OZ Mattress Grand Master Review

OZ Mattress Grand Master Review

OZ Mattress Grand Master Review

One of the most talked-about mattress brands in Australia – OZ Mattress, has a line of several mattresses to aid in your peaceful slumber. However, we’ll be focusing on just one of them today – the Grand Master.

If you’re thinking of buying this one and want to be sure of your decision, this OZ Mattress Grand Master review is just for you. Let’s have a peek at some of its pros and cons, and then we’ll move towards the other factors you should know. 

Pros of OZ Mattress Grand Master

  • Made in Australia
  • Very affordable price point 
  • Free Delivery in Melbourne 
  • 100-night cash back guarantee
  • Great Customer Support

Cons of OZ Mattress Grand Master

  • A softer level of firmness can get soggy with time
  • A little heavier than its counterparts 

Comfort Level:

The OZ Mattress Grand Master review is incomplete without going over its comfort level. The foam comes in different firmness levels – soft to medium/soft, medium to medium/firm, and firm. 

The comfort level greatly varies depending on your body weight and the firmness point you choose. Let’s discuss these levels one by one. 

  • Soft to Medium/Soft: The lightest mattress there is – you’ll feel like sleeping on the cloud. However, only lightweight individuals can enjoy this luxury. People with heavier bodies will find it extra mushy and probably sink in the surface of the mattress. A lot of people complaining about the sagginess of the Grand Master may have gotten the soft variant resulting in human-sized dents on the surface. If you’re under 130lb, soft to medium-soft is right for you; otherwise, get the firmer options. 
  • Medium to Medium/Firm: People with up to 230lb can enjoy sleeping on the mattress of this firmness level. It’ll provide a good balance between support and comfort. However, its ability to ‘hug’ your body when you sleep will be lower than its softer counterparts. On the flip side, it’s the most suitable firmness level for most sleeping positions. 
  • Firm: People who like to stay ‘on’ instead of ‘in’ the surface while sleeping will love this level of firmness. It’s especially useful for those over 230lb as they’ll get ample support when laying on it. However, if you like to sleep on your side, a firm mattress is not for you; it will push your shoulder towards the neck and ear, creating a very uncomfortable sleeping position. A firm mattress is a keeper for back and stomach sleepers.

Durability & Support:

The durability of a good mattress is defined by how long it can provide the same support level as it does right out of the box. In the case of the OZ Mattress Grand Master, it’s very good. In fact, this mattress’s support is the reason it has tons of positive user reviews on the internet. 

However, keep the firmness levels in mind when shopping for this mattress to ensure you get the right support level according to your body weight. 

Delivery of Mattress:

If you’re living in Melbourne Metro, you’ll get this mattress delivered to your bedroom free of cost – a nice gesture from the company.

Furthermore, you’ll find their customer support to be extraordinary. Their agent will always return your calls and clarify any concerns you have about the mattresses. 

Guarantee & Warranty:

Buying a mattress is a decision you make once in several years or even a decade; you don’t want something that’ll start complaining after a few months of use. This is precisely the reason they offer 15 years of warranty. 

If anything goes wrong with the mattress during this period, they’ll get you a new one – no questions asked. 

On top of this, they have a 100-nights cash-back guarantee. So if you don’t like the mattress or if you think it’s not the right one for your bodyweight and size, you can get your money back. 


Well, we’d say it’s a keeper seeing the tons of benefits for an incredibly low price point compared to other brands. 

However, be sure to select the mattress with the right kind of firmness level; many people go wrong at this step and end up getting disappointed. 

Plus, their 100-night sleep trial offers ample time to test out the mattress and ensure you’ve pulled the trigger on the right one. 

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