Regal Sleep Solutions’ Best Mattresses

Regal Sleep Solutions’ Best Mattresses

Regal Sleep Solutions’ Best Mattresses

Providing Australians with top-tier mattresses since the 1980s, Regal Sleep Solutions offer some of the best mattresses on the market today. Made right here in Australia, you’re getting a quality assurance from Regal and also supporting local Aussies.

When it comes to mattresses, Regal Sleep Solutions has a tonne of different styles, materials and internal designs on offer to make sure you and your partner are getting the best sleep surface possible.

With mattresses coming in a range of different price points, you’re in good hands whether you’re on a budget or have a little room to splurge for your mattress this year.

For our readers a little on the fence about Regal Sleep Solutions, or for those who are unsure about which mattress family to choose, take a look below. We’ve outlined all you need to know about Regal Sleep Solutions.


The Best High-end Mattresses

To start off our overview of Regal Sleep Solutions, we’ll kick things off with the brand’s ultimate high-end mattresses. These do cost a little more, though they’re designed with longevity and the ultimate comfort in mind.

With sizes from single through to king, you’re getting a mattress for any bed frame and any room of the house.


The Healthy Life Mattresses — $6,500 to $16,000

Off the top, the Healthy Life Mattress family are your high-end options from Regal Sleep Solutions and come with a range of sleep-focused perks that ensure you’re getting the ultimate in comfort and support while you’re asleep.

We’ll take a close look at these mattresses below.


Healthy Life Precision Double Sided — $16,000

Coming in at the top of the range, the Precision Double Sided mattress has been developed with a plush, silk topper layer which provides an incredible upper feel beneath the sheets you’re using.

Add to this the mattress’s year-long comfort guarantee and you have an entire year to test out whether this mattress feels right for you, or whether it might be worth trading it in for a different model.

One of the biggest perks coming from the Healthy Life Precision Double Sided Mattress are the use of proprietary foams that offer up comfort that you can’t find anywhere else on the market. These intelligently-designed Hygroflex Foams are essentially a happy blend between memory foam and resistance foams that provide ideal bounce, but also that fantastic body-contouring experience that we all love so much.

Added to this, the mattress’s 9-zone coil spring centre allows for great back support and breathability. You’ll be able to rely on the open internal design to keep you and your co-sleeper cool while you’re sleeping, which is ideal on those warm summer nights, or in the hotter tropical climates.


Healthy Life Precision Plush — $16,000

The second mattress in the Healthy Life line is the Plush model of the version above. However, unlike most brands where a softer foam is integrated, the Healthy Life brand have worked to recreate the internals to offer a new sleeping experience for users of this mattress.

This mattress has been given a 5-star comfort rating by reviewers online and also gets major points for its partner disturbance prevention technology that comes from the plusher foams. If you sleep next to someone who moves just a little too much during the evening, you’ll be able to rest assured they won’t wake you on this mattress.

The same excellent year-long comfort trial comes into play here too, so you’ll have a solid 365 days to figure out whether this mattress is going to offer you a sleep experience that you enjoy, or whether it’s better off looking elsewhere.

The famous Hygroflex Foams come into play here too, which means you’re getting the same responsive and contouring feeling as you would in the other mattresses in the line, however, with a softer and more plush pocket springs coming into play here.

To end, more than 3,000 professionals in the sleep and health industries stand by the Healthy Life mattresses.


Healthy Life Classic — $6,500

To the lower end of the Healthy Life brand of mattresses from Regal Sleep Solutions, the Classic is your mattress model if you’re looking for a medium-firm mattress that offer excellent back support and a dense internal feel.

There’s a 15-year warranty here as well as a 365-day comfort trial that ensures you’re getting the time to test out this mattress before committing to it.

On top of this, the Classic from Healthy Life has been designed with multiple foam and spring layers which ensures you will get ideal support for the back, hips and shoulders whilst also finding that plush cloud-like feel.

One thing to note is that Healthy Life have worked to integrate their springs around 20 per cent higher than in most beds, which means your spine is reaching these springs sooner — offering improved back support.


The Best Mid-range Mattresses

Coming down in price a little, Regal Sleep Solutions offers an Indulgence line of mattresses which provide another incredible sleep experience, though with a little more affordable pricing.

These mattresses come in a range of different firmness levels making them designed for all sleepers, though they also feature intricate and carefully-considered internal materials and layouts that offer up the best comfort for all sleeping positions.

