The Best Mattress Topper Australia

The Best Mattress Topper Australia

The Best Mattress Topper Australia

If you’re sleeping on an older mattress or even a brand new one that just doesn’t feel like you’d expected, then a mattress topper should certainly find its way into your online shopping cart.

With a mattress topper, you can effectively change the entire feel of your mattress (regardless of how old and tired it is) and give yourself that cloud-like sensation we all crave.

For those who have done any mattress topper research online, you’ll know that a mattress topper is the cherry on top of an incredible mattress and will truly lift your sleep quality to the next level. On a new mattress, a topper will enhance the great experience you’re already getting, and on an old one — you’re effectively giving yourself an all-new bed.

With that said, there is a tonne of mattress toppers on the market that are designed in different ways and engineered to offer different sleeping experiences.

There are thinner models that are firm, thicker models that are ultra-plush, there are cooling-gel-infused models and much more. And of course, even though the selection is fantastic, it can be a little confusing on which to choose.

A general rule of thumb though is to find a mattress topper that suits your sleeping style, is designed in a way that will enhance your mattress and, of course, suits the environment you sleep in.

With the essentials out of the way, let’s take a look below at the best mattress topper for Aussies this year.

Our TL;DR – Peace Lily Topper

If you’re just here to get the best of the best without too much else, take a look at our top choice toppers below. These are going to do their best at aiding your sleep, will give you plenty of back support and also add a few more years to your existing mattress’s lifespan.

Keep in mind that one mattress topper isn’t the best for everyone, so we’ve noted the best features of each one to help you make a more informed decision based on your sleeping style and habits.

The MicroCloud Topper — Soft, Mildly Supportive and Fibre-filled

Overall the Topper by MicroCloud seems to be the best all-rounder for Aussie sleepers looking to get the most out of their existing mattresses.

This topper isn’t a foam-infused slab, but rather a segmented sheet of fibre-filled compartments that offers an incredibly plush and mildly supportive layer on top of your mattress.

Ovela Bamboo Memory Foam Topper — Foam Sheet Topper

A more general topper, the Ovela’s variant is essentially a ‘sheet’ of memory foam that offers an excellent and somewhat-firm layer of support that will prevent you from having too much weight transferred into your joints as you sleep.

One downside to the foam is that some sleepers may find it a little warm if they’re used to sleeping on a well-ventilated pocket spring. That aside though, there’s sinkage here, motion isolation and a great feel.

Our Selection Process

Before we get into our best mattress toppers, we want to let you know how these toppers were selected and why you can trust that they’re going to ensure you have a great experience.

As we all know, there are a bazillion different mattress toppers on the market, for a tonne of different sleeping styles. With that in mind, we had to select a range of toppers made from a range of materials and determine from customer reviews which offered the best experience.

We took a look into everything from latex, memory foam, bamboo, cotton and down to choose an ideal mattress topper from each of these materials and based on customer reviews, slimmed this list down further.

Unlike kitchen products or other non-personal products, bedding is deeply personal, so gathering a far-reaching set of reviews for each mattress topper was essential to make sure the topper was well-liked and going to offer a good experience. Toppers that didn’t get above three stars were overlooked, with four and 5-star toppers landing higher on the list. 

After sifting through all of our toppers, we separated them into their respective categories. We pulled one winner from each material category, leaving us with the list of the best mattress toppers below.

The Best Mattress Topper – Peace llily

If adding a bit of bounce into an old mattress is what you’re most looking for, then the all-latex Peacelily Mattress Topper is here to make your wishes come true. We know that memory foam isn’t for everyone, and some despise the deep sinking feeling associated with it, and that’s where latex comes in.

The Peace lily Mattress topper’s firmer latex is an excellent middle ground in that it cradles the body, relieves weight, but also has plenty of ‘spring’ or responsiveness. With that in mind, if you’re a back or side sleeper and need to ensure spinal alignment is kept in check, then the Peacelily is our absolute top choice for you.

As an entirely natural latex topper, there are no chemicals finding their way into your bedding. And with an organic-based inner material and 100% organic cotton topper there’s little to worry about when choosing this topper for kid’s beds.

One big standout is that Peace lily topper is 5cm thick, which makes it one of the thicker and denser of the toppers on our list. And although we wouldn’t suggest sleeping on an old tired and sagging mattress, the Peace lily is, however, your best bet at counteracting those types of issues.

The topper also comes in almost all standard sizes and comes with a decade-long warranty and one hundred night trial to make sure you truly love it before you commit.

Ovela Bamboo Memory Foam Topper

As many of our readers are naturally drawn to memory foam, we’ve moved the Ovela Bamboo Memory Foam Topper to the top of the ladder.

Not only is this mattress topper an affordable, reliable product, but its also designed in a way that ensures you’re supported on such a slim topper. Being a NASA-designed material, memory foam is durable and very trustworthy when it comes to alleviating pain and lifting our bodyweight off pressure points as we sleep.

