Sleeping Duck vs Emma

Sleeping Duck vs Emma

Sleeping Duck vs Emma

TLDR – We have found Emma to be the winner (also offering 50% off)

With so many mattress brands claiming to be the best, knowing where to begin your search for a new mattress can be challenging. In this article, we’ve narrowed your search by reviewing the two leading mattress brands in Australia, Sleeping Duck and Emma mattresses, to help you decide which one best suits your needs.

The article compares all their features, from the comfort and quality of materials to the price and firmness levels, to help you make an informed decision. 

What is a Sleeping Duck Mattress?

This a highly rated Aussie hybrid bed that comes with custom firmness levels. The mattress consists of a multi-layered porous foam that offers support and comfort. The brand has won various awards, including 2019’s Best Innovation mattress-in-a-box. 

Sleepers love this mattress because of its spring hybrid design and customisable foam. The customisable foam offers support and contour levels that match sleepers sleeping preferences. The mattress is also made using high-quality materials and has a 100-day trial period.  

Are Sleeping Duck Mattresses Worth It?

The Sleeping Duck mattress is worth every coin — designed with high-quality fabrics guaranteed to last for around ten years. The bed is comfortable and contours to a sleeper’s body to alleviate pressure. 

Sleeping Duck mattresses have customisable firmness levels meaning it’s ideal for various sleepers, including back, front, and combo sleepers. The mattress is designed using a blend of modern and conventional manufacturing practices. 

Therefore, it is excellent for individuals who experience shoulder and back pain. Furthermore, the mattress has firm edges that guarantee a good night’s sleep, even for those sleeping on the edge. The mattress is also bouncy, and it responds well to pressure. 

Sleeping Duck Mattress Pros and Cons 


  • Designed with high-quality materials 
  • It has temperature-regulation properties
  • It has customisable firmness levels
  • It offers excellent pressure alleviation and is bouncy


  • Has off-gassing
  • It may be too firm for petite individuals

What is an Emma Mattress?

This European mattress brand has won multiple awards for its quality products and is available in 20 countries. The mattress brand is designed to offer sleepers support and balance, and pressure relief. 

The mattress has three layers: high-density poly-foam, memory foam, and responsive foam. Emma mattresses are available in various sizes and are generally considered medium-firm. 

The mattress is  OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning it’s free from toxic chemicals and is environmentally friendly. The mattress’s unique Agrocell design makes it bounce yet supportive, thus providing optimum comfort. 

Emma mattress is ideal for various types of sleepers, and it comes with a 100-day trial period and a ten-year warranty. 

Are Emma Mattresses Worth It?

Emma mattresses are worth every penny as they offer excellent body contouring, pressure alleviation, and soft sinkage. 

The mattress is perfect for side sleepers — the Airgocell layers offer a blend of softness and support that’s ideal for individuals who prefer the sinking feeling that comes with memory foam mattresses. 

The mattress also has excellent motion isolation properties that minimise partner disturbance for couples. It also has temperature regulation properties that ensure any extra heat is dispersed. 

The mattress’s high-density foam makes it durable as it helps the mattress retain its shape even after prolonged use. The mattress also comes with a 100-night trial and a return policy for sleepers who prefer testing the product beforehand. 

Emma Mattress Pros and Cons 


  • Offers pressure alleviation
  • Great value for money
  • Excellent motion isolation properties
  • It has a machine-washable removable cover


  • It may not be ideal for plus-sized individuals 
  • Heat retention might be an issue for hot sleepers

Sleeping Duck vs Emma Mattresses Head-to-Head Comparison

1. Pricing

Sleeping Duck 

Sleeping Duck has a lower-than-average pricing considering its high-quality materials and excellent build; therefore, it offers value for money. The cost of the Sleeping Duck mattress, depending on size, is as follows: 

  • Single – $799
  • Double – $1149
  • King Single – $899
  • King – $1599
  • Queen – $1449


The Emma mattress is cheaper than Sleeping Duck; the cost depending on size, is as follows:

  • Single $599
  • Double $799
  • King Single $699
  • King $999
  • Queen $899

With Emma mattress, customers can complete their purchase with a single payment or use financing options like Klarna or Zip pay. 

2. Firmness

Sleeping Duck  

The mattress has three firmness settings; firm, medium, and soft. Overall, the Sleeping Duck mattress is considered medium-firm. 