The Indulgence Mattresses — $4,748

With price and features firmly in the middle of the Healthy Life and Essentials range of mattresses, the Indulgence line offers sleepers a selection of different sleep surfaces from plush through to classic and firm.

You’ll be able to rely on the Indulgence line to offer fantastic spinal support as well as an ideal level of bounce and responsiveness on all firmness levels.


The Indulgence Plus, Firm and Classic  — $4,748

All designed in a near-identical way, the Indulgence mattress line comes with a design focused on longevity as well as a material makeup that includes a number of different materials.

Sleepers will find these mattresses feature a spring density that is 25 per cent higher than that of almost every other mattress brand, and on top of this, you’re going to be able to rely on these springs for fine-tuned spinal support.

The partner disturbance features across all these mattresses are optimal in that you will find the upper foam and flex layers absorbent of almost all movement from partners or co-sleepers.

There comes a 15-year warranty with all of these mattresses, though there is no sleep trial that you will find with the higher end Healthy Life models from Regal Sleep Solutions.


The Best Affordable Mattresses

To end, you will find a range of affordable mattresses on offer from Regal Sleep Solutions that also offer a myriad of back-health-focused materials and internal designs.

These mattresses don’t include as many innovative perks and special materials, though through their intelligent internal layouts, you can still expect to find an ideal, comfortable and supportive mattress for long term use.


The Exquisite Mattresses— $2,628

At the top of the affordable end of things are the Exquisite line of mattresses with offer an ultra-deep upper comfort layer that improves overall comfort and gives the body plenty of sinkage space for pressure relief in the back and the joints.

All of these mattresses come with an excellent 10-year warranty to boot and you’ll be able to rest assured that the high quality internals will last for years to come.

These Exquisite mattresses have been developed with both spring and foam to ensure the perfect harmony between firmness and softness, and this means you’ll be getting reduced partner disturbance, a body-contouring feeling along with a dense spring layout.

These mattresses are available in three main firmness levels, from plush, classic and firm which means you’ll find the ideal firmness level for yourself and your partner on these mattresses.


The Spinal Mattresses — $1,598

Designed with a focus on support, the Spinal line of mattresses from Regal Sleep Solutions offers a firmness level from plush through to firm.

The internal layout on these mattresses has been crafted in a way that relies on both springs and foams to get the job done and that means you’re able to rely on a bouncy responsiveness that is also firm, and ideal for the back. Though the foam and other plush materials integrated into the internal design will ensure there remains some level of body contouring and a cloud-like sensation.

The materials encasing these mattresses are of a high quality and are quilted which ensures you’ll be able to rely on these mattresses to remain intact and not show any major signs of wear and tear in time.

To end, these mattresses have been reviewed as being rather poor when it comes to overall comfort, though, only in the name of bounce. Some reviewers have touted that the bounce is a little too much, however, for some of our readers after a classic spring-like feel to their mattress, we believe you’ll be in good hands.


The Essential Mattresses — $348 – $976

To the more affordable mattresses on offer by Regal Sleep Solutions, the Essential Mattress line comes in to offer a somewhat ‘bare bones’ approach to the trusty Aussie mattress.

These mattresses don’t offer too much in the way of innovation or special features, though they do come in a high quality build and an affordable price. This means you’ll be able to rely on these mattresses for years to come, though some sleepers might find them a tad uncomfortable.

The warranty included on the Essential Range is 10 years.

For the internal build, these mattresses are designed in a way that relies heavily on the plush pillow top and the internal Bonnell springs for support. What this means is that your comfort will come from the plush upper pillow top, and your spinal support and joint relief will be provided by the internal springs.

Overall, the Essential line of mattresses offers a set of features that are exactly that — essential.


The Takeaway

From our reviews and outlines of Regal Sleep Solutions’ mattresses above, you can see there are a number of different styles and ranges on offer for all different sleeper requirements.

If you’re someone who demands the ultimate in comfort and support while you sleep, then an Indulgence or Healthy Life mattress might be the best option for you. However, for our readers who are less inclined to spend upwards of $7,000 on their beds, there are the Essential and Exquisite ranges on offer for you.

In all, Regal Sleep Solutions offers a range of mattresses that are going to be ideal for a number of sleepers out there, however, always be sure to detail your sleeping requirements before you make a purchase. This way you can make sure that the mattress you choose ticks all of the boxes.

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