Noa vs OneBed

Noa vs OneBed

Noa vs OneBed

If you’re doing your best to choose between the Noa Mattress and OneBed, or trying to figure out whether an all-foam variant is better for you than a hybrid-spring model, we have some great comparison information for you below.

With Noa being a fan favourite for Aussies, it might be hard to look into the alternatives or understand why they might be right for you too.

To start, the Noa Mattress is a hybrid memory foam, latex and pocket spring mattress which is quite firm but offers great back support and optimal bounce and responsiveness. The OneBed on the other hand is an all-foam mattress that’s designed primarily to contour to the body and offer superior pressure relief.

When it comes to bounce, all-foam models are often lacklustre, however, the OneBed’s latex integration makes for great added bounce that is almost enough to rival Noa’s spring-backed bounce.

That said, let’s have a deeper look at the Noa Mattress vs OneBed.


To start, we’ll have a look into the materials used, and how these affect the internal makeup of the mattress and how this might affect the way you sleep on it.

Noa Mattress

  • Hybrid Spring and Foam Design
  • Great Build Quality
  • High-end Springs

As we outlined above, the Noa Mattress is a hybrid mattress which means it doesn’t stick to one of the two main mattress materials of foam and springs, but uses both. That makes it a little more firm, though it still gives the great contouring support of foam.

At the top of the Noa Mattress there’s a great comfort layer, a latex sheet as well as gel foams to keep the bed cool as you sleep.

In the lower half of the mattress is where you’ll find the high-quality pocket springs that give that great bounce and support.

Unlike all-foam beds, the Noa can ensure there isn’t any over-sinkage here when it comes to the hips or other parts of the body thanks to the rigidity of the springs. This is ideal for both back support, but also helps in preventing dips in the mattress over time.


  • All-foam Design
  • Curated Body Contouring
  • Responsive and Bouncy

On to the OneBed now, and it’s the all-foam variant that offers an exceptionally well-curated sinkage-focused material layout.

Its internal layout features latex and memory foam. And as you might already know, latex is a great way for all-foam mattresses to get added bounce and to keep cool as you sleep — so you won’t be giving up that nice responsive bounce on the OneBed.

In line with the bounce, the memory foam works to ensure the bed is very soft and contouring for sleepers. There’s little pushback from the foam, so over time there is an increased sinkage, ideal for hip and shoulder relief.

Like the Noa, the OneBed is also made of high-end materials like Dunlop Foam, so you’re not going to see any odd dips or permanent indents over time.

Sleeping Experience

With the materials out of the way, it’s time to take a look at how Noa and OneBed’s material choice affects the way you sleep on these mattresses. In short, foam can be a lot softer than hybrid beds and might be too plush for back sleepers, though the Noa can be too firm for some.

Noa Mattress

  • Firmer Sleep Surface
  • Ideal for Back Sleepers
  • Good Motion Isolation

Keeping in mind the spring and foam integration in the Noa, it is the firmer and more springy of the two beds, which is great if you like the feeling of a traditional spring mattress.

Adding to this, the spring base is ideal when it comes to ensuring you don’t sink too far as you sleep. There is support here that is sustained throughout the night, so once you’ve sunken to the maximum allowed by the latex and foam layers — you’ll reach the spring layers that will keep you propped up.

You’ll also find a partner disturbance foam integrated in here to combat any unwanted bounce from the springs. That said, if you have a partner who gets up and down too often during the night, this foam will cancel out that movement.

Compared to the OneBed, the Noa sleeping experience does standout in that the firmer materials are better for back sleepers. An all-foam might be too ‘squishy’ for anyone who sleeps on their back.


  • Ultra-soft Upper Layers
  • Great Responsiveness for Foam
  • Cooling Latex Layer

To the OneBed, and things get a whole lot softer. The mattress is fundamentally designed to be ultra-soft but to boast just the right amount of firmness for ideal support.

Expect to sink a tonne into this mattress and have your body unapologetically contoured to the max whilst remaining well-supported thanks to the firmer latex and lower support foam layers.

Reviewers have mentioned that their bodies will sink down first, and the responsive foam will then begin to wrap around and engulf their pressure points for optimal pain relief. In some all-foam mattresses, this contouring becomes an issue in that it gets too warm, though the OneBed’s cooling latex works against this.

The bed may still sleep a little warm, and is certainly warmer than the Noa, though it’s not overly hot or going to disrupt sleep as a result.

Special Features

To separate these mattresses a little more, there are some special features that might help you choose one over the other if the materials and sleeping experience hasn’t yet.

Whether it’s cooling properties, an engineered spring-like bounce or something else, there are features in the Noa and OneBed designed to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Noa Mattress

One standout feature of the Noa Mattress is the cooling adhesives used to glue the foam layers together. Unlike standard glues that absorb and hold heat, Noa’s team has thought right down to the glue to ensure heat doesn’t engulf the mattress.

Add to this the ventilated springs and you have a mattress that’s ideal for even the hottest climates like Darwin, Broome and Cairns.


A ‘feature’ of the OneBed we’d like to highlight is the bouncy experience you’re getting from the latex and foam combo.

It’s a rare experience given that so many other all-foam beds do it incorrectly. When lying down on the OneBed you’re immediately sinking to the depth enabled by your bodyweight and then, following this, the latex and foam work together to contour around your joints.

This gives a great feel and is ideal for anyone with back pain and joint soreness as it offers near-instant relief.



Single — $799

Double — $999

Queen — $1,099

King — $1,199


Single — $750

Double — $950

Queen — $1,050

King — $1,150

Good to note is that Noa routinely offers sales on their mattresses, whereas OneBed does not do so too often. You can typically save upward of $200 to $300 with a sale at Noa Mattress.

Noa Mattress (Special $749 normally $1,099)
(Recommended Latex Mattress)

Delivery and Warranty

Home delivery is free for both mattresses as is return packaging and delivery services, giving you the chance to make full use of the mattress trial periods.

The Noa Mattress comes with a 100-night trial whereas the OneBed offers a 125-night trial. Testament to the Noa and OneBed build quality, you’ll find a 15-year warranty here on both beds.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve taken a look into the OneBed and Noa Mattress experience, it’s easier for you to pinpoint which is going to be best at giving you a good night’s sleep.

If you’re more interested in a firm mattress and are a back sleeper, the Noa is likely going to be the best option for you. However, for those with joint pain or a love of the cloud-like foam experience, then the OneBed should be the top choice for you.

In all, both mattresses boast great build quality, warranties and more, the biggest difference and deciding factor will be your sleeping style and comfort requirements.

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