Sleep Number vs. Purple Mattress: Which Should You Choose?

Sleep Number vs. Purple Mattress: Which Should You Choose?

Sleep Number vs. Purple Mattress: Which Should You Choose?

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With Sleep Number’s enormous selection and Purple’s unique mattresses, these two couldn’t be more similar.

Sleep Number mattresses are equipped with air chambers that enable users to adjust the firmness of their mattresses based on their unique preferences. They also have various alternatives to suit every user’s demands. 

On the other hand, Purple is a new and innovative brand that offers affordable single mattresses composed of an exclusive material that targets pressure reduction.

There are numerous reasons to desire both, so this article will help you choose the right mattress for your room, discussing everything you should know about Sleep Number and Purple mattresses, including their similarities and differences.

Sleep Number vs. Purple

In this section, we analyze your Sleep Number p-5 classical with Purple mattresses to find which is suitable for you.

  1. Sleep Number

Sleep Number is best known for its adjustable air beds, allowing users to adjust their bed’s comfort level with remote control.

Sleep Number beds consist of four series: Classic, Performance, Innovation, and the 360 Smart Beds. Within each series, there are a variety of models with varying levels of comfort.

Couples enjoy Sleep Number beds because they are constructed with multiple air chambers, allowing each individual to adapt to their chosen temperature without compromising.

The cost of each bed varies according to the type and model. The cheapest model (c-2) costs $1,099, while the most expensive model (i-10 360 SmartBed) costs $5,299. Every Sleep Number mattress comes with a 100-night trial period.

  1. Purple

Purple is one of the most popular brands in the mattress industry. This is due to the unusual materials they use and their innovative Kickstarter marketing campaign.

The uppermost layer of Purple mattresses comprises a 2-inch hyper-elastic polymer material in a Smart Comfort Grid design, making it feel remarkably different from regular foam beds. In terms of support and pressure relief, it’s unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced.

The queen size mattress is 59.5′′ by 79.5′′ by 9.5′′ and costs $1,399. Purple mattresses are manufactured in the United States and come with a “no pressure” warranty of 100 nights.

Construction Differences

Sleep Number

The customizable dual air accommodation and personalized Sleep Number included in every bed form the foundation of the Sleep Number bed.

Each series is essentially a continuation of the last. The Classic Series’s cse beds, c-4 and c-2, have essential characteristics. In contrast, the 360 Smart-Beds and  Innovation Series have extra functions with the most extensive and thickest layers.


The mattress measures 59.5′′ by 79.5′′ by 9.5′′ in size. It consists of three layers:

  • 3.5 inches of 1.8 pounds polyurethane foam
  • 4 inches of 2.0 pounds polyurethane foam
  • A 2-inch hyper-elastic polymer

Purple’s narrative begins with the uppermost layer (hyper-elastic polymer) — a unique fabric providing pressure relief, cool sleeping, and bounciness.

The cover comprises 69% polyester, 27% viscose, and 4% polyester-lycra, as seen below. The mattress cover is breathable and soft to the feel.

You Will Love Sleep Number If:

You want options

Sleep Number models start with the same basic construction but come in various styles and materials, so there is something for everyone.

You sleep with a partner

This bed is popular among couples because it is equipped with twin air chambers, allowing each person to control the amount of comfort from where they sleep. 

You want to see the bed for yourself first

There are various locations where customers can try out various Sleep Number mattresses nationwide. The company even provides recommendations for buyers who need help deciding on the right mattress.

You Will Love Purple If:

You’re looking for pressure relief

Purple manufactures its mattress with a pressure-relieving upper layer of hyper-elastic polymer.

You sleep in different positions

Purple’s proprietary technology, including mattress design, balances your body to make you feel comfortable sleeping in any position.

You’re a hot sleeper

The cooling effect of the Purple hyper-elastic polymer mattress facilitates airflow, helping you sleep all night peacefully. We’d say this mattress is more relaxed than every other mattress we’ve tested.

Firmness Comparison

Sleep Number

The fact that you may be able to modify the hardness and balance of your pallet at any moment just by using a remote makes Sleep Number beds so popular.

Ranging from 0-100, your sleep time setting represents the hardness and comfort you prefer — the greater your number, the firmer the mattress. 

Sleep Numbers are incredibly personal and are subject to alteration. You can adjust the comfort of your mattress to suit your preference. Choosing a model with soft layers between the pallet top and air room will have a different experience than choosing a more basic type.


It’s no surprise that a Purple mattress has a distinct feel because of its distinctive comfort layer composition, the hyper-elastic polymer layer. Purple, like latex mattresses, is very comfortable, rating approximately 7/10 on the hardness scale. Because the mattress provides pressure relief, the traditional hardness scale isn’t quite advantageous compared to other mattresses. In case you need more information to inform your purchase, we have written a Purple Mattress review on Sleepify.

The Air-Pedic Mattress as an Option 

Even though airbeds aren’t as inexpensive as other mattress types, the Air-Pedic 800 Series Mattress from Selectabed is our best value option. Given its standard and features, this 13.5-inch type is reasonably priced.

The Air-Pedic 800 Series mattress contains a responsive 1-inch hypergel plush-upper cooling layer and a 1.5-inch gel-infused brace layer for additional pressure relief and ventilation.

Although the second layer isn’t as light as the hypergel cooling sheet, it will keep you from submerging too far into the pallet. A 1.5-inch HD Flex-Comfort coat sits beneath this, supporting your contours while reducing pressure points.

A 2-inch Resili-Flex brace layer sits between the air chambers and foam layers of the mattress, providing extra pressure relief. Because of its ultra-pliable urethane structure, the last 6-chamber, multizone air arrangement is designed to aid appropriate spinal alignment. There are also a number of other Sleep Number alternatives on the market if you are looking for something else in particular.

Experience the difference for yourself – use Sleepify700 for $900 off the Air-Pedic 800 Bed.

Best For: 

  • Hot sleepers: The Air-Pedic 800 Series is designed to keep you comfortable with flexible air chambers and exhilarating gel-infused exhilarating foam layers. 
  • Couples: Thanks to dual-sided adjustment and independent remotes, couples don’t have to commit to one stiffness setting. This style is also available in four king sizes.
  • Back-pain sufferers: The Air-Pedic separate lumbar support control promotes proper spinal alignment, reducing the risk of back pain.
  • Value seekers: The Air-Pedic 800 Series is a cost-effective solution compared to similar-quality flexible air mattresses.

Not Best For: 

  • Those on a shoestring budget: Although air beds are our best value selection, they are still relatively pricey compared to other types of mattresses, so they may not suit individuals on a tight budget.
  • Those who are anti-tech and accessory: This may not be ideal if you find personalization and additional devices daunting. If you have a simple sleeping preference, you don’t need the Air-Pedic 800’s wide range of options.

Bottom Line

If you want a variety of soft and firm mattresses, you should look into Sleep Number. On the other hand, Purple could be a good option if you’re interested in a bed in a box that delivers ultimate pressure relief. Fortunately, both companies offer a 100-day trial, allowing you to try out their mattresses before committing.

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