The Best Mattresses in Australia for Back Pain

The Best Mattresses in Australia for Back Pain

The Best Mattresses in Australia for Back Pain

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Back pain is one of the most common ailments in the world, Australia included. Thousands of Aussies suffer from back pain and soreness every day, and while it’s caused by several different things, your mattress is one of the most important factors. We spend an incredible amount of time in our bed, so it’s essential that we have the right mattress that helps relieve and prevent pain, instead of causing it. So say goodbye to your old mattress, it’s doing you more harm than good.

Aside from getting the right mattress for your back, there are a lot of things you can do during your day to help alleviate any back pain you’re experience. Contacting a doctor or chiropractor is essential. For now, let’s jump into a bit more information about back pain as it relates to your sleeping position, and if there’s something special to look for in a mattress that’s guaranteed to help.

Jump Ahead to the Best Mattresses in Australia for Back Pain

  1. Sleep Republic Mattress (Recommended)
  2. Koala Mattress (Recommended)
  3. Ergoflux Mattress
  4. Sherman Mattress
  5. Sleeping Duck Mattress
  6. Ecosa Mattress
  7. Cloud 9 Classic Comfort
  8. Neoluxe Vantage Silver

Avoiding Back Pain While You Sleep

It turns out that the position you sleep in can exacerbate any back pain you have. Seeing a doctor or chiropractor is essential to get some advice backed up by health professionals. Otherwise, the following information regarding back pain and your sleeping position comes from the Australian Chiropractors Association

  • Stomach Sleepers

For those of you who sleep on your stomach, we’ve got some bad news – this is the worst posture for your spine. As you lay on your tummy, pressure is put on your spine when you twist your neck to face either side.

  • Side Sleepers

In general, sleeping on your side is pretty good for your spine. It can be improved further if you place a pillow between your legs, which reduces the pressure on your spine and provides some alignment.

  • Back Sleepers

Sleeping on your back is also another position that is easy on your spine. But it’s important to ensure that your pillow is at the correct height, reducing the pressure on your neck. It can also help to sleep with a pillow underneath your knees.

What to Look for in a Mattress to Minimise Back Pain?

Old mattresses are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to worsening back pain. Investing in a new one is crucial when it comes to supporting your spine and getting through the night pain-free. But what should you look for in a mattress that will help minimise back pain? It turns out, there’s no one-fits-all answer.

Getting the right mattress to help with back pain generally means finding the right support and level of firmness for your body and preferences. It’s important to get right, which is why most mattress manufacturers also have a 100-day return policy. That means if any of the following mattresses aren’t exactly to your like in the first three months, you can return them free of charge. However, in general your back needs good, firm support, meaning that most of these mattresses are a medium to medium-firm feel. Let’s get started – here are the best mattresses in Australia for back pain.

1.    Sleep Republic Mattress (Recommended)

The first mattress on this list is the popular Sleep Republic mattress. This is your standard hybrid mattress, with two foam layers that sit on top of a layer of pocket springs. By using around 50% more springs than the other hybrid competitors on this list, the mattress delivers a strong support that is essential if you’re a sleeper who suffers from back pain.

Up first is a layer of gel-infused memory foam, a soft and comfortable top that slowly sinks as you lie down, contouring to the shape of your body. Thanks to its gel technology, it’s also excellent at wicking away any built-up heat. This is only enhanced with the second layer, made from 100% natural latex. Naturally bouncy and breathable, the latex gives less than the top layer of memory foam, helping to support your back for a good night’s sleep. But it’s the third and final layer that sets this mattress apart from the rest. The high-definition pocket spring system employs 1,850 individual springs, providing incredible support for your joints and minimal partner disturbance. For Aussies who suffer from back pain, this mattress is what dreams are made of.

2.    Koala Mattress (Recommended)

One of the top-rated Aussie foam mattresses, the Koala is a popular choice for back sleepers who suffer from back pain. Using custom foams crafted with 100% eco-friendly materials, the Koala delivers a nicely firm feel. With an open-cell design on the top layer, it’s also more breathable than other memory foam mattresses, ensuring Aussies are kept cool all night long. And with your purchase, the company also donates money to wildlife conservation efforts, helping keep the habitats of our nation’s wildlife clean and thriving – fantastic.

As mentioned above, Koala developed their very own memory and latex foam layers to use in their mattress. On top is their patented Kloudcell foam, which aims to bring together the soft and comfortable memory foam with the bounciness and breathability of a latex. For those who are used to sleeping on a regular spring mattress, it might feel firm at first. However, the mattress does a stellar job at keeping your joints aligned and supporting you where you need it most. The second layer is Koala’s own high-density foam, working together with the top to keep your back feeling great and unlocking a restful sleep. The result is a comfortable and deep sleep, which will have you up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Koala’s Birthday Sale till 3rd October & get 15% off mattresses

3.    Ergoflux Mattress

Made entirely from memory foam, the Ergoflux is a popular choice among Aussies looking for a good night’s sleep free from back pain. The mattress contours and shapes itself exactly to your body as you lie down, meaning that your body will be supported in all the right places. The layers of open-cell and high-density foam are made from hospital-grade materials, and work together to create a supportive yet soft sleeping experience. Customers who opt for this mattress are treated to a dreamy and restful sleep.

