Onebed Mattress Review

Onebed Mattress Review

Onebed Mattress Review

Onebed mattress

Have you been struggling to sleep well recently? Do you suffer from back pain or muscle stiffness? Does your partner get on your nerves every time they toss and turn? If the answer is yes to two of these three questions, then you are among the majority of the population who need sleep therapy coming directly from a good mattress, such as Onebed

One of the crucial segments for quality lifestyle is the good-night sleep. However, few people are lucky enough to experience the bliss of having a completely relaxing sleep. And even though the quality of one’s sleep is predetermined by a variety of factors, the type of the mattress has been one of the most crucial. 

A comfortable and reliable mattress has the power to completely relax your body and provide you with the ultimate energy recharge needed for another active day. This is exactly what reviewers of Onebed Mattress claim it does. With adjustable layers to match your desired comfort level, premium materials, an incredible 125 nights of a night risk-free trial, and a 15-year warranty, it is an offer that guarantees peaceful sleep and blissful waking up. 

Memory Foam Mattresses 

Unlike past trends when spring mattresses were the most common market offer, today all-foam mattresses are taking over due to their ability to deliver more comfort, optimize the pressure relief, and the possibility for customization. However, getting yourself just any foam-based mattress is not enough to improve your sleeping quality, and this is the reason why Onebed Mattress has been made by three memory foam layers and Dunlop latex. These materials have been proven to function the best in ensuring undisturbed sleep and almost zero motion transfer. 

If you have ever asked yourself what makes the memory foam so comfortable and able to recover its shape, just continue to read further. 

It consists of mostly polyurethane, which in combination with added chemicals, increases the density and viscosity of the memory foam. Usually, this foam is called viscoelastic as the cells or the foam bubbles create a matrix that allows air to move. 

When it is denser, it has the capacity to soften, particularly when it gets in contact with the body heat and this is how the ‘molding’ process occurs within minutes. This implies that a memory foam mattress will adapt to your body contouring in such a way so that the usually occurring pressure point will be completely relieved. 

Onebed Mattress Review

Customers’ experience with certain products has often been deemed the most objective and trustworthy source of information when it comes to product quality. Rated the best mattress for 2018 and 2019, Onebed boasts high-quality craftsmanship and viscoelastic memory foam with adjustable layers and a cover layer made of plush polyester which is woven. It is soft, with adjustable firmness, and comes in different size options. 


A great mattress is the one that has been made by premium materials, without cutting any corners, and following the highest manufacturing standards to deliver quality sleep in many years to come.  This is exactly what Onebed Mattress boasts: high-quality materials that rival even the most reputed Australian brands such as Koala or Ecosa. 

The bottom layer is made from high-density polyurethane foam which guarantees long term use and provides support to the back and the spine. With 18cm it is the thickest and the firmest layer of all.

Next is the middle layer which is 4 cm thick and which determines the firmness level of the mattress by customizing its position. The out-of-the-box custom fit makes Onebed medium-firm mattress can be personalized in case you need a firmer mattress or slightly softer. It is made from high-density viscoelastic foam that relieves the pressure points by molding to the contours of your body. 

The top layer consists of 4 cm Dunlop latex, which is highly responsive and has a natural ability to cool the sleep surface so that the quality of your sleep is maintained, regardless of the temperature inside. Plus, it has gentle bouncing properties to ensure that the firm feel is comfortable enough to enjoy doing various activities. This is due to its design that allows the mattress to spring gently back after loading off, quickly regaining its original shape.

The cover it comes with does play a role in providing the optimum comfort that you might expect from your mattress. It is made from a specially woven from plush Polyester, a material that has many beneficial properties when it comes to thermoregulation of the body. This material is frequently used in sports apparel as it has the ability to wick the moisture away to its surface so that it can easily evaporate leaving it dry. It comes with large comfortable dimples and attractive design so that you can not only feel comfort, but see it as well. The cover can be easily removed and it is machine washable. 

When it comes to the available sizes, buyers can choose from single, double, king single, queen and king. 


As we have seen above, Onebed features three adjustable, comfort layers and a cover. The adjustability of the layers is important as it allows a customized fit for everyone’s preferences. Since mattress firmness is the key to having a high-quality sleep, the preferred setup of the layers will provide you with the firmness that delivers the ‘right for you’ feel. 

The position of the middle, polyurethane foam layer determines the level of firmness and the feel it will deliver. As this is a mattress in a box, with the purchase you’ll get the initial medium-firm rating, however, once you position this layer on the top, the firmness decreases to medium only. In case the bottom layer is positioned on the top, above the foam layer, it becomes a firmer mattress. 

Furthermore, depending on which layer is placed on the top, you can expect different interactions with the mattress. For example, when the latex is used as a surface layer, you can feel breezy, cool air cycling through it, transferring the heat away from your body. This is particularly needed during scorching summer nights when sleeping seems to be the hardest thing to do. However, during cold, winter days, the layer with the highest foam density positioned on the surface will keep you cozy and warm. 

Zero Motion Transfer

The combination of memory foam and the latex layer helps to isolate motion in a way that you have no sensation whatsoever of the movements of your partner. Onebed has passed the wine glass test, the highly-indicative test that proves the above-mentioned claim. This is another reason why this mattress has been so highly rated and a positive for providing the best sleep. 


When waking up makes you feel grumpy, lifeless, and stiff, it is certainly time to think about getting yourself a new mattress. However, getting yourself any kind of mattress can do more harm than good. It is always wise to think about the benefits you’ll get from your new mattress, and what you can expect from it.

As you don’t buy this kind of product every day, let’s shortly summarize what Onebed Mattresses offer and why they are deemed the best mattresses. 

Firstly, this mattress has been designed to provide universal comfort regardless of the sleeping position. This means the pressure points will be equally relieved at back sleepers, side sleepers, or stomach sleepers. People who suffer from back pain or discomfort while sleeping will almost instantly feel the difference.

Secondly, it provides a gentle bounce back, so that the top surface isn’t too hard, and no matter how active you are, you will always have the same comfort. Plus, the disturbance that used to annoy you will become history as it delivers zero motion transfer. 

Finally, it comes in three separate layers which are adjustable to fit your needs, offering three levels of firmness: medium, medium-firm, and firm. The position of the layers also determines whether you’d get the cooling, moisture-wicking effect, or the warm, cozy feel. 


When investing in a mattress, you need to make sure that what you get will provide you the maximum comfort, but at the same time, you get the best value for money. Onebed Mattress offers not only quality, but durability and reliability packed into this product. 

With the purchase, you get a 15-year warranty, but what appeals to most potential buyers is the fact that you are offered a trial period of 125 nights to try the mattress, get used to it, and decide whether you’d like to keep it or get a full refund. And even more appealing is the fact that all returned mattresses are directly donated to the Salvation Army charity organization to help those in need.

In a nutshell, this mattress has been designed to help you get most of your sleep, improve your health and boost the positive feel every single morning. It is suitable for almost anyone, durable and it is good value for money if you bear in mind the night trial period and the warranty. 


  • It has been rated the best mattress out of a box for two years in a row.
  • It features three layers and a cover.
  • The layers are adjustable and help you get the feel that suits you the most.
  • It comes with a 15-year warranty.
  • The manufacturer offers 125 nights free trial


  • Some lightweight users find it firmer
  • Smaller stomach sleepers might find it difficult to get used to it

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