The medium firm is rated 6/10 on the firmness scale and is ideal for side sleepers. The firm setting is rated 8/10 on the firmness scale, offering excellent support that’s ideal for back sleepers. The soft setting is rated 4/10 on the firmness scale and is suitable for side sleepers.


In contrast, the Emma mattress is medium firm and is rated 6/10 on the firmness scale and might not be ideal for sleepers who prefer a firm bed. 

3. Warranty and Shipping

Sleeping Duck 

You can order the Sleeping Duck mattress online, and it’s usually delivered to your doorstep in a box. The company offers free shipping across Australia. 

The delivery time differs depending on where you live; shipping times for various regions are as follows:  

  • Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, and Melbourne: Within five business days.
  • Greater NSW and Greater Victoria: Within a week
  • Brisbane: Within six business days.
  • Launceston, Hobart, Fremantle, and Perth: Within ten business days.
  • Other areas: Up to two weeks 

The company also has a premium shipping service that costs $90 for Surf Coast areas, Geelong, Melbourne, and Sydney, including removing your old bed and couriers unpacking your mattress. 

The mattress has a 100-day trial and a ten-year warranty covering manufacturing defects. The warranty doesn’t cover firmness changes, discoloration, odors, wear, and tear. 


Emma mattress manufacturers also offer free no-contact shipping across Australia, and delivery typically takes one to three days for metro areas or five business days for rural shipping. Like Sleeping Duck, Emma’s mattress also comes with a 100-day trial period and a ten-year warranty that covers any manufacturing flaws. 

Emma manufacturers usually provide a complete replacement for structural flaws in the mattress, with their warranty covering both the cover and the mattress. If the cover has faulty stitching or a damaged zipper, the manufacturer will replace it. 

  • Permanent sags and dips occur in a user’s mattress despite using it correctly.
  • Any hollows or cracks in a mattress’s foam that occurs within the first six months of receiving your bed.
  • The bed is not inflating to its actual size once removed from its box.

They also replace or repair  (for free) any hollows or dips that appear under regular usage. The brand is committed to quality and stands behind its product. 

4. Sleeping Style

Sleeping Duck 

Sleeping duck is made to offer comfort and support for various sleeping positions. The three adjustable firmness levels that the mattress offers; firm, medium, and soft are designed for different sleeping styles: 

  • Soft: Ideal for individuals who sleep on their side because it offers pressure alleviation for shoulders and hips and contours to a sleeper’s body. 
  • Medium: Perfect for stomach and back sleepers, it offers a balance of pressure alleviation and support for the whole body. 
  • Firm: Ideal for back sleepers as it offers spinal and lower-back support. 

Sleepers can also choose a combination of different firmness levels for optimum comfort. 


The Emma mattress is also suitable for various sleeping positions. It offers side sleepers high contouring and excellent pressure alleviation. The mattress distributes their weight evenly and also provides great spinal support.  

The mattress’s memory foam layer contours to the pressure points, while the polyfoam layer offers enhanced contouring and extra lumbar support to side sleepers. Nevertheless, the mattress isn’t ideal for side sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds. 

Emma mattress is also great for average-sized back sleepers and offers excellent spinal support and pressure relief. Back sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds may not get the support they require from this mattress as they’ll experience sinking around the hips.

The bed also offers excellent support and contouring for average-sized stomach sleepers. The polyfoam layers offer the neutrality and support required for those sleeping on their stomachs. Plus-sized stomach sleepers may be uncomfortable on this mattress because there’ll be too much sinkage across their stomach. 

5. Unique Specifications

Sleeping Duck

Since Sleeping Duck is a hybrid mattress, it contains pocket springs. Here’s a breakdown of the mattress’s components: 

  • Cover: mattress consists of a breathable cover made using bamboo that offers comfort and promotes air circulation. The cover is also removable and machine-washable. The top layer consists of an Antigravity surface layer that offers pressure alleviation. 
  • Hyper-Adaptive Layer: This layer is 4 cm thick and offers a blend of latex’s buoyancy and memory foam’s pressure alleviation. The Hyper-Adaptive foam provides pressure relief and prevents sleepers from sinking too deep into the mattress. 
  • Customizable layer: This layer is made with High-density polyurethane foam that controls the mattress’s firmness. The layer is GECA-certified, uses non-toxic chemicals, and is eco-friendly, and you can adjust this layer to change the mattress’s firmness. It has a higher density than the Hyper-Adaptive layer, meaning it is firmer. 
  • Five-zone pocket spring system: This layer is 20 cm thick and offers motion isolation and target support. The coils move individually to prevent motion transfer. 


