The Best Sofa Beds in Australia

The Best Sofa Beds in Australia

The Best Sofa Beds in Australia

When it comes to getting the most out of a small space, or adding some extra sleeping space in the home, there’s nothing more effective than a sofa bed.

If you routinely have guests staying over and need somewhere for them to sleep and don’t have a guest bedroom to offer, then a sofa bed is the next best thing. These awesome two-in-one beds are also great for those times when you want to snuggle up and watch a movie with friends or family and don’t feel like migrating to the bedroom at the end of the night.

Keep in mind that a tonne of sofa beds have fantastic designs, easy-to-open mattresses and great cushions too, and with that you have a winning sofa and bed combo for your living room — though you will need to know where to look.

With all that said, we’ve done all of the hard work for you and outlined all of Australia’s best sofa beds for 2021 below. You can expect a great sitting and lounging experience here, as well as a fantastic sleeping one too.

Let’s take a look at the best sofa beds in Australia.

The Koala Sofa Bed – A Winner for All Australians

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If you’ve done any research into bedding, mattresses or bedroom furniture in Australia, you’ll know that Koala seems to be a winner for just about everyone online.

Although they’re a relatively new brand, they’ve been hard at work designing their own proprietary materials and furniture to make sure comfort stays at the forefront of everything coming out of the Koala warehouse.

That in mind, the Koala Sofa Bed is something that you cannot afford to miss.

It’s coming with affordability in that it’s only $1,500 for the two-in-one which means you’re not going to break the bank here. With that said, the design of the sofa bed is intelligent in that it’s easy to fold in and out and there isn’t a whole lot of work to be done here.

That point in mind, you’ll not have to worry about ‘fighting’ with the sofa late at night when it comes to setting it up. You’ll just slide out the ‘bed area’ and offer up an incredible sleep surface.

Online, you’ll find a tonne of reviewers outlining that the bed is incredibly easy to set up but also offers a great comfy and somewhat firm sleep surface. And coming from Koala, we can certainly stand by this.

The brand offers some of the most comfortable mattresses in Australia and arguably the world, so the padding inside the sofa will certainly make for a sofa bed combo that’s more comfortable than just about everything else out there.

There is enough space here for three people to sit on the sofa, and the bed section of the sofa is wide enough and spacey enough for two — ideal for most people. For those with small children, there may be enough space here for a child to nap with mum and dad, though sticking with two sleepers might be ideal.

When it comes to getting the sofa to turn into the bed, we’re happy to say that this is done in just four seconds. That in mind, you’ll be able to instantly transform your sofa into the bed when your guests are ready to get some shut-eye here.

Unlike older models of sofa beds, there isn’t any use of any odd metal poles or a foundation here, the sofa slides from the seat and will flatten out into a sofa bed this way.

In line with this unique, pole and metal-foundation-free design, you’re not going to hear any annoying creaks throughout the night, which is ideal for not only your guests but everyone in the house.

One final thing to note is that there aren’t any tools required to set up this sofa bed either, so it’s entirely effortless.

The Details

Koala have thought through a tonne of the essentials with this sofa bed, all the way down to the slim design.

The sofa bed combo is ultra compact, so when you first order one, you’ll find that it will certainly fit through small doors, staircases and just about anywhere else. It’s designed for the smaller homes, so for our readers in a studio, you’re on to a winner here.

There’s a 120-night sleep trial that comes into play here too, which means you have an outstanding four months to trial this sofa bed and to make sure it offers up a comfortable and relaxing sleep for yourself or your guests.

The Koala team will also take care of the return process if you’re in Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne. They’ll be able to pick it up, pack it up and take it away for you.

There’s a 5-year warranty coming with this sofa bed too, so you’re covered for quite a while here.

For the price, you’ll be glad to know that for $1,500 you’re getting an excellent deal here in that a lot of sofa bed combos cost a fair bit more than this for a lot less. To add, there are longer-term payment plans and financing solutions on offer if you’d like to purchase now and pay later.

Our Verdict

As the Koala Sofa Bed lands at number one on our list, we’re sure you can tell that we love everything about this sofa bed combo.

It comes with an effortless set up, optimal comfort and a great design that will suit every modern home. There’s plenty of sleep-friendly comfort and engineering coming into play here along with all the comfort that you and your guests will ever need.

For our readers after a comfortable, durable and reliable sofa bed for their guests, we’re standing by the Koala Sofa Bed as our winner.

