Sleep Number 360 i8 vs. 360 i10: What’s Best for You?

Sleep Number 360 i8 vs. 360 i10: What’s Best for You?

Sleep Number 360 i8 vs. 360 i10: What’s Best for You?


Sleep Number’s 360 beds are among the plushest and softest beds on the market. The i10 and i8 models are members of Sleep Number’s Innovative series, a bed series with the technology to regulate temperature to ensure your comfort as you sleep.

The Innovative series consists of the i7, i8, and i10 bed models. However, this article only details the i10 and 18 beds and discusses the key differences and similarities between the two. But before that, here’s some background information about Sleep Number:

About Sleep Number

The brand differs from other spring, latex, or foam mattresses because their mattresses do not have any such fill. Instead, the brand makes air beds with numerous mattress cover design options and adjustable to vary the level of countering support.

Varying the quantity of air that fills the chambers changes the setting and adjusts the firmness of your bed. The sleep settings can be adjusted using an app or remote control. 

The i10 and i8 bed models possess smart features that allow you to adjust the sleep settings of the side you sleep on. The smart feature reads your movements as you sleep and automatically adjusts the support. The i10 and i8 beds also offer additional perks such as massaging, sleep tracking, foot-warming, etc.

How the 360 i10 and i8 Are Similar

As we mentioned, the 360 i10 and the 360 i8 belong to the same bed series — the Innovative series. Therefore, the two-bed models have a lot of similarities. These include:

The two-bed models are adjustable: Like every Sleep Number bed, the two models have a crucial feature — adjustability. This feature works in two ways. The first way is that the i10 and i8 models allow you to deflate or inflate the mattress when you need to adjust the level of contouring and get better support as you sleep. 

The second application of the feature automatically adjusts the mattress’s support, comfort, and firmness when the bed detects your movements as you sleep. This is achieved by installing sensors in the bed to detect pressure changes. 

The 360 i10 and the 360 i8 are very soft: Sleep Number allows you to tell a bed’s firmness or softness through the model numbers. The highest model number in the i10 series is 10, which denotes the most cushion, while the lowest is c2, giving you the firmest mattress. 

The beds have similar warranties: The i10 and i8 models have a 25-year limited warranty. Sleep Number will replace or repair the beds for you in case of defects within two years of purchase (the warranty is not viable if you cause the damage). You will then be required to cover part of the replacement or repair costs. 

In addition to the warranty, Sleep Number provides coverage for any SleepIQ tech issues caused by defective material or faulty workmanship. However, the bed’s remote control has a different warranty. Sleep Number offers a full coverage 2-year warranty for the smart remotes if the error is on their side. 

There might be a delay between sending your remote for repair or replacement and getting the replacement back from Sleep Number. Ensure to maintain your remote properly. Sleep Number does not replace or repair remotes that have been tampered with.  

The two beds have SleepIQ: SleepIQ technology monitors and records your activity as you sleep, offering an in-depth review of your sleeping patterns and habits. These beds also give you a sleep score displayed on a mobile app. The app integrates with the other fitness and health apps on your phone to provide comprehensive data about your sleep, eating, and exercise routine. 

The two beds provide cooling relief: The 360 i10 and 360 i8 are made with a cooling material that conducts heat away from the surface. The heat is transferred to the mattress’s foam, ensuring the coolness of the surface. Both of these bed models have excellent reviews when it comes to temperature regulation. 

Differences Between the 360 i10 and the 360 i8

Even though the 360 i10 and the 360 i8 belong in the same bed series and have a lot of similarities, they also have some key disparities. Analyzing these differences can help you choose the best bed for your room. 

  1. Softness 

The easiest way to check the softness or cushioning of Sleep Number beds is to read their model number. The higher number is softer and more cushioned; the 360 i10 is the highest number in its series. The i10 and i8 are soft beds because their model numbers are high, but the i8 does not compare to the i10’s softness. 

  1. Comfort Foam Layer

The 360 i10 has a thicker comfort foam layer than the 360 i8. The layer is usually found above the bed’s air chambers and promotes pressure relief, support, and contouring. The i10’s comfort layer is 7 inches thick, while the i8 is 6 inches thick. 

