Noa vs Sleep Republic

Noa vs Sleep Republic

Noa vs Sleep Republic

Noa Mattress

When it comes to comparing arguably two of Australia’s best hybrid mattresses, there’s a lot to consider.

While both the Noa Mattress and Sleep Republic’s model are designed with foam, latex and pocket springs, the material layout and firmness levels of each material create a very unique feel.

For sleepers after a firmer feel, the Noa might be the model for you, however, the Sleep Republic’s multi-zoned springs may offer the more intelligent spinal support you’re looking for.

When durability is concerned, both of these mattresses stand their ground, though, with more materials integrated into the design than most, there’s more room for failure. And the rather complex spring layout in the Sleep Republic might become an issue.

Whether you’re looking at individually wrapped pocket springs for some more directional support, or rather interested in the cooling abilities of latex, we have a great comparison the Noa Mattress and Sleep Republic Mattress below.

Noa Mattress ($799 normally $1,099)
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To start, we’ll take a look at the materials used in the Noa and Sleep Republic mattresses to help give you some more insight into the feel and comfort you’ll find on either bed.

Noa Mattress

  • Gel-infused Hybrid Design
  • High-quality Pocket Springs
  • Motion Isolation Foam

Hidden inside the Noa Mattress is a multi-material layout of natural latex, gel-infused foams, support foams and, of course, the lower pocket spring layer.

All of this in mind, the Noa offers a rather plush upper feel, though it isn’t too soft, excellent for back sleepers. In the lower levels of the mattress there is the pocket spring array that offers the majority of support, thickness and responsiveness for the mattress to work in harmony with the foams above.

There’s also a transition and motion isolation foam here too, working to prevent movement and unwelcome wakes during the night from a partner who moves just a little too much.

And to tie all these layers together, there’s an innovative water-based adhesive to keep things cool — more on this below.

Sleep Republic Mattress

  • Fewer Foam Layers
  • Natural Latex
  • Intelligently Located Pocket Springs

In comparison to the Noa Mattress, the Sleep Republic has one fewer material (the transition foam) and offers sleepers a gel-infused foam top layer, a natural latex layer and lastly the support pocket springs.

What this means for sleepers on the Sleep Republic bed is that you’re getting just a tad softer bed, without the transition foam.

The upper foam layers work to contour to the body, and the Sleep Republic’s focus on intelligently placing the pocket springs means the firm support is curated to specific joints only.

A firmer feel will be experienced in the shoulders and hips for example, whereas the legs, arms and chest zone is a little softer to enable optimal sinkage.

Sleeping Experience

On to the sleeping experience now, and both the Noa and Sleep Republic beds offer a similar experience, though where the biggest difference can be seen is in the firmness levels of the materials.

Noa Mattress

  • A Firmer Sleep Surface
  • Ideal for Back Sleepers
  • Average Body Contouring

The Noa Mattress, although it features all-foam upper levels, can still be a little too firm for most sleepers, especially those who sleep on their sides.

However, for back sleepers, we’re happy to say that there’s enough support or firmness here to keep the spine in check and you won’t be stuck with that irritating over-sinkage that can be felt on softer all-foam beds.

In all, the sleeping experience on the Noa Mattress is a firm one, however, the upper layers do sink and contour to the joints; so pain relief and a comfortable sleep is still expected.

Sleep Republic Mattress

  • Ideal Firmness for All Sleepers
  • Optimal Upper Level Plushness
  • Fantastic Edge Support

Arguably the better all-rounder of the two, the Sleep Republic has a little softer and more intentional firmness and plushness.

The team at Sleep Republic have designed firmness zones in their pocket spring layout, which means both sinkage and that cloud-like sensation is engineered to be experienced in pressure points only.

The best part about the Sleep Republic bed that might win your heart over the Noa is that the edge support on the mattress is better thanks to the firmer springs around the edge. If you’re anyone who sleeps by the mattress’s edge or finds it hard to get in and out of bed, this bed will be a winner for you.

Special Features

With the sleep experience and materials out of the way, we’ll have a look at the things that really make the Noa or the Sleep Republic bed standout from one another.

Noa Mattress

Above the Sleep Republic, the Noa Mattress does offer a build quality and durability that’s outstanding enough to be a feature on its own.

The mattress is exceptionally well-built and is less prone to pocket spring issues than almost all hybrid mattresses on the market. Reviewers and lab testing have highlighted that the Noa is one of the more durable out there and is more than likely to hit its 15-year warranty target without issue.

For a sleep-experience specific feature though, the Noa’s motion isolation foam is key for anyone who sleeps with a partner that tends to move about the bed a little too much at night. Almost all movement is controlled and softened so well that you’re unlikely to be woken during the evening.

Sleep Republic

As mentioned above, the major standout feature of the Sleep Republic bed is the ultra-firm edge support that most mattresses in any material category can’t offer.

The Sleep Republic is the ultimate mattress when it comes to offering a sleeping experience that remains firm and supportive all the way to the very edge, and if you’re someone who routinely shuffles to the edge, or enjoys sleeping with an arm or leg dangling, this mattress might be the holy grail for you.



  • Single — $799
  • Double — $999
  • Queen — $1,099
  • King — $1,199

Sleep Republic

  • Single — $599
  • Double — $999
  • Queen — $1,199
  • King — $1,399

It’s good to note that routine sales and deals are available for both of these mattresses, so paying full price may not be a requirement depending on the time of year you look to get your hands on a Noa or Sleep Republic bed.

Delivery and Warranty

Both of these mattresses come with free delivery as well as returns, making the use of the 100-night free trials a lot less stressful. If you’re not in love with your mattress you’re able to quickly have it packed back up and sent back without issue — just be sure to reach out to either Noa or Sleep Republic first.

The Noa Mattress comes with a 15-year warranty, testament to the quality of the bed, whereas the Sleep Republic model comes with a 12-year guarantee.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve taken a look at two of Australia’s best hybrid mattresses, it’s easy to see that there are some key differences that make them ideal for two different customers.

We would suggest the Noa to anyone who is more partial to a firm mattress, or for sleepers who sleep on their back more often than their tummy or sides. The firmer base means you’re getting ideal back support and not too much sinkage, which is optimal for sleeping on the back.

For the side sleeper, or anyone who enjoys a bit more sinkage, the curated pocket spring layout on the Sleep Republic is the winner for you. With an intelligently laid out array of pocket springs, support is staggered and you’re able to feel weight lifted off pressure points, but support in the joints that need it most.

In all, both mattresses offer a great experience, though Noa is a little more well-built and the Sleep Republic is a little more curated for comfort.

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