Siesta 3 Seater Sofa Bed – Ultra Minimal

For the sofa bed combos for the minimal home or apartment, the Three Seater from Siesta is going to be something for you.

It’s one of the more affordable on the market, coming in at $529, though don’t let that price point fool you. There’s an excellent design here as well as a comfortable padding set up in here that makes sure whoever sleeps on the sofa bed is as comfortable as possible.

The design here isn’t a fold out or slide out either, but rather a flat futon-type sofa bed, which is why we’re suggesting this sofa bed as our winner for those in small spaces. The footprint of this sofa bed is a little smaller than most, and it’s a lot less ‘solid’ than some other sofa beds on our list.

That said, it’s ideal for everyone from a single adult to a child.

You may want to consider this sofa bed as a sleep surface if you often only have one friend or family member visit at a time as it’s only really designed to comfortably fit one sleeper at a time. It does come in at just 182cm wide after all.

When it comes to set up, it offers a nice and swift experience like the Koala in that you only need to unlatch the sofa and fold it completely flat in just a few seconds.

One point we’d like to make here is about comfort. The sofa bed offers a thickness of 9.5 centimetres, which is a whole lot thicker than the standard 6 centimetre thickness you’ll find in most other mattresses out there.

That in mind, this is a great futon sofa bed for those who need a little extra ‘sink space’ for the shoulders and back. To add to this, the softness or firmness level falls at around a 4 to a 5 though this is just a rough estimate. The firmness is reviewed online to be rather plush and falling on the soft side.


There are a few different colours on offer here from Grey, Storm Grey, Biscuit Beige and an Ecru colour. Pair this with the excellent minimal design and we’re certain that this sofa bed is going to be a winner for everyone’s more minimal and compact home.

There are some reviewers touting that the size of the sofa bed is small enough to be used as a home office addition, allowing them to sit and nap.

A 21-night sleep trial also works to offer you plenty of time to test out whether this is the model for you, and if it is, you’re getting a massive 10-year warranty here as well. That will ensure you’re covered for any issues or material problems.

Our Verdict

To sum up the Siesta 3-seater Sofa Bed, we’re happy to say that this is the model for those who are short on space, but also need a sofa that’s designed to work well with minimal interior styling.

You’ll have a great sleep here considering the sofa bed is quite soft and also provides optimal sinkage with the 9.5cm pillow depth.

In the end, this is the ideal companion for a studio apartment with minimal space and for those who often have a friend over with nowhere to catch some z’s.

The Velvet Chesterfield Sofa Bed by Notting Hill – A Higher-end Model

For our readers who are looking for a sofa bed that’s a little more elegant and higher-end than some of the others on our list, then we’ll direct you to the experts at Notting Hill.

Their Velvet Chesterfield is one of the more opulent and stylish sofa beds to choose from and comes with a rather traditional design. It certainly fits well in the more traditionally-styled homes, and being a three seater sofa, you will still find plenty of space here before the sofa turns into a bed.

As with most sofa beds, you’re finding enough space for two sleepers here and seating room for three.

Unlike some of the more easily operable models above, the Notting Hill sofa bed comes with a rather traditional opening mechanism. You’ll work to pull out or fold out the bed ‘frame’ section here and go from there. This might be a dealbreaker if you’re looking for something a little easier to set up, however, it still remains rather easy to set up for most people.

One thing to note is that the mattress is a separate piece here, which means you’re finding a foam mattress built into the frame of the sofa bed. A few other sofa beds will simply allow you to sleep your guests on the same frame or ‘base’ as the seat, though things are a little different here.

When it comes to comfort, a lot of reviews have outlined that it’s rather plush and you’re going to find that there’s also plenty of support. When sleeping on the Chesterfield, you’ll notice shoulders and hips finding plenty of space to sink down, whereas the spine is kept in alignment by the fine-tuned foam upper layer.

As for the quality, we’re happy to note that this is a hand-finished model.

All of the small details such as the tufting and the small button studs are done by hand to make sure that you’re getting some added peace of mind that these won’t tear or pop off any time soon.

The legs on this sofa bed are also high-end, coming in a solid birch, which means you’re not going to see any chipboard here.


When it comes to the size, the Velvet Chesterfield Sofa Bed is a little big. It’s certainly not oversized, however, it’s going to fight against the free space you have in a small apartment or a studio.