The mattress is made up of three different layers. On top is where you’ll find a unique high-density memory foam, with plenty of airflow and a better-than-most contouring. The open cell structure also works to provide extra support for your back, shoulders, and hips. Below is a layer of their ‘Cool Sleep Airflow’ foam. It offers even more breathability and dispenses any heat that builds up in the first layer. Rounding out the bottom of this mattress is a highly resilient foam, bringing the extra support that your back needs with a nice level of firmness. All in all, the Ergoflux does a great job at alleviating back pain and is a solid choice for those who are looking for a medium to medium-firm mattress.

4.    Sherman Mattress

The Sherman mattress uses premium foam layers backed up by a base spring system, delivering comfort and support whilst unlocking relief for back pain. The hybrid mattress sits at around a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, edging its way slightly above a medium feel. However, it’s topped with a luxuriously soft comfort layer, so you’ll be relieved from back pain while also sinking into a soft and warm top. With exceptional body contouring, weight distribution, and targeted lumbar support, this mattress is one of the best in Australia when it comes to helping with back pain.

The top layer is a soft memory foam, the slow sink offset by the premium foam underneath. All of it is supported by Sherman’s signature spring system, which provides quality support for your spine. Individually wrapped, each spring jumps into action to support the form of your body without disturbing your partner. It achieves a nice balance between comfort, support, and responsiveness, and all in all, is a great choice for Aussie’s looking for a well-priced mattress that will alleviate back pain.

5.    Sleeping Duck Mattress

The Sleeping Duck mattress is a hybrid option that provides great support for sleepers with back pain through its combination of foam layers on top of a spring base. Sleepers can choose between a medium or firm feel, and if neither works for you, the Sleeping Duck team will work with you until you find something that finds the right level of support for your back. It’s also a great option for couples who prefer different feels, as you can order a half-half layer, so each side of the bed is tuned into whoever sleeps on top.

On top is their own layer of Hyper-Adaptive foam, which keeps the gentle support of a memory foam mattress with the airflow and buoyancy of a natural latex. Below that is the customisable high-density foam, which controls the feeling of firmness on the mattress, giving you plenty of support. The bottom layer is the spring base, with individually wrapped springs in five different zones, ensuring minimal partner disturbance and that each area of the mattress is comfortable. Whether you’re a side or back sleeper, you should be able to find the right blend of comfort and support with the Sleeping Duck.

6.    Ecosa Mattress

With three layers of foam that allow you to choose between a medium, medium-firm, or firm feel, sleepers with back pain will enjoy the extra customisation of the Ecosa Mattress. Whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach, you should be able to find a level of comfort that will have you up and about in the morning without an achy back. With a strong focus on making sure the mattress supports your spine alignment, it’s a great choice and one of the best mattresses in Australia for back pain.

All mattresses ship tailored to a medium feel – with a memory foam on top, Eco-Tex layer below for breathability, and the high-density support layer at the base. For those who prefer a medium-firm feel, it’s as simple as unzipping the covers and switching the two top layers so the firmer Eco-Tex is on top. For an even firmer feel, flip the entire mattress over so that the support layer is on top. All the layers work together in different combinations to address a variety of sleep positions and joint support. And if none of the levels suit you, Ecosa also offer a 100-night trial period.

7.    Cloud 9 Classic Comfort

Sporting a range of unique foam layers on top of an advanced spring system base, the Cloud 9 provides targeted relief to shoulders and lower back. When you drift off at night, your entire body will feel supported and comfortable, and you can rest easy knowing that your spine will be protected in all the right places. Overall, the mattress strikes a nice balance between firm and soft, making it ideal for a wide range of preferences.

Starting things off is their layer of ultra-comfortable foam called simply called Cloud Gel™. Made up of several different foams, it provides a lush and bouncy feel that supports you while not sinking as much as regular memory foam would. Beneath is their signature support system, the 9 Zone Ultra Coil spring layer. Boasting over 5 times as many springs than a standard spring mattress, the layer is durable and provides an abundance of support that helps to alleviate any back pain.

8.    Neoluxe Vantage Silver

Decked out in silky black and silver, visually this mattress radiates class, quality, and comfort. And the feel doesn’t disappoint either, with premium foams on top of a world-class spring system providing the ultimate in pressure relief and a satisfying feel. The mattress also weaves a genuine silver thread into its surface, Silverline. Naturally anti-bacterial, it interacts with your body temperature and moisture to provide a fresh and hygienic night’s sleep. An added layer of luxury that will have you dreaming as soon as your head hits the pillow.

The first layer of the Neoluxe is made from the Italian-crafted comfort foam, SilverForm. The luxurious material incorporates the pressure relief of a memory foam and the bouncy feel of a latex. Down below is a layer of high-density foam, providing a smooth transition into the added support of the spring system below. That final layer is better than most, made up of 12 pockets using a range of spring heights for targeted support to your hips, shoulders back and neck. The result is an advanced body contouring, great pressure relief on all joints, and minimal partner disturbance. Customers can choose between a firm, plush, and ultra-plush feel if you’re after something more on the soft side.

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