Snooze Mattress Review

Snooze Mattress Review

Snooze Mattress Review

Snooze is one of the leading mattress retailers in Australia. They have been around since the 1970s and have established themselves as a customer favorite in terms of service and bedding selection. As of 2020, there are more than 80 Snooze retail outlets spread across Australia.

Every Snooze store is staffed by trained staff members who are experts at knowing what makes a great night’s sleep. Snooze is never content to rest on its 40 years of experience. They are constantly researching bedroom trends and keeping on top of the latest technology and research studies. 

Snooze provides mattresses across a wide range from both Australian and international suppliers. The variety that you will find in store surpass most other Australian mattress retailers. This level of choice can be both positive and negative, with some people being nothing but confused with the huge variety of options. Snooze provides an in store mattress profile machine to help customers zero in on the ideal mattress to suit their needs. 

As with all bricks and mortar mattress retailers, Snooze have to factor in such things as rent, wages and wholesale markups. This will always make their prices higher than what you will find at an online mattress retailer.  However, the higher cost is offset by the high level of service and personal care that you get when you go into a Snooze store.

Brand Focus

Snooze offers one of the largest selection of mattress brands anywhere in Australia. Here is a profile of their most popular selling brands.


Tempur shook up the mattress market in the 1990s with the introduction of its innovative ,memory foam technology. Developed from their work for NASA, memory foam added a whole new level of responsiveness, comfort and bounceback to the mattress industry. 

Tempur also provides mattresses that are fitted with pocketed coils. Customers tend to love the responsiveness of Tempur mattresses, but the price point is prohibitive for many buyers.

Tempur Mattresses range in price from $2999 to $10899.


Technogel mattresses make use of such recent technologies as high spec polymers and cooling gel to provide extra cooling features to the mattress. The mattress also helps to relieve pressure point discomfort. These are not the firmest of mattresses, so if you need more firmness this is not the brand for you. Technogel mattresses are also comparatively expensive.

Technogel mattresses range in price from $3599 to $7839.


SleepTailor is an Australian manufactured mattress. This is a popular brand that has options including latex, pocket coils and memory foam. They also offer a full selection of firmness levels. Customer reviews are mostly very positive. However, some users have noted that their mattress is not as durable as they would have expected. 

SleepTailor mattresses are priced from $2199 to $9599.


Sealy is a US based international mattress brand. They have carved a niche for themselves as the go to supplier of posture enhancing and spinal pain relieving mattresses. This is largely thanks to their Posturepedic mattress technology which is able to provide superior ergonomics and spinal cradling through the use of zoned support technology. 

Online reviewers appreciate the biomechanical benefits of using the Sealy mattress range, with many commenting how it helps to bring relief to their lower back issues. However, a few reviewers have mentioned that the mattress tends to sag after a period of use. That is not what you want with a mattress at this price range.

Sealy mattresses are priced between $399 and $9999. 


Slumberland is the most affordable mattress in the popular Snooze range. They come in a range of styles and constructions, including comfort zone, coils and support zones. These are also provided in a range of firmness levels. Due to their affordability, Slumberland mattresses are popular with families.

Slumberland mattresses vary in price from $249 to $2649. 


Madison mattresses are a brand that is exclusive to Snooze. This is a mid price range brand with mattresses that provides a range of firmness levels. They mostly feature innerspring and pocket spring mattresses.

Madison mattresses are often offered on sale. These can be as much as 50% off the retail price, representing exceptional value for money.

Madison mattresses range in price from $2299 to $10049.

Why Buy From Snooze?

Snooze offers a huge range of beds all under one roof and staffed by very knowledgeable people. They also provide customers with an in store mattress profile machine to allow you to customize the mattress to your needs. Snooze delivers all over Australia. They also offer a range of payment terms, including interest-free. 

Snooze is far more than just a mattress manufacturer. They also sell a full range of beds, bedroom furniture, bedding and other bedding accessories. 

Most Snooze mattresses come with a 10-year warranty.

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