The width of the sofa spreads across 236cm and when compared to the 205.5cm of the Koala, there is a pretty big difference.

That in mind, for the larger homes, or those who don’t have too much of a concern around the space their sofa bed takes up, the Chesterfield is going to be a brilliant, comfortable choice.

You’re also going to find a 21-day sleep trial here that gives you plenty of time to test out the sofa bed’s comfort and operability. On top of this, the 10-year warranty has you covered should anything go wrong.

One thing to note is that there aren’t any physical Notting Hill stores in Australia, so you’ll have to find your way to a Brosa Store in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to test out one of these.

Our Verdict

To end, the Velvet Chesterfield Sofa Bed is the ideal option for those who have homes with a fair bit of extra space. It is a little large, and does fold out a little slower in the traditional pull out way — though this is how the brand is able to fit their ultra-plush memory foam mattress.

This is a sofa bed that’s a lot closer to a real bed and mattress, and if this is what you’re interested in offering your guests, then you’re in good hands here.

The Modular Sofa with Storage by Austin – The Space Saver

Another great sofa bed coming into play by offering plenty of space-saving abilities is the Modular Sofa by Austin. Again, this is another great sofa bed for those who need a little extra space, or don’t want to take up too much of their floor space.

If you’re in an apartment, this is another serious contender for you.

Not only is there an L-shape here, but you can slide this sofa bed right up against the wall to get the most use out of your corners and not waste any floorspace when it comes to an extra bed in the apartment.

You’ll find enough space here to seat three people and sleep two very comfortably, and if you have guests that aren’t too fussed, they’re able to fall asleep on the L-shaped sofa extension without needing to set up the ‘bed’ part at all.

As we mentioned, being modular and space-saving comes thanks to the chaise which can be slid from one side of the sofa to the other depending on which wall you’re looking to put the sofa against.


Getting into the nitty gritty, and you’ll find that sofa comes in at 232 centimetres wide, which means it is a little wide, though not as wide as the Notting Hill model above.

We’re inclined to say that, although it is a little large, its smart design makes it a winner for studio apartments, and because of that, we’re standing by this as one of the space-saver models.

There’s a 10-year warranty coming into play here too, which means your $1,499 investment in this sofa bed is going to offer some peace of mind.

One final thing to note is that there’s plenty of small storage nooks in this sofa bed too, so what the sofa takes away in floor space, it offers back in nifty little storage compartments to help you keep your apartment nice and tidy. 

To end, a 21-day trial period is on offer here too, so you’ll have a few weeks to try out the comfort before committing to this sofa bed as your new guest sleeping companion.

Our Verdict

As we mentioned, this is our top space-saver model for our readers in that you can slide it right into the corner and also gain some storage space back.

That in mind, if you want to declutter and invite a couple of friends over for the night, you’re well-covered by the Austin Full Sleeper sofa.

Our last point is that being comfortable and modular means you may not even need to set up this mattress for your guests, and getting some shut-eye on the chaise and sofa-combo might be comfortable enough for some.

Maki Sofa Bed – Favourite for Micro-spaces

Not to be confused with some of the other small space-saver sofas on our list, the Maki offers something a little more helpful — a fold-up design.

This is your ultimate partner for the student studio apartment or micro space and you’re able to rely on it to save as much of your floor space as possible. It will be plenty comfortable and seat up to two people quite comfortably, though it can fold out flat and offer a bed for a single sleeper.

There’s a design here that does support up to 150kg which means most people will be able to find a good night’s sleep on the Maki.

As we mentioned, being so well-designed for the micro-space, the Maki is able to offer just enough sleeping space for a single sleeper. Depending on your size, the 120cm wide mattress frame might be good enough, though sometimes this might be a little small depending on the friend you’re having stay over.

We would like the point out that the Maki brand has focused on offering a somewhat Japanese-inspired design here, which means you’re seeing an ultra-minimal look as well as a style that’s quite elegant.


The Maki Sofa Bed comes in at just $549, which makes it one of the more affordable options out there, and this is especially good news for those looking to stick to their budgets when furnishing a new studio.

The 120cm wide frame here offers enough space for a single sleeper, though, if you often have two guests stay over at a time, or a couple, you may want to increase your size a little more and opt for one of the larger sofa beds on our list.

There’s a 21-day trial here and a 10-year warranty which means you have peace of mind when it comes to making sure your sofa bed is going to offer you or your guests a good night’s sleep for years to come.