As expected, the memory foam in the Ovela contours to the body and keeps you from noticing almost any pain as you sleep. For example, hip or shoulder pain will be reduced as your body’s weight is being cradled and transferred into the topper rather than than the joint.

To add, the memory foam is incredibly comfortable in the Ovela, so you’re able to throw it over top and old bed, for example, and have it feel almost like new again. This also perfect for uncomfortable dorm mattresses and or for guest beds that you might not be too inclined to replace.

When it comes to special features, the bamboo fabric is a naturally feature-packed material in that it’s antibacterial, resistant to dust mites and also hypoallergenic by design. If you or your children often wake up with a runny nose or sneezing, this topper is a winner for you.

Taking a look at customer experience, most reviewers touted the mattress topper as taking a little while to expand after unrolled though this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Some reviewers even mentioned they take the topper with them on holidays.

There are a few cons which we think are essential to jot down, however, and these are that the topper isn’t fitted, so it will slip and slide with too much movement. It’s also a little on the firm side, so side sleepers may not like it — though firm goes hand in hand with tummy and back sleepers.

MicroCloud Mattress Topper

We’re sure you’ll agree with us when we say there’s little that stands in the way of a down topper packed with duck or goose down — though this topper comes pretty close.

Without the cruelty, the MicroCloud is packed with ultra-plush fabric fibres that are some of the softest and most supportive we’ve seen. Reviewers online are also raving about the feel of this topper, and it’s silent (down often crinkles) and supportive experience.

Being down-free, there’s a reduced chance of allergies being sparked up, and there’s less chance of having to shake out and ‘fluff’ the bedding.

The fill in this topper is split into a range of compartments and is a rather hi-tech variant that is hypoallergenic and entirely resistant to dust mites. That means that if you’re sensitive to mites or have allergies, this is the topper for you and small children too.

Taking a looking online at reviews and experience, the topper garners five stars from almost every customer, and we’re glad to say that it lives up to the hype. Sleepers touted the topper as feeling like a marshmallow and a cloud.

Adding to the experience, if you’re someone who suffers from hip, back, shoulder or neck pain — a tonne of customers have made mention that this topper greatly improved this pain as they slept.

OCTAsmart Mattress Topper

One of the more niche mattress toppers on our list is the OCTAsmart because of its focus on cooling beds in hot climates. Although not explicitly designed for cooling (it’s an allergy-reducing topper too) it is the best of the best when it comes to expelling heat from a mattress.

Reviewers in warmer climates described that the topper remained cool all night even on the warmest nights, and because of this it helped to reduce the pain associated with their osteoporosis.

The technology in the OCTAsmart mattress topper is proprietary and designed to be as light, cool and breathable as possible. So much in fact that the topper can actively cool your mattress by up to 3 degrees.

In keeping with the niche and proprietary technologies, the OCTAsmart mattress topper’s internal structure is shaped like a honeycomb, with all of the ‘honeycomb’ structures being entirely memory foam. That said, this shape allows the topper to be up to 8x more ventilated than other toppers — ideal for cities like Darwin, Broome, Cairns and Townsville.

You’ll find these mattress toppers in high-end hotels too, so adding a touch of luxury feel to the bed will be a given.

To end, this topper is designed with multiple different weight zones in mind, and so your body is evenly supported across the OCTAsmart. The three-zone support makes sure that your upper body, tummy zone and legs are supported correctly and have pressure point relief without issue.

Coming in at $600 the OCTAsmart is very much on the high-end, though for the experience, support and cooling design it may be well worth it depending on how you like to sleep.

Bambillo Mattress Topper

A second memory foam topper landing on our list is the Bambillo bamboo-based topper that is, again, naturally hypoallergenic and safe for children to use.

It’s a cooling mattress topper and is also designed in a way that wicks away moisture to reduce damp spots or mould build up in humid environments. The Bambillo is also a cool topper in summer and warmer one in winter, so you’re more likely to remain comfortable year-round.

Being a memory foam topper, there is that fantastic sinking feeling sleepers love, and being just a tad on the firm side, you’ll be able to rest assured that you are going to be getting the spinal support and pressure relief you need to sleep pain-free.

Coming in at 7cm thick, the topper is one of the thickest on our list, and that’s great news for those who want some hip and shoulder ‘dippage’ as they sleep.

Reviews for the Bambillo aren’t the highest on our list, but an average of around 3.5 stars is still a good sign for anyone looking to invest in bamboo memory foam. One point to keep in mind is that a few customers did mention the bed topper was a little warm to sleep on.

IKEA Tussoy

For the side sleeper, the Tussoy by IKEA is coming in hot. At a great 8cm thick, there’s more depth here than almost all other mattress toppers on the market in this price range, which is fantastic for side sleeping.

