Built with Bamboo and Micro-fabric
  • Weighted from 2.2kg, 4.5kg, 6.8kg and 9kg
  • Priced from $369 to $399
  • Offers a 30-day Trial Period



The Weighted Blanket by Therapy Premium

For our readers looking for the more opulent weighted blankets to help them get some shut-eye at night, you’re going to need to turn to Therapy Premium.

The standard Weighted Blanket from this brand comes in a variety of different colours to suit all interior design styles, and with this, you’re also finding a combination of excellent materials on offer here.

These weighted blankets come with cooling bamboo fabrics and internal plush mink-like fabrics that offer a more comfortable feel than just about anything else out there — and that’s before we factor in the weighted elements!

For the internal design, we’re happy to say that, again, glass beads are coming into play here and they’re curated enough to be ventilated and cooling as you sleep. That said, this is our top choice weighted blanket for our readers in Queensland or the warmer northern cities.

Adding to this, we’re going to have to point out that these blankets are a little smaller than most out there. This will mean that you’re going to be able to rely on these blankets to be a little more ‘dense’ in a way, at least when it comes to the weight of the blanket. There’s less chance of you seeing the glass beads on the inside of this blanket bunching up leaving lumps — and this is fantastic news when it comes to longevity.

To end, the microbial features keep the nasties at bay and you can also rely on the machine-washable fabric cover to help you keep this weighted blanket clean for a lot longer than some other models out there.

There’s no need for a cover, for example, as you can zip this one right off and wash it.

To end, the weight options for this luxurious blanket extend from 5kg through to 11kg, making it another ideal weighted blanket for Aussies of all weights.



  • Comes with Glass Bead Internals
  • Designed with a Reversible Micro-fabric and Bamboo Cover
  • Weights from 5kg, 7kg, 9kg and 11kg
  • Priced from $369 through $399
  • Trial Period of 30-days


The Weighted Blanket Youth by Sleep in Harmony

For those with children who suffer from sensory conditions or just simply have trouble falling asleep, this is our weighted blanket for kids.

You’ll find that the Sleep in Harmony brand has a great, safe, weighted blanket that’s been designed to be entirely organic and natural, thus keeping the kids away from any type of chemicals, toxins and other compounds that might otherwise cause issues when it comes to a good night’s sleep.

This weighted blanket comes with a great soft, cotton knit cover and features hypoallergenic features that are going to work to keep nasties like allergies and even mites at bay. A major perk for the little ones who suffer from runny noses or the sneezes when it comes to bed time.

As you’d expect, these weighted blankets are a fair bit smaller than the adult counterparts and also only come in a 4.5kg option, which is ideal for the kids, though not for the adults.

However, being a little lighter means that this blanket can be used on the couch and pulled around the house to be used as a snuggle buddy.

One of our favourite perks, especially when it comes to the kids, is the blanket’s machine washable outer fabrics. You can rely on the washing machine to keep this blanket clean, and that means a more hygienic sleep too.



  • Designed with Cotton Fabrics and Glass Beads
  • Sized Perfectly for Kids
  • Weighs an Ideal 4.5kg
  • Comes with a 30-day Trial
  • Priced from $199








The Weighted Blanket by SimpleSleep

To our final top choice weighted blanket for Australians, the Weighted Blanket by SimpleSleep is landing on our list.

This is one of the most affordable on our list, and so it does take the top spot for the most affordable weighted blanket out there that is actually worth your time and money. This blanket does away with just about all non-essential features, and that means you’re saving money, but not losing the true essence of a weighted blanket.

We would like to point out that although this weighted blanket doesn’t come with too many frills, it also doesn’t skimp out on any type of quality. You can rely on high-end glass micro-beads, for example, as well as a reversible cover that comes in a microfibre fabric.

This cover also has a type plush fabric on the inside which means that when winter comes, or when the weather gets a little too chilly, you can swap out the cover and have a warmer, more relaxing sleep.

To end, one of the best perks from this blanket is the 100-night trial that is on offer. You will have plenty of time to test out this product before you make a commitment, and that’s a fantastic addition for such an affordable weighted blanket.



  • Designed with Quality 1mm Beads
  • Comes in Weights from 7kg through 9kg
  • Features a 100-night Trial
  • Priced from $119 through $129


Considerations When Buying a Weighted Blanket

Before we wrap up our list of the best weighted blankets in Australia, we have a few pointers when it comes to buying one of these great products.

If you haven’t found your ideal weighted blanket on our list and are considering looking elsewhere, then we have a few important things to consider when it comes to getting your hands on a blanket that’s going to make your time in bed more comfortable, rather than distracting.

Take a look at our top tips when buying a weighted blanket.


Choose a Suitable Weight

Off the top, you want to be sure you’re choosing a blanket weight that is going to work best for you and your sleep style.

For this we suggest to stick to around 10 per cent of your bodyweight and you’ll be making the right choice here. The risk here is that if you choose something a little too light, you might not be getting that ideal cradling feeling, however, something too heavy will be restrictive and rather panic-inducing.


An Ideal Internal Material

Much like our mattresses, you’re going to want to look for an internal material that works best for the environment you live in.

There is nothing worse than being stuck under a weighted blanket that is exceedingly hot and going to leave you feeling like you’re boiling when it’s time to get some sleep, and so we have some quick tips for you.

  • Choose glass beads for the hotter climates as these are going to more easily absorb and wick away heat during the night.
  • Choose steel beads for the colder climates. These absorb and hold heat a little more effectively than a lot of other materials, and so will keep you warm.
  • Choose organic materials for the best of both worlds. Materials such as rice, sand and dried beans are also common in weighted blankets and are fantastic at regulating body heat in all environments, making them a winner for all seasons.


A Comfortable Outer Fabric

One final thing to note is that you’re going to want to choose a cover fabric for your weighted blanket that works best for you.

The thicker mink-like fabrics are our top choice for cold climates or the winter seasons, whereas the cotton and bamboo types are going to be a little cooler and keep you well-ventilated as you sleep.

For the best of both worlds choose a weighted blanket with a reverse cover that features both of the above materials and you can change it as the seasons do and you’ll be kept comfortable all year long.


The Takeaway

Our six leading weighted blankets out of the way, and we’re sure you have some more information when it comes to the best weighted blankets in Australia.

It’s important to make sure that you choose a model which works best for your climate, body weight and sleeping style and go from there. A lot of brands have reversible and interchangeable materials to make finding a model a little easier for you, and so you should do your best to look for these.

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