Sleeping Duck Mattress Alternative

Sleeping Duck Mattress Alternative

Sleeping Duck Mattress Alternative


When it comes to customisability, there aren’t too many mattresses on the market that come close to the Sleeping Duck mattress. It offers a great experience in that you’re able to pick and choose firmness levels based on either side of the bed, and also swap in and out the foam layers to really refine your ideal sleeping surface.

However, if the price point is too high or the bed just simply doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are a tonne of other mattresses on the market that come close to what you’ll find with Sleeping Duck — and might be exactly what you’re after.

At $1,449 for a Queen, the Sleeping Duck is a little on the pricier side, so take a look below at some Sleeping Duck alternatives that might be a little closer to your budget.

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To kick things off, the guys at Koala have arguably the best mattress in the industry right now, especially if customer reviews are anything to go by.

With a proprietary Kloudcell foam technology in the Koala, you’re getting a sleeping surface that’s not too firm, not too soft and matches the feel of springs, latex and foam perfectly.

The Koala mattress is well-ventilated to boot and comes with motion isolation that’s just about unmatched by all other mattresses available in Australia, so if you’re routinely woken by a restless partner, this might be the bed for you.

In all, the Koala mattress is perfect for all sleeping types and anyone looking for that great bounce you can only find on spring mattresses along with body contouring of memory foam.

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The Sommuto Mattress

A hit or miss for back sleepers, but a great sleep companion for side sleepers the Sommuto is a great Sleeping Duck alternative if you’re after a nice, plush sleeping surface that is fantastic at contouring to the body as you sleep.

Because of the softness, side sleepers will find that their hips and shoulders can really fall into the plush foam layers here, and as a result you’ll see a tonne of weight and pressure lifted from your joints.

Sommuto is also a good motion isolator too, so if you’re easily awoken when someone gets in and out of bed, this might be another mattress for you to check out.

To add, there are gel-infused foams in here too, so for anyone in warmer climates looking for a mattress that will keep them cool as they keep, this one’s for you. You’re less likely to overheat once you’ve sunken down to the contouring layers, which is particularly important for anyone with joint pain.

The Sommuto brand has also integrated some smart contouring foam too, that has been engineered to cradle the body in the most effective way for comfort and pain relief.

The Hugo Mattress

Climbing back up the price ladder, though not as high as Sleeping Duck, the Hugo Mattress is your companion in latex. With this in mind, you can expect some great bounce, but also plenty of support and ventilation too.

You won’t need to rely too much on comfort layers here either, as the Hugo model has four foam layers instead of the typical two or three. That has meant you’re getting extra sinkage and extra support too.

Couple these foam layers with an optimal internal layout, and you’re getting a good night’s rest that challenges the Sleeping Duck. There may not be such a high level of customisability here, but Hugo’s well-refined foam and latex does the job for you.

Plus, it’s good to keep in mind that the Hugo Mattress has its latex at the very top of the mattress, whereas most other brands shift it to the second or third layer. By being at the top, the cooling sensation is more direct, so you’re almost getting a cool-touch when you get into bed.

The Sleep Republic Mattress (Recommended)

A mattress that offers a little extra bounce in an old-school way, the Sleep Republic Mattress comes with pocket springs like the Sleeping Duck, so there’s a familiar feeling here.

As a hybrid, you’re getting the closest feel to the Sleeping Duck, however, the springs and foams have been so fine tuned that you’ll be hard pressed to tell that you’re on a spring mattress.

With a medium-firm firmness, it’s, again, an ideal mattress for all sleeping types and because of this there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find your perfect fit on the Sleep Republic.

The upper foam layers are, of course, the contouring and comfort layers which allow you to sink just the right about to get that pain off of your neck and hips and really help you nod off to sleep. The lower spring layer works the same as Sleeping Duck’s in that it offers plenty of support to reduce back pain as you sleep.

Lastly, there’s outstanding edge support there too and that makes sitting, sleeping and getting in and out of bed a lot easier than on some all-foam beds.

The Ergoflex

Another all-foam variant on the list, the Ergoflex is a good Sleeping Duck alternative as a result of it’s multiple foams. You’ll find that there is a similar feel to the Sleeping Ducks medium-firm, however, with an engineered foam and ‘Resilience Foam’ coming into play here, the Ergoflex offers the bounce of innersprings.

It’s an ideal mattress for all sleeping positions because of its medium-firm feel, however, side sleepers might find the mattress just a little too firm. There’s plenty of support, though, in some cases there might be too much if you don’t weigh a whole lot.

However, there is a fairly thick upper layer that does offer plenty of plushness for shoulder dippage.

To end, there is good airflow and cooling tech too, so keeping this all-foam mattress cooler in summer won’t be too much of an issue. It’s also a good choice for anyone in warmer cities.

Final Thoughts

With all of the above mattresses, we’re sure that there’s a great alternative to the Sleeping Duck Mattress on offer somewhere online.

Of course, not too much comes close to the interchangeable foam layers in the Sleeping Duck, though there are mattresses that have been routinely fine-tuned to get you the best sleeping experience possible. So much so that you may not even need custom foam layers for you and a partner.

However, we suggest when looking for an alternative, always do your best to find a mattress that suits your firmness preferences, sleeping position as well as the climate you live in. This way you’re maximising comfort when you can’t physically customise it on the Sleeping Duck.

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