The team at IKEA have worked to make a foam sheet that’s also curated to provide support in areas where the body is concentrated. The foam will actively contour to the body and allow the shoulders to dig deep into the topper, so you’ll almost immediately feel weight taken off your neck and hips.

To add, as this topper is relatively thick and soft, it’s the ultimate companion for a mattress that’s a little too firm, or for an old dorm innerspring bed that’s far too tired to sleep comfortably.

The Tussoy is also wrapped in an easily-removable cover that you’re able to unzip and wash routinely with your bedding to keep it clean. Coming in at $299 the topper is affordable when compared to a range of other similarly designed mattress toppers.

One final aspect of memory foam to keep in mind is that the foam’s firmness will adjust and rely on the room’s temperature. That said, if you’re in a colder room or climate, the Tussoy will be a little firmer than you may like. Body heat will also help to soften the topper.

Halcyon Dreams

Somewhat of a rarity are the wool mattress toppers, such as the Halcyon Dreams topper which is designed without any latex or memory foam.

Made in Australia, the Halcyon Dreams mattress is designed with a suite of pockets that are stuffed full of Woolmark Certified Wool, which ensures you’re doing your best for the industry.

As a moisture-wicking material, you can rest assured this topper will keep your mattress dry and also reduce that mildly damp smell that might come about after an accident in bed, or during the wetter more humid months.

Wool is also a great fibre that works to cool you as you sleep in summer and keep you warm during winter. A win-win for the harsher Aussie climate.

To keep things simple, we’ve slid the Halcyon Dreams mattress topper into our list thanks to it being so practical for Aussies. There are two options as well, one dry clean and the other machine washable so keeping it clean is far easier than other wool mattress toppers. It’s also fitted, unlike some other toppers on our list, so you’re not going to see it moving about the bed too much as you sleep.

There might not be too many reviews on this topper; however, the ones that were posted are very positive, and reviewers have mentioned that the plushness and thickness of the wool inner-lay helped with their back pain.


Last up, but indeed not the least incredible is the gel-infused OneBed mattress topper.

As we’re sure you would agree, Australia is hot almost always, and that’s where the cooling gel-infused OneBed topper comes in. The bed topper is made from a high-quality memory foam to offer that ideal dense, sinking and contouring feeling, but it’s also gel-infused to make sure it isn’t too warm.

Other all-foam bed toppers can’t accurately match the experience of OneBed simply because foam gets hot, and OneBed’s gel doesn’t.

When it comes to support and experience, there’s a zoned support system integrated into the internals of the OneBed, and that ensures you’re getting optimal back alignment features which will keep your spine from dipping too far.

Thanks to reviews pushing the OneBed to the highest-reviewed gel-infused topper, we had to add it to our list. And coming in at $310, it’s not the cheapest, but certainly not the most expensive on our list.

For those looking to improve their mattress for side sleeping to cool a warmer bed, the OneBed mattress topper is undoubtedly our top choice for you. Anyone from Darwin, Cairns, Broome or Townsville will be quite happy with this topper.

What to Consider When You Go it Alone

If you’ve not found a winner in our list above, we have a few points to keep in mind when choosing a topper for your mattress. We know there’s so much to consider, and if you don’t know what to look for in a mattress topper, the below tips will be a great help.

Ideal Firmness

One of the first things you need to consider is always your sleeping preference and firmness of your topper. You’ll likely already know which types of firmness levels you prefer, though if you don’t having a look at your sleep position will be a great help.

The memory foam toppers will be some of the softer variants, whereas latex will be a little firmer. Both down and wool will be your cloud-like options.


Another important consideration is to always keep in mind where you live. Warmer cities will significantly impact the decision when you buy a topper. If you choose a non-gel foam variant and live in Darwin, for example, you’ll have an extremely warm and uncomfortable bed.

Remember, gel-infused foam and wool are your best bets in hotter cities. Standard foams will be okay in cooler cities like Melbourne and Sydney.

Sleeping Positions

As we mentioned above, sleeping positions will also affect what type of mattress topper you choose. If you’re a side sleeper, a thicker memory foam variant will be your best bet as these are able to drop your hips and shoulders a little more.

Tummy and back sleepers will be more comfortable on thinner and firmer mattresses.

The Takeaway

Now that we’ve covered our best mattress toppers, it’s easy to see that there’s a tonne you can do to get the most out of your current mattress and also improve your sleep.

Be sure to consider how you sleep, where you live and the types of materials you’ll find most comfortable and you’ll be on the right track to greatly enhancing a new bed, or reinventing the sleep experience on an older one.

To sum up, choose a gel-infused foam for a warmer city, a memory foam topper is the best for those who’d like to feel cradled as they sleep and your wool variants are the top pick for the plush, cloud-like sleep.

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