Our Verdict

With a design that is one of the smaller on our list, we’re standing by the Maki Sofa Bed as the ideal companion for those who really don’t have much space in their homes.

You’re going to be in great hands with the Maki, and being a single bed, and offering a fold-up design for the sofa, you can rely on this sofa bed combo to reclaim as much of your floor space as possible when it’s not fully in use.

Reviewers online have touted it as the ideal furniture piece for a nursery, their home office or study in that it can be used as a small comfortable seat in these rooms, and in seconds, turn into a single bed for guests.

The Lana Sofa Bed – An Affordable Winner

When it comes to our no-frills sofa beds, the Lana Sofa Bed has to be on your list.

The sofa bed comes on sale at below $500 and still offers a rather traditionally stylish look with its velvet-styled finish and large plush pillow top.

You’re able to make use of all the different colour options coming into play here, and that means that the Lana has a great chance at working well in just about any home, with any particular palette.

One of our favourite parts of this sofa bed, especially because it’s so affordable, is the robust Deco velvet that envelops the padded sections beneath. This means that you’re getting that beautiful and opulent sheen from the sofa bed that makes this more of a feature piece than just about anything else.

There’s also a gold metal-toned hardware finish coming into play here with engineered wood framing which mimics that of solid pine. In all, if you’re looking for style and affordability, there isn’t too much else that comes close here.

When comfort and operability is concerned, there is a thick plush layer here that offers sleepers a tonne of sinkage for the joints. To set up the sofa bed, all you’ll need to do is follow the three-step instructions to flatten this futon-like design into a bed and you’re all set.


As with a lot of other, more expensive sofa beds on our list, you’re getting a 21-day trial period here to test it out. There’s a 10-year warranty on offer too, which means if you notice any odd wear, tear or the flattening of the padding inside the velvet, you can replace this without an issue.

To end, the width and length of the sofa bed is just 188cm by 113cm which means you’re getting a lot of space here, though when entirely folded up there’s just an 87cm depth, keeping a good hold of your floor space.

Our Verdict

For our readers after a stylish sofa bed above all else, this is something you should certainly consider. Of course, it’s also one of our favourite affordable models to boot, which means you’re getting a stylish, elegant sofa bed, without needing to spend a tonne on a higher-end brand.

When it comes to sleep experience, the velvet covering and the ultra-plush pillow tops make for a comfortable and pain-free sleep for your guests that we’re sure they will love. It may not offer the same experience as a spare bed, though you’re not going to hear any complaints here.

The 3 Seater Futon by Laze – Top Choice Futon

Those most interested in something like a futon aside from a rather large and bulky sofa or couch, we have the best suggestion for you.

The three-seater option by Laze is going to offer a stylish and space-saving sofa bed for you.

One of our favourite features of this futon, aside from its intuitive set up process are the dual padded layers here. Unlike a lot of sofa beds, this futon comes with a supportive base along with a padded upper layer that makes sure sleepers are getting a comfortable experience.

The futon comes in at just 188cm wide, so you’re getting the assurance that it will certainly fit in just about any room or small apartment without eating up too much of the floor space.

On top of this, the set up process we mentioned above has been well-thought-out in that there’s just a three-step clip system here. You can simply unlatch the clips and flatten the futon and you’re all done — simple as can be.

As for the width and supported sleeper sizes here, you’ll find that a single person can sleep here quite comfortably, though it isn’t the widest so cramming a second person might be a little tight.

One final thing we’d like to note about this great futon sofa bed are the tufted fabrics. As we stated, these dual layer fabrics make for one of the most comfortable sleeps out there, though they also offer a more traditional style for your futon and fit right into the more elegant homes.


The width of this futon comes in at 188cm and is rather compact. It folds down to a small 188 by 89cm size which means you’re not giving up too much of your floor space here.

On top of this, the $429 price point makes this futon one of the more attractive options on your list if you’re looking for a more affordable sleep surface for your guests.

There’s a 60-day trial on offer here too along with a rather effective 3-year warranty, though there isn’t too much else.

Reviews online have highlighted this futon as one of the more effective models out there for children and teenage sleepovers given that the smaller size fits well in kid’s bedrooms and offers a great sleep surface for smaller-sized people.

Our Verdict

With a low price and a great tufted fabric design, we’re going to stand by this futon as one of the best value for money on the market today.

