Queen Bed Dimensions

Queen Bed Dimensions

Queen Bed Dimensions

Taking a quick look online at mattress sizes will show you almost immediately how complicated and convoluted the entire bed size situation is. You’re often not given enough information on the depth of the mattress, or which size mattress is best for specific bed type, and in some cases, a standard size queen size mattress doesn’t fit a queen size bed!

If you’re looking for a little insight into queen mattresses, mattress dimensions in general or the differences between king size, queen size, and double beds, we have plenty of information for you below.

Types of Queen Beds

Not too many people know that there are a number of different sized queen beds. Although it might seem crazy having multiple sizes, it’s actually good news when you’re looking for a mattress to fit a seemingly standard sized bed. If you’re taking a look at your queen size bed frame and are under the impression that it seems wider or longer than a queen, you’re certainly not going mad. Much like a single bed, and a king single bed, there are small changes to width, length or depth that make these beds different. Take a look below.

Standard Queen Size: 80 inches long, 60 inches wide, 9 to 16 inches deep.

Olympic Queen Size: 80 inches long, 66 inches wide, 9 to 16 inches deep.

California Queen Size: 84 inches long, 60 inches wide, 9 to 16 inches deep.

As you can see from those dimensions, you might have purchased a mattress or a new bed frame that doesn’t suit your existing mattress! With a standard queen bed, you won’t be able to slide a California queen or Olympic queen mattress into the frame, so it’s essential to always look at the size guide on your bed frame and also popular mattresses to make sure they’re going to fit your daybed or bedroom bed.

Keep in mind that sometimes websites don’t outline the size of the bed frame correctly, so if you know that you own a rare-sized queen mattress, it’s best to ask their customer service team for some more information.

Where Does a Queen Bed Fit in Size Charts

For those who are wondering whether a queen size mattress is large enough, or whether you need a larger mattress or a smaller one, we have some insight for you. The smallest size mattresses begin at the single bed and extend through to the California king mattress, though there are a few custom sizes that can greatly exceed these sizes, however, you’ll need a custom sized bed frame for these.

The typical Australian bed sizes are as follow:

Single Bed

Long Single Bed

King Single Bed

Double Bed

Queen Bed

Super King Bed

King Size Bed

California King Bed

As you can see above, there are so many different sizes to choose from, and when you factor in the sub-sizes we mentioned above, it can become rather complex to find your dimensions.

Queen Size Dimensions and Depth

One aspect of most beds, including the queen bed, is that there’s no standard depth and many mattress companies adjust and change the depth at their own accord. There are, however, the dimensions we outlined above, so be sure to take a look at these when you go ahead to purchase your next queen bed.

We’d like to point out that a queen-size bed is effectively larger than a double bed as well as a full-size bed like a twin, though it is only a few inches smaller than a king-size mattress. What this means is that your double bed or twin bed frame may look similar in size to a queen, though the queen will hang over the frame by more than 5 inches, so always be sure to check your bed frames before making a purchase. Just as a king single and single mattress look very similar in size, so too do the double mattresses and queen sizes.

Queen Bed Sheets and Accessories

If you’re taking a look at our post to find why your queen size fitted sheets don’t fit your queen bed, then we have some insight for you. As almost all fitted sheets for queen size beds are limited to the standard queen only, there isn’t much extra space in the sheet for it to stretch over an Olympic queen or California queen.

That said, you’ll need to make sure you order your specific bed’s sheets online or find them in store to ensure they fit. It’s also crucial for us to point out that, again, although double size beds, twin xl mattresses, and other similar mattresses look like queens, their sheets and bed frames will certainly not fit a queen size mattress.

Is a Queen Size For You

To cap off our queen bed dimensions, we’ll take a look into whether a queen size mattress is for you, depending on your sleeping space and your situation. If you’re a single sleeper, a queen bed might not be the best for you if you’re looking to stick to a budget. A double or twin bed will undoubtedly do the trick for single sleepers, just be sure to pick the best mattress for your sleeping positions.

For those in self-contained dorm rooms, a queen bed might be a little too large, and of course, you’ll need to fit the bed in too. We suggest a twin or king single here also.

If you’re looking for some more information on queen beds, bed sizes, and mattress comparisons, you can take a look at our reviews and comparisons page on our website.

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