The Emma mattress is 25 cm thick and has a cover encasing three layers. Let’s look at each of the mattress’s components in detail: 

  • Cover: The cover is manned from polyester and is removable and machine-washable. Since polyester is breathable, the cover does an excellent job of dispersing heat and regulating body temperature.   
  • Airgocell foam layer: This layer is 3 cm thick and has an open structure that promotes temperature regulation by dispersing heat. The Airgocell foam layer also offers pressure relief. 
  • Visco elastic foam: This layer is 2cm thick and offers pressure elevation and contours to a sleeper’s body to offer optimum comfort. 
  • Foundation layer: This layer is 19 cm and consists of high-density polyfoam with zoned channels that offer support and distribute weight evenly, thus alleviating pressure. 

6. Quality of Materials

Sleeping Duck 

Sleeping Duck mattress is made with high-quality materials for optimal support and comfort. The mattress consists of polyfoam and memory foam layers with pressure alleviation properties that contour to a sleeper’s body. 

Its cover is designed with bamboo, a fabric that’s breathable and has moisture-wicking properties to prevent overheating. The mattress is also dust mite resistant and has hypoallergenic properties making it ideal for individuals with allergies. 

Manufacturing is done within Australia for quality control, and the firm gets its materials from sustainable and local sources. Sleeping Duck mattress uses GECA-certified foams meaning they’re environmentally friendly and free from harmful chemicals. 


This mattress is made with premium quality fabrics to offer support and comfort. It consists of three foam layers; Airgocell, Visco elastic, and HRX foam offering support, pressure alleviation, and comfort. 

Emma mattresses are designed to be dust-mite-resistant and hypoallergenic. The cover is designed with breathable fabric that’s machine-washable and removable. The mattress is manufactured in Germany, a country known for its strict safety and environmental regulations. 

The manufacturers conduct rigorous product testing to ensure client satisfaction. 

Emma mattress is designed with OEKO-TEX® certified materials meaning it is made with high-quality materials that are free from harmful toxins and eco-friendly. The mattress is designed with durable materials, and its ten-year warranty guarantees its quality. 

7. Overall Comfort

Sleeping Duck

Here are some of the features that make Sleeping Duck comfortable: 

  • Motion Isolation: Sleeping Duck has excellent motion isolation properties, and its Hyper-Adaptive layer is bouncy and offers excellent support. The mattress is designed to support couples that are below 140kg. Since the mattress has some springs and bouncy foam, there’ll be some motion transfer, but the mattress’s upper foam layers reduce motion significantly. 
  • Adjustable firmness: Sleeping Duck offers adjustable firmness, so it’s suitable for most sleepers. It’s easy to adjust the mattress’s firmness depending on your preferred sleeping style. The firm side is ideal for back sleepers, while the medium firm side is perfect for side sleepers.
  • Edge Support:  Sleeping Duck has strong edges that provide adequate support when you get out of bed. The strong edges make the mattress more durable as it can maintain its shape longer. The mattress’s firm edges also make sleepers comfortable regardless of the side they’re sleeping on. 
  • Excellent Bounciness and responsiveness: This mattress is responsive and bouncy regardless of your firmness level. Bouncy mattresses don’t allow sleepers to sink too deep and let their bodies bounce back faster.   


Emma mattress is also very comfortable as its foam layers offer a supportive yet contouring sleep surface. The foams are zoned, making the bed well-balanced and comfortable. Here are the features that make Emma’s bed a comfy sleep surface: 

  • Motion Isolation: This is a feature most people only appreciate once they have a partner that keeps on tossing and turning throughout the night. Since Emma is an all-foam mattress, it has impressive motion isolation features. The mattress has three polyfoam layers that have their benefits but work together to minimize partner disturbance. 
  • Noise Isolation: Noise is a problem that’s an issue with spring mattresses. Since the Emma mattress is an all-foam mattress, it doesn’t have metals in its construction, meaning you won’t experience any squeaking while sleeping on this bed. 
  • Pressure Alleviation: Sleepers won’t experience sinking issues when sleeping on Emma mattresses as the mattress distributes weight evenly, thus alleviating pressure points like shoulders, lower back, and elbows. This way, you wake up feeling well-rested and fresh. 