That in mind, if you do frequently have friends over, or have children with friends who often sleep over, this is the option for you. It folds down incredibly easily and has a sleep surface that’s ideal for children, teens and smaller adults.

Adding to the style, the small footprint also means you’ll easily fit this futon in just about space in the home with ease.

The 3 Seater Futon by Kip – The Most Affordable

To end our list, we’ll take a look at one of the most affordable futons out there, and that’s the three-seater model by Kip.

If you’re simply after the cheaper model on the market without compromising sleep quality, then this is certainly something you need to consider. Coming in at just $199 it’s by far the more affordable on our list, though there aren’t too many shortcomings here.

The futon offers a stellar, minimal design and also comes with a padded fabric thick enough to ensure your guests are getting a lot of comfort out of this futon. It sets up in just a few seconds thanks to the clip mechanisms and when it’s time to set the bed back up into the futon, the process is just as simple.

When it comes to using the sofa feature of this futon, we’re also happy to say it has been reviewed as being quite comfortable and offering plenty of width for three adults comfortably.

It comes in a denim finish too, which means this slim futon fits well in the more modern and minimal apartment or house.


The size of the futon is one of the best features here, with the 180cm width coming in most handy when it comes to getting this sofa bed into the small studio spaces.

You’re going to find that there’s little to no lost floor space here given that the sofa is only 87cm deep. You’ll also be able to make use of an ideal 60-day trial period here for testing out the sleeping experience here and a 3-year warranty offers peace of mind.

Online reviews have also mentioned that the Kip futon is one of the more stylish out there, and the comfort is good given that the price point is rather low.

Our Verdict

As one of the most affordable sofa beds on the market today, you’ll be in good hands here if you’re looking to spend the least on a great quality product.

We will say that from online mentions, there is a little to be desired in the comfort department here, though this could be dealt with by investing in a cheap mattress topper for your guests.

The top feature of this futon is highlighted to be that it’s wide enough for ideal comfort for guests, and that said, you’re in good hands if you’re looking to use this futon as a primary sofa or sitting space in your living room or a play room.

A Few Things to Consider

With all of our favourite sofa beds in Australia out of the way, we’re going to take a quick look at a few of the most important things to consider when investing in a sofa bed on your own.

If none of our products above have taken your fancy, then be sure to consider the features and perks we’ve outlined below to ensure you’re getting your hands on the best sofa bed this year.

Use Frequency

As we’ve outlined above, one of the key points you’ll need to keep in mind is how often the sofa bed is going to be used by you, or your guests.

If you’re expecting to make use of your sofa bed a lot, you’ll want to make sure it’s comfortable and also offers the ideal amount of lumbar support. You’re not going to want to slowly cause back issues over time with a poorly structured sofa bed.

That in mind, for the sofa bed that is going to be routinely used will have to be thick, comfortable and designed to support all sleeping types.

For those who aren’t looking to use their sofa bed all too often, you’re not going to need to invest in something as plush or comfortable. A thinner and less soft and body-contouring sofa bed will be fine here.

The Trial Period

With all of the sofa beds on our list above coming with a trial, some models don’t offer this and that might be a deal breaker.

It’s always good to choose a model you are able to test and make use of the bed for a few weeks or months to be sure you’re getting something that works best for you. This is where you’ll be able to assess a few things from; comfort, colour, style and ease of use.

If some of these things don’t work out well for you, you’ll be able to pull on the trial period and have the sofa bed returned or replaced for another model.

The Size of Your Home

As sofa beds are typically used to save space, there’s a good chance you’re looking for something that takes up as little space in your home as possible.

With that in mind, it’s always good to make sure you measure out the space you’re looking to set up your sofa in and go from there. Of course, a small sofa bed is going to be best for the studio apartments, etc. However, if you do have a tonne of space, going larger and more comfortable might be a better option for you.


Now that we’ve showcased some of the best sofa beds in Australia and taken a look at arguably the most important things to consider, we’re sure you know exactly where to go and what to look for in your next purchase.

Always be sure to consider your home’s size, your budget and your comfort requirements when investing in a sofa bed and make sure you’re getting your hands on something that isn’t going to result in back pain or issues for your guests when they stay over at your house.

To end, factor in things such as warranty and the ease of set up for the bed. You want your experience with a sofa bed to be as seamless and stress-free as possible, and with warranty and an easy set up on your side, you’re all good to go.

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