  1. Mattress Profile

A mattress profile is a distance between the top and base of your mattress. The 360 i10 has a mattress profile of 13 inches, while the 360 i8 has a profile of 12 inches.

  1. Price

Generally, the extra cushioning and softness of the 360 i10 model and the thicker comfort foam layer make it more expensive than the 360 i8. 

  1. Overall Feel and Comfort

The 360 i10 and the 360 i8 feel similar, though some might feel extra plush and support of the 360 i10. Both beds have been reviewed as soft, so you don’t have to worry about sinking into your mattress. Customers reviewed the i8 and i10 as “just the right amount of sink in softness.” Setting the Sleep Number to a high value can balance the softness of the comfort foam layer. We also recommend checking out our comparison on the Sleep Number C2 vs Sleep Number C4 if you are interested in the Sleep Number Brand.

When to Buy the 360® i8

  • Buy the 360 i8 if you prefer a firmer bed. The 360 i8 is firmer than the 360 i10 and offers more contour and support for your back. 
  • Buy the 360 i8 if you want an affordable alternative. The i8 and i10 have thick comfort layers that do not feel very different. If the slight price difference gives you a better alternative for your budget, go for the 360 i8. 
  • Buy the 360 i8 if you sleep alone. The model offers smaller beds that are more affordable. 

When to Buy the 360® i10

  • Buy the 360 i10 if you want to sleep cool. Even though both the i8 and i10 are great at heat regulation, customer reviews favoured the i10 over the i8. 
  • Buy the 360 i10 for the complete package. The i10 has all the excellent features of Sleep Number. It is the largest and plushiest bed. 

Why You Should Consider Buying an Air-Pedic Mattress 

Most people steer away from air beds because they are not budget-friendly. Air-Pedic mattresses have the best reviews and offer great value for your money. Selectabed’s Air-Pedic 800 Series Mattress is our number one pick. The bed is 13.5 inches thick and is quite affordable. 

The mattresses have responsive hypergel cooling layers 1 inch thick and gel-infused layers for support, pressure relief, and ventilation. The layers are buoyant and prevent you from sinking into the mattresses. Below these two layers is a comfort layer that offers support for curves and alleviates pressure. Learn more about how the Air-Pedic compares to Sleep Number here on Sleepify.

The bed has a soft, breathable Kool-Flow bamboo covering. Its foams are made in the US and are CertiPUR-US certified.

This bed series offers six varying sizes for its customers: queen, twin XL, California king, Eastern king, split king and split top king. It offers a 120-night sleep trial, a 30-year limited warranty, and worldwide shipping. Learn more about other alternatives to Sleep Number beds here.

Experience the difference for yourself – use Sleepify700 for $900 off the Air-Pedic 800 Bed.

The Air-Pedic Bed is Best For: 

  • Couples: The bed offers adjustability for both sides and has remote controls for each. No more negotiating for one level of firmness. The bed also has varying king sizes. 
  • Best for hot sleepers: The bed has air chambers with full adjustability, cooling foam, and gel-infused layers that ensure you are comfortable and keep cool as you sleep. The optional airflow system can keep you even cooler. 
  • Individuals who suffer from back pain: The bed offers control over the lumbar support. This ensures that your spine is aligned properly as you sleep, reducing back pain.

The Air-Pedic Bed is Not Best For:

  • Individuals on a tight budget: Even though the bed offers excellent value for your money, all air beds are more expensive than other mattresses. They are therefore not the best option for individuals on a tight budget. 
  • For individuals who are not comfortable with accessories and technology: The bed might be overwhelming for people who are averse to auxiliary tech and customizations. Those with straightforward sleeping needs do not need to buy these mattresses. 

Bottom Line 

Everyone has different sleeping needs. If yours are not straightforward and you feel you need a soft mattress with adjustable firmness, then the 360 i10 and the 360 i8 are great options. However, ensure that you understand the similar and different features of the two beds before making your choice. This will ensure you buy the bed best suited to your sleeping needs. 

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