Original Mattress Factory (OMF) Mattress Review

Original Mattress Factory (OMF) Mattress Review

Original Mattress Factory (OMF) Mattress Review

With Original Mattress Factory or OMF being one of the oldest players in Australia when it comes to; new mattresses, innovation and amazing quality products, we’re sure that finding your next mattress won’t be hard if you’re looking at OMF.

The brand focuses on a range of different materials in all of their mattresses, ensuring there’s plenty of diversity in comfort. If you’re someone who likes the feel of innerspring mattresses, memory foam or even plush pillow top sensations, Original Mattress Factory has a bed for you. 

Off the top, OMF mattresses come in a range of firmness options, so whether you’re looking for a firm mattress or an ultra-soft variant, there is a suite of products for you. Add to this the variance in materials, and you’re getting a well-rounded system of support that reduces back pain and ensures a good night’s sleep whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper or tummy sleeper.  

With all of that out of the way, let’s take at a look at what might be the best mattress brand for you to invest in this year. 


As we know, The Original Mattress Factory is one of the longest-lasting brands in the mattress industry, and that’s thanks to the outstanding quality and focus on engineering fantastic mattresses. The primary product that OMF puts out, however, are hybrid innerspring and memory foam models, that may or may not be up your alley. 

These beds are all fantastic quality sleep companions, however, if you’re looking for less rigidity and more plush body contouring support, they may not be the best option for you. There is a layer of memory foam found in almost all the mattresses in the range, though the pocket springs below may give you just a little too much firmness – unless you opt for the more expensive Serenity line.

Customers have great things to say about the OMF brand’s comfort layers, and the range of mattress types, though some reviews have outlined issues with motion transfer as well as poorly assembled springs, which come to squeak and sag in time, even with a new bed. 

The OMF Line

As expected, a range of top-tier beds appear in the OMF line, and we’re going to take a brief look at the most popular variants below. 

The Classic Line

When it comes to affordability, the Classic Line is your best bet at getting your hands on a mattress that ensures incredible sleep quality for a low price. 

The Classic Line does, however, feature fewer internal materials than the other beds in the line, which may make sagging a possibility in the far future, though it isn’t too much of a concern. One thing to keep in mind is that with thinner mattresses like the Classic, you won’t get as much plushness or foam layers here, so contouring and sinkage will be minimal if you do notice it at all. 

There’s a range of firmness options here, with Classic One, Luxury Firm, EuroTop and Plush all being on sale to ensure there’s a ‘feel’ for you to choose from in your price range. 

All mattresses in the Classic Line are equipped with comfort layers, whether it be foam or cotton fill, so you’re able to rest assured that there’s more than just innerspring keeping you supported as you sleep. These are your ultimate, affordable all-rounder hybrid mattresses. 

Priced from $129 through $809 depending on size, and model.

The Regency Line

One step up from the Classic, is the OMF Regency Line, with a far thicker internal core, extra comfort layers and an overall taller design. What this all means for sleepers, is that the Regency Line is your best bet at blending affordability with that great foam sinking feeling even though there’s no all-foam design featured here.

Reviewers have noted that the Regency mattresses are the perfect blend between foam and innersprings. You’ll have a tonne of upper-level sinkage and plenty of support below when your body reaches the core springs of the mattress. 

Similarly to the Classic line, the Regency beds are primarily innerspring when it comes to the material layout, however, with a lot more foam you can expect a plusher type of mattress that ensures pressure relief where you need it most – in the shoulders, hips and neck areas. 

One final thing to note is that there are fewer firmness options here, so if you’re selective about your comfort, the Regency line may not have an option for you. 

Priced from $319 through to $969. 

The Orthopedic Line 

When The Original Mattress Factory really kicks it up a notch is with its Orthopedic Line. This range of mattresses is definitely one of the most diverse in its firmness options, engineering and material layout. Designed from the ground up to offer the most assorted firmness selection, the Orthopedic Line is your best bet at getting a good night’s sleep regardless of the joint pain or muscle issues you’re dealing with as you sleep. 

