Pillow Sizes Guide: Sizes & Dimensions

Pillow Sizes Guide: Sizes & Dimensions

Pillow Sizes Guide: Sizes & Dimensions

pillow sizes

Are you in search of the ideal pillow size for your bed? If so, then look no further! This article will provide you with a comprehensive overview of all things related to the various sizes of pillows available here in Australia, such as:

  • Pillow Dimensions
  • Standard Pillowcase Size Australia
  • King Size Pillow Dimensions
  • Differences between Australia and Europe

A great night’s sleep is dependent on the size of your pillow. Australia boasts four popular sizes: Standard Size, Queen Size, King Size, or European Square pillows. These are vital in providing a comfortable and supportive night’s rest!

Pillow Dimensions

If you’re looking for the perfect pillow size to make your bed as comfortable and cozy as possible, there are a few things to consider. To help you choose the ideal pillow size for yourself, here is a helpful sizing chart that shows all the different types of pillows available in Australia. With this guide, finding just what you need is easier than ever!

  • Australian Pillow Size
  • Imperial Measurement (ft/in)
  • Metric Measurement (cm)


20″ × 26″

51cm × 66cm


20″ × 30″

51cm × 76cm


20″ × 36″

51cm × 92cm

European Square Pillow

26″ × 26″

66cm × 66cm

Standard pillows are common for double and twin beds, measuring 51cm x 66cm. You can use two pillow sizes on the same bed for optimal comfort.

Queen pillows measure 51cm x 76cm, so they’re meant to fit queen-sized beds. But don’t worry if your bed is of a different size – it’s all about personal preference! If you want an extra bit of length on a twin mattress, add a Queen pillow.

King-sized pillows are ideal for a comfortable king-sized bed, measuring 51cm × 92cm. Whether you’re sleeping or looking to accessorize your room with a cozy touch, these pillows offer comfort and style that can’t be matched.

Indulge yourself with the European Square Pillow, perfect for elevating your bed’s elegance. With its 66cm ×66 cm square shape, this type of pillow can add grandeur when combined with a standard-sized one. The luxurious look and feel will have you sleeping in true comfort!

Standard Pillowcase Size Australia

It is essential to be aware of the standard pillowcase size in Australia when purchasing new pillows for your bed. This is because the pillowcase size must match the pillow to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Here is a comprehensive overview of the standard sizes for Australian pillowcases and the differences between Australia and Europe.

Size and Dimension:

Regarding Australian pillows, the smallest size available is 20″ × 26″, or 51cm × 66cm. Standard-sized pillows are typical and fit perfectly into a standard pillowcase, so you can easily switch up your look without sacrificing comfort!

Use On:

Standard-size pillows are an excellent addition to twin and double beds, filling the space just right. Combined with two standard-sized pillows on queen and king-size beds side by side, they provide adequate coverage; they need to cover the complete length of super king bed mattresses.

Best For:

This standard-sized pillow is ideal for a night spent in pure slumber. Whether you sleep on your stomach or side, it grants an unprecedented level of comfort and reliability that will satisfy even the most restful sleeper!


  • These types of pillows are relatively inexpensive, and they are great value for money.
  • Whether you sleep on a small or large bed, these products are highly adaptable and suitable for any sleeping position.

‍King Size Pillow Dimensions

Size and Dimension:

The king pillow is your ideal choice for those seeking a luxurious sleeping experience! This generous-sized cushion will fit comfortably into any standard king pillowcase, measuring an impressive 20″ × 26″ (51cm × 92cm). And you won’t have to worry about searching for it when shopping: the king-size pillow is currently one of the most effective options available on the Australian market.

Use On:

King-sized pillows not only look great but also provide the perfect fit for beds of various sizes. On a king bed, two pillows side by side are ideal; however, placing two on a queen-sized mattress creates an even snugger contact point. If you have a twin bed, then one single pillow is all that’s needed as it fits perfectly and can prop up other throw or accent pillows for additional style too!

Best For:

A king pillow is ideal if you have broad shoulders and regularly sleep on your back. Not only does it provide comfort for those of us with larger frames, but its size makes it perfect for watching television, reading books, or completing work assignments in bed – all without sacrificing the feeling of luxuriousness.


  • The versatility of a king pillow is remarkable – it can be used for sleeping and as an aesthetic accent to any bed.
  • Not only can King pillows provide exceptional head support, but they make excellent body pillows as well.

Difference from Australia to Europe

  • European Pillow Size
  • Housewife

Metric Measurement (cm)

50cm × 75cm


50cm × 75cm


50cm × 90cm

Square Pillow

65cm × 65cm

If you take a peek at the European pillow dimensions chart, it’s clear that there is an evident distinction between Australian and European pillows: names and sizes. The standard measurements for both varieties carry great significance in terms of comfortability.

Housewife/standard Pillows

If you want that classic European look, the standard housewife pillow size of 50cm x 65cm is just what you need. However, if your destination happens to be Down Under – Australia, adjusting for a slight increase in measurements will guarantee a perfect fit: 51 cm by 66 cm.

Oxford/Queen Pillows

Referred to as “Oxford pillows” in Europe and “Queen Pillows” in Australia, this pillow has two distinct measurements – 51cm × 76cm (in Australia) & 50 cm x 75cm (in Europe). No matter your location, these unique sizes will provide the perfect support and comfort you need for a good night’s sleep.

King Pillows

If you’re shopping for king-sized pillows, their size of them differs from region to region. Australia features 51cm × 92cm measurements, whereas Europe’s are 50cm × 90 cm.

Square Pillows

Decorative square pillows are quite the sight to behold, with only slight variations in their measurements – measuring 66cm × 66 cm down under and 65cm × 65 cm across the pond. These marvelous pieces make for a perfect accent in any room!

The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be overstated. Pillows are indispensable for our slumber. Selecting the perfect pillow can make you feel rested and rejuvenated. Investing in Australia’s top-notch pillows is worth every moment spent.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Australian and European pillow sizes can differ significantly depending on the type of pillow. In Australia, Housewife/Standard, Oxford/Queen, and King pillows have different sizes compared to their European counterparts, as do square pillows. Before purchasing a pillow, it is essential to consider the measurements to ensure the ideal fit for your bed. With the correct measures, you can ensure your pillow provides the perfect comfort and support for a good night’s sleep.

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