Tempur Mattress Review

Tempur Mattress Review

Tempur Mattress Review


Tempur mattresses have been around for a while now, but when they first came out they were pretty revolutionary. Tempur memory foam was invented by NASA for astronauts, to keep them comfortable during lift off. So if it’s good enough for astronauts, it’s got to be good enough for us right? Well we shall see. These days there are many different brands of memory foam mattress. Have Tempur stood the test of time?

Are they still the best you can get? We take a closer look at Tempur mattresses so you can see if it’s the right choice for you…

The Tempur range of mattresses

One thing we like about Tempur mattresses is that there is plenty of choice. Tempur realise that there isn’t a ‘one mattress suits all’ solution, so they offer several choices. They fit into four main categories…

Tempur Hybrid

The Tempur Hybrid mattress is the latest addition to the Tempur range. It combines Tempur memory foam with springs giving you a mattress that’s extra responsive. The Tempur Hybrid is available in three thicknesses, 21cm, 25cm and 30cm so you can choose the mattress that best suits your bed base.

Tempur Contour

The Tempur Contour is the original Tempur mattress and is best suited to anyone who wants a firm mattress. As with the Hybrid, this is also available in 21cm, 25cm and 30cm depths.

Tempur Cloud

Prefer a soft mattress? Then the Tempur Cloud would be the one to go for. Aptly named, it cushions your body as if you were sleeping on a fluffy cloud. Three thickness options are available.

Tempur Sensation

If you tend to move about a lot in your sleep, then check out the Tempur Sensation, made especially for ease of movement. Choose from 3 depths of Sensation mattress.

More about the Tempur mattresses

Tempur have redesigned their mattresses to give them a modern stylish look. The cover is grey, with a brightly coloured trim. The colour of the trim depends on the style of mattress you choose. When you buy a Tempur mattress you also get pillows, a quilt and a mattress protector. While this is nice, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor on which mattress you choose! However, with the Tempur you do get a 10 year guarantee that covers any lumps or bumps and a loss of height of 5% or more.

The QuickRefresh cover is easy to remove and it’s machine washable. You can also buy replacement covers if yours gets stained or damaged, giving your mattress a whole new lease of life. We think this is something all mattress manufacturers should offer. When a mattress starts to look old, it may not necessarily need replacing in its entirety. The cover is 98% polyester and 2% elastane. It also contains a layer of soft foam for even more comfort.

The range of sizes of the Tempur mattress

Now this is where the Tempur mattresses stand out from the crowd. If you’ve got an unusual sized bed and struggle to find a mattress to fit, Tempur might just have the solution for you. They have just about every size you could ever want, from small single to long double, small double to Super King.

The cost of the Tempur mattresses

Now if you’ve read this far and decided the Tempur mattresses sound amazing, this may be where you change your mind! They come at a price… a high one! You’re unlikely to find a Tempur mattress less  than £1000 for a single, and when you start looking at the King size mattresses you’re talking about around £3000. That’s a lot to pay out, but you do get a 100 night trial, so at least you won’t end up with an expensive mattress that really doesn’t suit you!

Ordering from Tempur

With these mattresses being at the high end of the market, you would expect good service. Ordering from the website is easy, and here’s a top tip – take a close look at any banners on the website as there are often discount codes to get some money off.

Delivery is free, but you have to take delivery when their driver is in your area, between 9am and 4pm. If you want an alternative day or a different time frame, then you will have to pay. This seems a bit mean when you’re shelling out thousands for their product! The delivery includes installation, so you won’t have to carry the mattress into the bedroom yourself. When you order a Tempur mattress, you also get pillows, quilt and mattress protector. These are sent separately by courier.

Another sticking point is the long delay from ordering to delivery. While other mattress companies offer next day delivery, your Tempur mattress will be delivered within 14-28 days for standard sizes, while special sizes such as small double, long small double, long double and euro king can take even longer. This could be a big problem if you’ve had to get rid of your current mattress and need a new one quickly!

What are people saying about the Tempur mattresses?

Tempur mattresses do get very mixed reviews. Perhaps it’s the fact that they are so expensive that makes people expect more than they are getting from them?

The good:

“The bed is very comfortable and is alleviating the pain from my wife’s displaced vertebrae, which is normally a real nuisance.”

“Excellent mattress and pillows, it’s literally like sleeping on a cloud! Never slept better in my life and my husband’s back problems have gone away.
When we go on holiday and have to sleep on a “normal” mattress I really notice the difference as my back starts to ache when I wake up. “

The not-so-good:

“I brought a tempur mattress for £1700.00 from dreams,,, only 3 years ago regret it..
The mattress has sunk.. is hard, and is impossible to sleep on..”

“Spent £3k on your mattress and it’s sinks one side dreams won’t give our money back there engineers tests don’t test for when a actual body is lying on it it’s a complete joke all I can do is exchange it for another but If I have similar issues I won’t be able to change it and will be stuck paying for it worst decision we’ve ever made”

What do we think about the Tempur mattress?

We certainly have mixed feelings about the Tempur mattress. Having tested them out, they are definitely comfortable. We love the fact that there are so many options. Is it worth the price? Reviews of the Tempur mattress show quite a few dissatisfied customers, unhappy with their mattress, and with the service received. if this mattress was in a lower price bracket, then it might be worth the risk, but at these prices, we’d suggest you approach with caution.

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