8. Best Suited For 

Sleeping Duck

Sleeping Duck is excellent for most sleepers, especially due to its adjustable firmness option. Overall, the mattress is best suited for the following:

  • Individuals who want a hybrid mattress as they don’t want to settle on an all-spring or all-foam bed
  • couples as it has excellent motion isolation properties
  • Back sleepers as it offers great support and pressure alleviation
  • Couples with different firmness preferences
  • Individuals who want to purchase Australian-owned products
  • Sleepers who want mattresses with customisable firmness options


There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to mattresses; however, the Emma mattress is ideal for various sleepers. Generally, Emma’s mattress is suited for the following: 

  • Individuals who prefer memory foam mattresses
  • People who want a high-quality mattress that has a great price point
  • Side sleepers
  • Individuals looking for a sturdy and durable mattress
  • Environmental conscious individuals 

9. Sleep Temperature

Sleeping Duck 

Sleeping Duck mattress allows sleepers to maintain a neutral body temperature, letting them sleep comfortably. The Sleeping Duck mattress has pocket springs that promote air circulation and prevent heat build-up. Furthermore, the bed has a breathable bamboo cover supporting air circulation. 


Traditional foam mattresses usually trap heat, thus making it difficult for sleepers to get a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with the Emma mattress, as it has cooling properties, unlike most memory foam mattresses.

Its upper layers are designed with ParticleCool infusion that facilitates heat dispersion. Its upper layer also has a unique design that promotes air circulation and prevents heat build-up. The mattress’s foam layer is also designed to promote airflow.

The mattress’s cover is also breathable, thus preventing heat retention and overheating as one sleeps. 

Final Thoughts

Emma and Sleeping Duck manufacturers have raised the bar when designing their products. Both mattresses have innovative designs that offer the perfect combination of comfort and function. The beds are suitable for various sleepers and the choice of which brand are the best lies with you. 

Whether you choose Sleeping Duck or Emma mattress, you can never go wrong as you’re guaranteed a premium quality product and a great night’s sleep. 


Is Sleeping Duck better than Emma?

It’s difficult to say which mattress between Sleeping Duck and Emma is better because it depends on personal preference. Both mattresses have unique designs and features that make them excellent products. If you’re trying to choose between the two, use factors like materials used and firmness levels to determine which one best suits your needs. 

Does the Sleeping Duck mattress sag?

Yes, like all other mattresses, Sleeping Duck may start sagging after prolonged use. Nevertheless, the bed has a ten-year warranty covering sagging greater than 1.5cm. It’s essential to flip and rotate the mattress after every month to help minimize the chances of sagging and prolong the mattress’s lifespan. 

Is Sleeping Duck mattress good for back pain?

Yes, Sleeping Duck is designed to offer comfort and support for various body types and sleeping positions, thus making it ideal for people who experience back pain. The mattress is designed with a blend of pocket springs and memory foam that supports the spine and offers pressure alleviation. 

Are Emma mattresses as good as they say?

Yes, the mattress has received awards because it’s designed with high-quality materials. They have excellent customer reviews and are made with memory foam that alleviates pressure and supports the spine. The mattress is also durable and comes with a ten-year warranty. 

Do Emma mattresses sag?

Yes, all mattresses sag over time due to prolonged use. Nevertheless, Emma mattresses are designed with high-density foam, which helps them retain their shape over a long period. 

Are Emma’s mattresses too firm?

Firmness is a matter of personal preference; Emma mattresses are designed to offer support and balance, generally considered medium-firm mattresses. 

Do you sink into an Emma mattress?

No, Emma mattresses are made to offer sleepers comfort and support and don’t have a sinking feeling. Its high-density foam is designed to retain the mattress’s shape over time. 

Is Emma good for side sleepers?

Yes, Emma’s mattress is designed to offer comfort and support. Its high-density foam contours to a sleeper’s body and alleviates pressure areas which is especially beneficial to side sleepers who experience pain in the hips and shoulders. 

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