For those concerned about the firmness of the springs in this hybrid line, we’re glad to say that OMF has gone above and beyond in adding as many comfort and foam layers as possible. That said, you’re more likely to experience that famous sinking feeling, body contouring experiences and outstanding pressure relief for joints. 

Overall, the Orthopedic Line is your best bet at getting the most plush mattress that’s designed with both springs and foam. For all sleepers, from back to tummy, the built-in memory foam mattress topper is going to take all weight off your pressure points easily, and the lower spring base will ensure that your back is kept in alignment. 

Priced from $359 through to $1839. 

The Serenity Line

To the final line on our list, the OMF Serenity Line is the Original Mattress Factory’s highest-end and most luxurious offering. You may want to take a look at your local showroom to test out these beds to ensure you’re really into the feel before making a purchase. 

There’s plenty of comfy support layers here, with latex being included this time, for those who love the supportive bounce of latex mattresses

The Serenity Line is the OMF mattress line that features no coil springs, making the latex do all the work when it comes to supporting joints, being durable and contouring pressure points. You’re able to choose from a medium, soft and firm latex option here, which means, like the Regency Line, there are plenty of choices to make sure your sleep style is supported best. 

It’s good to note that the Serenity Line replaces all cheaper and firmer springs with an all-foam and latex core; which comes with a suite of great perks. One of these is fantastic motion isolation, keeping the bed completely still when someone moves during the night – no more midnight wakeups from a tossing or turning partner. 

A downside to the all-foam and latex foam design is that hotter climates will not be a great environment for these mattresses. Both Victoria and NSW will be fine for the Serenity Line, though warmer states like the NT or North QLD and WA will be far too warm for the bed unless you sleep in a climate-controlled space almost every night. 

Priced from $1109 through to $2519. 

Purchasing an OMF Mattress

Now that we’ve got our analysis and review out of the way, there’s some good news for Aussies looking to get their hands on the Original Mattress Factory range of beds.

You’ll find almost all of these mattresses either online at omf.net.au or through retailers depending on location and stock. 

Accessories for the OMF Line

Although the Original Mattress Factory line are some of the highest quality mattresses on the market, there’s always room for improvement with some great accessories that will help you to customise your sleeping experience even further. For those looking to get the most out of their Original Mattress Factory bed, we have some suggestions for you below.

New Bed Frames

Depending on the mattress line you’ve chosen and the materials within it, it’s a good idea to consider a new bed frame to reduce your chances of blocking the ventilation inside the mattress. This is especially true for the all-latex and foam variants which may sleep a little too warm placed in an unventilated bedframe.

Our top suggestions for the Original Mattress Factory line of mattresses are open slat bed frames or ventilated platform bed frames which ensure your pocket springs are able to easily dispose of heat through the bottom of the sides of the bed frame.

Waterproof Protectors

Keeping in mind that the Original Mattress Factory beds are primarily made of pocket Springs, it’s a good idea to select a mattress topper or protector that is waterproof and also hypoallergenic. You do not want to have a buildup of bacteria or have moisture penetrating the mattress’s top layers.

As most memory foam beds are already waterproof by design, innerspring models don’t often offer this feature, so a waterproof topper is a must. 


With all of the above said it’s not too difficult to see that the Original Mattress Factory line of mattresses is a great contender for anyone looking into a high-quality range of mattresses that are made in the United States.

Almost all reviewers stand behind these mattresses, and out the incredible build quality and features that always seem to provide some of the best night sleep. With high-quality materials and an engineering team that has seemed to focus heavily on an internal layout that maximises support and pain relief, you’re going to be in the best of hands-on your OMF mattress. 

With budget-friendly lines and back pain-relieving products, visiting the Original Mattress Factory website should be your first step to getting those painful and restless nights under control. 

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